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    Chat banned again

    Well the content removed get their way, but those that use any other report get SFA. Report AFK=nothing, still see the same AFKers. Report plays unfairly= nothing, still get plebs that thinking their ship can do something it can't, or think that if they wait till 5 minutes into the game they have a better chance, get no sanction. Report for language violation= BANNED. content removed that DONT put camo or flags on anything and get to T8-10 and wonder why they get slaughtered. content removed. content removed. content removed, except those that come up against us. content removed, Racial / National Superiority, user sanctioned ~tc1259

    War Gaming Centre

    First you HAVE to move to WGC. Then you HAVE to reset ALL your game settings from your account. Now Mini map will not enlarge. Click on +/- all you want - NOTHING happens. Have to play battles and not be able to really see whats happening on mini map. Going back to normal launcher. WHY IS EVERY CHANGE/UPDATE ON WOWS A CLUSTER *****?????
  3. Its easy, I get my Dubloons or wargaming loses a well payed supporter. Hasten the end of the game. Watch my win rate plummet.
  4. Wargaming has changed the wording. Now it says something about a credits reward if you own the Duke. That is Dececption. I would not have bought it, or busted my ring hole on these crap missions for a credit reward. I bought the Duke to help me finish the missions FOR A REWARD OF 9800 Dubloons in lieu of a second Duke. WHAT sort of idiot is going to buy a Duke AFTER the event to get 9800 dubloons. I call BULL sh it on wargaming. I checked before I bought. NO mention of "credits".
  5. Did you read the NUMEROUS messages on the WOWs website? They said if you own the DOY you will be credited with 9800 dubloons on completion of the mission. IT IS THE REASON I BOUGHT THE HEAP OF CRAP.
  6. As I mentioned in a previous post, I purchased the Duke early to help me complete the missions, and also because I collect ships. BUT I saw that purchasing the Duke and owning it before mission completion also meant that when I finished the missions, I would be compensated 9800 Dubloons instead of a SECOND Duke when mission rewards were awarded. Well 4 days later and no dubloons yet. I was going to wait till tomoros update, but why not award with my "special" 3 point captain and extra port slot? Your thoughts guys?

    If you're feeling hurt then deal with it

    I don't remember playing a game with you

    People Giving giving advice

    Non Constructive Thread, Thread Locked, User Warned ~tc1259

    The Duke's guns dont work

    These missions are the hardest ever. I bought the Duke for 2 reasons, 1- it makes it easier to get through the missions, and 2- because of the 9800 Dubloons payday for already owning Her when I complete the missions. HOW am I supposed to complete the mission that requires the Duke to Dev Strike something when its guns couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with a shovel load of wheat? I have sailed within 4klm of an Akazuki, a Fiji, a Belfast, a Aoba and an Emerald and HIT NOTHING. FFS. IN nearly every other BB I would have sent them all on their way to heaven, but not in this heap of sh*t. Then you have the finish in top 3 of a winning team LOLOLOLOLOLOL I have finished top of the losing team at least 6 times, because I am busting my bottom to win but MM hates me and there are so many players playing ships hey have no idea about. On THAT subject, I played DDs for a couple of these missions and I was SH!t with a capital S and WON most of those games. I play BBs, the Duke is SH!T. I wouldn't use it for anything other than training a captain if these missions weren't on, I WOULD take my George out though, he knows how to be a BB.
  10. I just got ANOTHER container drop of 4 Captain spots. WHY? I have 60+ VACANT Captain spots. I want FLAGS not useless Captain spots. Cant even sell the useless bull faeces.


    MM IS WRONG. +/-1 IS WRONG. T7 is WAY underpowered for T9, Just like T8 is WAY underpowered for T10. ONE shot kill anyone? Its even more so when you are T6v T8. I am doing the "GIT GUD" BS so put your smart comments away. Look at my stats, I have changed my playstyle and am seeing better results, but seeing +2 MM EVERY [content removed] game is killing it for me. +/-1=+2 EVERYGAME. I don't know what to do when I am +2T anymore because I spend so much time running and hiding. IT IS BS. From T5 up is crap. Its only now I have T9s to go to, to try and sort MM that I SOMETIMES can go lower to get a FAIR match. Even my T8s- Bismark and NC get hammered, its lucky they can almost handle this BS MM. I am SICK of this MM. There should only be 2 tiers in a battle, High and Low. I try to go with the flow, but now I think I should just run to the border and hide. Skarhabek-DON"T comment here. CVs are best left to the big boys and girls. Profanity, duplicate post. Post edited and merged, user already warned. ~amade


    SHUT UP all you WOWS godlike players. MM IS WRONG. I am sick of fighting 2 tiers higher. Some ships, NOT MANY can handle this but MOST CAN"T. GO check my stats. I have taken on board the "GIT GUD" crap. MY stats Have started to get better after evaluating my playstyle- LOOK at my RECENT stats, BUT to be constantly LOW tier is BS. WTF can you do with the wrong ship, on the wrong maps against ships that you cant see, and if you do you cant hurt. I was rolling with GIT GUD BUT [content removed]. This is beyond GIT GUD. T7 vs T9 is crap. T8 vs T10 is crap. I go back to T3&4 till this MISSMATCHED MAKER is fixed. LOOK at my stats, T5, T6 & T7 are BS. I AM SICK OF IT. I am sick of seeing 2 Tiers higher in MOST games. It is laughable the amount of times I could say I am top tier when I go past T5. FIX IT wargaming. Skarhabek [content removed]. DO NOT reply to this. Profanity, insults. Post edited, user warned. ~amade

    Giving up playing iron duke

    Shut up and go sit in the corner amateur. I have yet to meet your CV in battle yet but I can guarantee you wont like it.

    Enable a no CV option already for queing

    I would love the no CV option, it would bring my Atlanta with its AA spaz mode back into the game by WANTING a CV in my game. Cant wait to wreck Sharhabek's flat top.

    Thanks WOWS

    I would like to thank WOWS for the free day of premium due to the logging out issues. We are sometimes too quick to criticise and demand compo, even if its not the accused fault, or it doesn't affect us that much. For WOWS to do this is greatly appreciated.