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  1. Hello Guys! does anyone have an English Speaking Clan (preferably with more than 20 ppl) i can join? Im pretty experienced, with almost 4870 battles fought, although my Win rate isnt that high (only 44.37 but hey its pretty hard to change win rate at 4870 battles), and I have 3 tier 10 ships (Yamato, Des Moines, Shimakaze) 5 tier 9 ships (F. Der Grosse, Roon, Udaloi, Essex, Taiho) SEVERAL tier 8 ships (ARP Takao, Tirpitz, Alabama, Harekaze, North Caro, Mogami, Benson, Kutuzov,) SEVERAL tier 7 ships (Hood, Scharnhorst, Belfast, Fiji, ARP Nachi, Myoko, Ashigara, Haguro, Blyskawica) As well as some tier 6 and below (Dunkerque, ARP Haruna, Kongo, Hiei, Kirishima, La Galissionnie, Queen Elizabeth (researched) Graf Spee, Oleg, Clemson, Shinonome and Tachibana.) 


    PLZ LEMME JOIN! (My current clan is a Chinese one i cant understand Chinese T.T)


    Message me if u wanna lemme join