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  1. Tiania2

    RM Andrea Doria

    this beautiful ship She was paid off on 16 September 1956, after serving in the Italian Navy for over 40 years. She was formally stricken from the naval register on 1 November and subsequently broken up for scrap in La Spezia
  2. Tiania2

    the Akagi carrier

    my father has the battleship version of this ship and the aircraft in 2 version the first is 3 deck ship and the 1938 after the refit was finished and the scale 1/350
  3. Tiania2

    O-class battlecruiser

    that is in the game called Navyfield 1
  4. Tiania2

    B-65 Ishikari-class Large Cruiser

    yes the Japanes had this design under going a development stages from 1942 to june of 1945 it call Mini battleship cruiser 65 if you want to see the ship go play the game called Navyfield 1 it is this game
  5. Tiania2

    what' wrong with game server

    it has been like that for 3 hours now
  6. Tiania2

    Soviet Cruisers

    my sight is set on tier 5 russian cruiser Kirov
  7. hello all can some one tell me what is wrong with game server I tried logging in and nothing happened, I did the updated wait for it to be done still I can not get on game server