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  1. georgerbuchanan

    RN Camouflages?

    Is it just me, or have all the RN camouflages changed, specifically all the light blue has disappeared? Certainly this is true for cruisers, and also it seems destroyers?
  2. georgerbuchanan

    WoWS down again?

    Me too...doesn’t seem to be any acknowledgement of it here...
  3. georgerbuchanan

    Technical issues found.

    This is still happening for me - surely someone should have tracked this down by now?!
  4. georgerbuchanan

    Technical issues found.

    Yes - and I'm also getting the same error... from Melbourne 4:18pm AEST.
  5. georgerbuchanan

    190k Elite XP Mission

    Yep that seems to work!
  6. georgerbuchanan

    190k Elite XP Mission

    According to the pre-update information, there's a "hidden" mission with the update. After you play one game in any mode with the Pensacola, you'll get 190k Elite Captain XP. I just played the Pensacola for one co-op game. No Elite XP appeared. Anyone else in the same boat? Has anyone received their elite XP?
  7. georgerbuchanan

    Are you guys having good luck with Viva La France crates?

    I got three (Bretagne, Normandie, and Lyon) from the 12 dropped crates for free... Then I purchased 20 (I need to replenish my Dragons, etc. so I was thinking it was as fair as any to go for them that way).... ...and got the Richelieu mission. Bretagne I did yesterday...now I've three grinds to do... I think I should deploy the smug apparatus at this point! G
  8. georgerbuchanan

    Dunkirk Missions Ended?!

    No biggie, but it didn't seem to be what they described on the page...got all the loot already!
  9. georgerbuchanan

    Dunkirk Missions Ended?!

    It says on the Dynamo page though that: "After the release of 0.6.8, Operation Dynamo will be the Operation of the Week for three weeks. After that, it will be unavailable, and most likely, it will return as a regular operation after adaptation for regular destroyers. ". Not two...
  10. georgerbuchanan

    Dunkirk Missions Ended?!

    Did I misread the fact that the Dunkirk mission would be the operation of the week for three weeks? My client is saying it's no longer available except in a division! https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/commencing_operation_dynamo/
  11. georgerbuchanan

    New Collection

    You can get a crate a day from getting 2k base XP - if you love random you can earn that there; if not go for the Dunkirk scenario. There are extras available at weekends too. Read the missions part of the Dunkirk page for the fine print. I got my first container for free yesterday thanks to two games in Anthony.