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  1. sub_standard

    terrible luck with torpedo

    Does everyone have problems with plane torpedoes missing?
  2. sub_standard

    No challenge reward on disconnect

    yeah, I checked those, I've done the same mission before and since and received said rewards.
  3. sub_standard

    No challenge reward on disconnect

    I did not receive any incremental ARP TAKAO challenge reward for this battle using my level 6 AC - possibly from having a disconnect during battle. Screen shot attached
  4. sub_standard

    Dissappearing ships

    I've had DDs appear less than 2 km away, why didn't I detect it before? Is there a trick I can add to my DDs?
  5. sub_standard

    Contest Discussion

    now I have just had 2 defeats when we have had twice as many ships left than the other team at the end... how can this be?
  6. sub_standard

    How to buy new ship..

    Yes I just tried and confirmed it myself. It works. Also you don't need to have a slot spare before hand as when you sell the current tier ship (say tier 1) after researching the next tier ship (Tier 2) then there is a ready made slot for the tier 2 ship. So when you start out with just 8 slots you don't have to purchase more slots just to have 8 different types of ships from different country combinations, you can just work your way up with one slot for each type of ship. (unless you want to keep lower tier ships)
  7. sub_standard

    How to buy new ship..

    If I have researched the next ship in the tech tree, can I sell the current ship then buy the next tier ship?
  8. sub_standard

    any aussies playing?

    I'm in Qld, feel free to add me