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  1. HMASSydney

    How do you report players

    Thanks for the help... I will restrain myself next time and right click on them.
  2. HMASSydney

    How do you report players

    My question wasn't about who was guilty... I was asking how to report players so I don't have to shoot them back. In my world if somebody king hits you, they are the guilty ones, no matter what happens to them afterwards.
  3. HMASSydney

    How do you report players

    The reason I'm asking is because twice in the last week I have been fired upon (with guns) by a friendly player in the first 10-20 seconds of a game starting. Earlier in the week a team mate shot at the ship in front of me, then started shooting at me. He was obviously a knob, so I sunk him and received a team killer pink penalty. Today I was in my Murmansk and the destroyer next to me instantly started firing at my boat and knocked my rudder out. I was in a game where 80% of the boats in the red team were tier 6 and 7 cruisers, so I didn't have time to go chasing him. It obviously happens a lot to other players, because you see the warning come up in chat at the start of lots of games. It's a gutless act and any players blatantly firing their guns at team mates should be able to be easily reported without taking replays of games etc.
  4. HMASSydney

    You can't win sometimes...

    It definitely wasn't a suicide charge... I had 2 BB team mates right behind me and the odds couldn't have been more in our favour. You kind of assume that when they follow you to the cap, they are going to stick by when the odds are on your side. I swear team mates are sacrificing you to focus fire on purpose, so they can sit back and improve their stats. The problem with the youtube commentators is they are well known and other players tend to support them in a push, like a bunch of groupies. Maybe in the lower tier Bismarck games I will just start following New Mexico's and Colorado's around. At least then they won't run away in hurry.
  5. HMASSydney

    You can't win sometimes...

    I only usually play about half a dozen random battles a day and they are usually in my Bismarck and Gneisenau. I usually push in every battle as soon as I sense an opportunity. I have noticed a 80 to 90% of the time that other team mates next to me fail to take advantage of the same opportunities. The reason I said "you can't win sometimes" is because of my second last match in my Bismarck. I was over the west side of the map at near full strength with 2 full strength team mates ( a Tirpitz and Nagato). Most of my team mates and opposition were over the eastern side of the map. We were pushing in towards the cap and There were 3 opposition ships (Bismarck, Alabama and a destroyer) within 12km Their Bismarck was about 3/4 health after I landed a few shots on him from 18km out Knowing we had the advantage with the Bismarck and Tirpitz secondaries I decided to push ahead. I was holding my own when I noticed my team mates in the Tirpitz and Nagato had turned around and were heading behind an island. You can guess what happened then... I got focus fired. I got spammed with HE from the destroyer whilst trying to angle against both BB's guns. It was all over once the CV's dive bombers caught wind of what was happening. It would have been so much different if my team mates pushed in with me. I was going to go write about it in the forum because it happens way to often when you commit. Anyway, I decided I would play another battle instead in my Bismarck before writing in the forum. I decided I will sit back for once and see what happens. I was sailing around looking for good targets in about the 15km range. About 15 minutes into the battle I noticed somebody post in the chat. They said "our Bissi isn't doing his job" I messaged back and said "Bissi is sick of getting no support in battles" I pushed in at the end and we won easily and I was in the top 3 ships in our team. So the one match where I do sit back a bit, I'm all of a sudden not doing my job. Considering my team mates usually never support me when we have the advantage, I can only assume the Bismarcks "job" is to push in while your team mates sit back and watch you get focus fired.
  6. HMASSydney

    People who take forever to load into the battle.

    Some days during the week I will have problems with game taking me back to the "connect" login page will waiting for the game to load. It happens randomly with no warning after already playing several games previously. After restarting the game (sometimes more than once) I finally get into the game half way through the battle. After sitting at the computer for 5 minutes wanting to punch the screen, there is nothing worse than reading the in game chat message when you finally get under way, where some muppet has been saying that you are "afk, report him" My PC is just over 6 months old, with all the latest updates and above average internet speed. Just thought I would put it out there that maybe a lot of times being late to load is out of peoples control.
  7. HMASSydney

    Encouraging Rookie Players

    The word "encourage" can come down to semantics. I never meant for it to sound like players should be encouraged for bad things in the game. I meant it in a way that experienced players should back off noobs a bit, instead of pointing out to the world that they are a noob every two seconds. I have never actually looked at my stats because every time I go out to battle, I'm usually trying new ideas and discovering what style of game works for me. Also I never usually have any 1 ship for more than a few weeks before I move on to the next tier. I know it will be getting to a point where moving up to the next tier will take a whole lot longer the further you advance, so maybe then I will get more settled with the ship I'm playing and push more boundaries. In everyday life, no matter how good I'am at anything, I have never seen it as my rite of passage to pick on people with less experience than myself. I appreciate your post because you actually point out things where I can improve, instead of being a smart a$#e about it.
  8. HMASSydney

    Encouraging Rookie Players

    OH NO, the geeks are attacking with synonyms and acronyms. You and your elitist buddies in the previous comments will have a game dying a slow death if it wasn't for new players joining... There will be a large % of new players joining now, and in the future that will be wiping the floor of some of your lot in no time.
  9. HMASSydney

    Encouraging Rookie Players

    Your obviously one of the pretentious players I'm talking about. Nobody was asking for false encouragement...
  10. HMASSydney

    Encouraging Rookie Players

    The thing is I do take the game seriously and I think I had a good game for my first run in the ship. I can't see how I would have ruined it for anybody, as I was always firing on somebody in range whilst avoiding shots from BB's at the same time. I wasn't going to run in and get blown up in the first few minutes just to show how big my d&$k is. If I know how my ship works, I push it to the limit every game I play. I always lay smoke, pester etc for my team mates when playing dd. If I'm playing in cruisers that I know , I will always put myself between my BB team mates and enemy destroyers, as well as constantly running around trying to attack other ships. I always prefer to brawl in my BB than sit back sniping. The point of my post was that I was in a ship on it's maiden voyage and I probably sat back more than I normally would have, but in no way did I change the coarse of how the game went. Unless a player knows the history of how another player plays the game, they shouldn't be throwing out spineless comments with no substance. I have never bagged another player in a game and I'm always the first to acknowledge another player when they do well.
  11. HMASSydney

    Encouraging Rookie Players

    Hi I have been playing this game for around 3 months now and I'm still learning new things every time I play the game. One thing I have noticed in most battles I have played is the amount of people bagging on other players. I woke up at 5 am this morning and (still half asleep) decided to take my newly purchased Nurnberg out for its first run before I did anything else. I took it out stock standard to see what it was like and I was up against mainly tier VII and VIII ships. I was being cautious with the ship and getting the feel of how it works and switching between HE and AP etc. At the end of the battle I was the last ship left against about 6 other ships and I was quickly dispatched by a Bismarck in one shot. I noticed a message pop up from a member of my team saying I was as useless as a key flag and so on just before the game ended. I checked the game stats and I had around about the same score of 80% of the players and 76 hits on enemy ships. I know a lot of spineless people use this game as some sort of coping mechanism for not being good at anything else in their life, but maybe they should give players more encouragement instead of throwing out comments with no substance. I have never played a CV in this game, but I can't believe all the "noob CV player" comments I see in lower tier games. How else are players meant to learn without making mistakes. At the end of the day you get to use your "pretend" ship over and over again and no harm is done to you or your keyboard. That's my rant for the day
  12. HMASSydney

    Teams and Tiers in Random Battles

    Thanks for your insight pumpkin... I thought it may have been a tier V thing.
  13. I know this is probably a much discussed topic, but I have a question about the tiers in random battles... I have been playing a lot of battles in my Konigsberg and Kirov (both tier V) the last few weeks. Usually between them I will play about 10 to 15 random battles a day. To my knowledge there is a -2/+2 range of tiers you are up against, but I always seem to be up against the +2, with very, very little of the -2. I would say more than 95% of the battles have zero ships lower than tier V and most tiers are in the VI and VII range. I'm not having a whinge because it is good training, but is this just a tier V thing? Meaning, will I be playing against more tier V and VI ships when I move up to VI and VII respectively? Interested in your thoughts...
  14. HMASSydney

    Graf Spee Premium Package

    ​I can't remember where I said the good formation was blindly running into danger.
  15. HMASSydney

    Graf Spee Premium Package

    ​It was meant to be a "tongue in cheek" question about what is included in the package... The shooting from behind islands is obviously a touchy subject and maybe I shouldn't have gone there. I just think the game would be more enjoyable if people played this game more as a team, instead of leaving a good formation and running off hiding.