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  1. just_cruzin

    David Jone's Locker Award ...

    Sort out a posthumous award, sounds interesting. Trouble is, it is a family member who receives it on your behalf. So I guess War Gaming would want to know your next of kin so they can give them the award ;)
  2. Have just received the Taiwan navy flag and it got me thinking. With the imminent release of the British light cruiser line and in particular the Leander I would like yo put forward a notion that the developers might consider the issue of a similar flag to commemorate the RNZN Anniversary. The Leander was commissioned with the New Zealand Division Royal Nave in April 1937 before she and her sister Archilles commissioned into the newly formed RNZN in September 1941. Also a Fiji class cruiser the HMNZS Gambia was the Leander's replacement when she went Boston after the Battle of Kolombangara It may be an option to give away such a flag especially as the timing of the release of these ships will be so close to the formation of the RNZN. Just my two penneth