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  1. EdwardKenway1717


    So, as a final question for you guys, can you get in trouble for in game reporting in any way, for example if someone contests it or something?
  2. EdwardKenway1717


    Thanks for replying. so if i go and use my seven daily reports and report a single player seven times for plays poorly all that happens is he looses seven karma?
  3. EdwardKenway1717


    So... Just wondering, aside from karma, what do reports actually do. Also, is there any point to reporting and complimenting other players and does karma have a purpose. Is there a certain number of reports that is required for something to happen or not? thanks
  4. EdwardKenway1717

    noob friendly Destroyer line ?

    Couldn't agree more about this. I have seen minekazes fire torps at a retreating BB at 7k range, just makes me wonder why... I enjoy 8k yuugumo torps with reload booster because 16 fast speed, hi damage IJN torps makes the game fun and engaging.
  5. EdwardKenway1717

    How do you make it through mid-tier match-making?

    Using the high tier ships makes everything easier.
  6. EdwardKenway1717

    noob friendly Destroyer line ?

    The game itself is not DD friendly, but low to mid tier USN is probably best for less experienced players. German DDs are definitely not for beginners either. I personally like IJN DDs, but that's because I like making wall of torpedo.
  7. EdwardKenway1717

    How do you make it through mid-tier match-making?

    Having gone through all that myself, I'll say that T5 just needs patience and knowledge of how to position yourself, as well as what ships to target and what to steer clear of. Main tip, learn to angle.
  8. EdwardKenway1717

    About Izumo with hull C

    Hull C is worth getting, if only for rudder and AA, it makes all the difference.
  9. EdwardKenway1717

    Just asking: What is Poi?

  10. EdwardKenway1717

    Just lost all my guns during a 1 v 4 cqc BB brawl

    Brawled with the Izumo vs a Yamato, Izumo and Bismarck, lost all turrets from a volley from the Yamato after sinking it, tried to stay relevant for the rest of the battle without dying.