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  1. Vroooom

    What happened to Hoods AA?

    False advertising
  2. Vroooom

    What happened to Hoods AA?

    I just cant see how the can nerf ships that have been bought for money..
  3. It cant even shoot down tier 6 cv planes. It used to be awesome WTF?
  4. Vroooom

    Ashishio games

    I'm complaining about the lack of dumbass BB to torpedo since I can't torp anything else. Apart from cv who cower at the back of the map
  5. Vroooom

    Ashishio games

    Pretty sure i'm not Asian last time I checked. Yes a complaint.
  6. Vroooom

    Ashishio games

    I haven't played much lately but jusy played 3 games with Ash and one BB in each game. In one game our team has 2 Ashishio
  7. Vroooom

    We are growing...

    Well everyone knows the Russian Navy was actually miniscule comparatively in WW2
  8. Vroooom

    Is WG going to do anything about Low tier CVs?

    Unlimited planes on a cv is just broken to start with. Lose em all just launch some more..
  9. Vroooom

    Is WG going to do anything about Low tier CVs?

    The problem is there are some very good players with a lot of battles who come back to low tier cv because its so easy. Nothing can hurt them some ships don't have AA at all. Why not stop very experienced players from playing low tier CV?
  10. Vroooom

    Torpedo Lookout System - thoughts?

    Ive lost interest in DD I guess that's what they want
  11. Vroooom

    Torpedo Lookout System - thoughts?

    Tell that to Ashasio its useless now. The only thing it had is gone another premium ship nerfed dead
  12. Vroooom

    Has anyone read this?

    So not good for Asashio
  13. Vroooom

    Has anyone read this?

    Pretty sure they are trying to get rid of DD or at least have them in very small numbers if you look at the last 2 years or so. Not many around in top tier now. Also bye Asashio you were fun I might retire with you
  14. Vroooom

    2x CV 80% of my games

    Dear @Vroooom, Please note that deliberately leaving the game does not comply with the game rules and that you can be punished for your repetitive action. An original copy of your post can be found here: Please feel free to refresh yourself on the Game Rules. Thanks, and we hope to see you out on the High Seas! The World of Warships Team
  15. Vroooom

    Kangaroo's and Kiwi's

    Ah Kiwi. They love their country, play for their country, they fight for their country, die for their country.. just won't live there! Oh btw who has won the world cup the most?