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  1. Dangerfish

    Will WOWS run on my Laptop

    And you can count ....... on me .......... waiting for you in the parking lot .... nubby
  2. Dangerfish

    Will WOWS run on my Laptop

    cheers mate, thanks
  3. Dangerfish

    Will WOWS run on my Laptop

    cheers, thanks, handy stuff potato luff !
  4. Run the game on ultra high settings, ultra HD monitor, looks and feels the business Heading away for 12 days, taking a laptop, only has integrated graphics, it was not purchased for hard gaming, it does have the latest 8GB Ram, and a beefy AMD processor - quad WIthout a dedicated graphics card, will WOWS run smoothly enough on low settings ? 12 days of extended family, may need at least 2 hours of WOWS each evening to recharge the batteries any comments welcome and appreciated, cheers
  5. Dangerfish

    LF Excel of Tech Trees

    does anyone know of a fan designed document with all the tech trees within ? thinking of something I can print off as A3 or maybe A2, would consider designing one or improving one .... whatevers needed, cheers