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  1. Kirov mission is impossible to do in 9 days Not worth my time tbh
  2. Agree with this, the only problem is F spam for Haku They don't need to nerf the Torp planes, just nerf the F spam ffs. And they removed the discount for all tech tree CV, I was gonna buy the Midway but wth, no discounts. I thought it was temporary and on 0.8.1, still no news for that. Getting bored playing WoWs because of this issue. too many messed on WOWS right now.
  3. Commander_GALEN

    Signal Flag Contest[UPDATE]

    Making a new interesting stuff but with a lazy info + boring events.
  4. Ships geared towards relying on their concealment and smoke have been finding it increasingly difficult to survive in battles filled with radar-carrying ships. As soon as they move into a key area, an enemy ship can detect them from a safe distance. Once detected, it is likely that they will fall under an immediate barrage of heavy fire with many ships targeting them. In such cases, they have no time to make evasive maneuvers, and lose a significant amount of hit points under enemy fire. As a result, they are forced to retreat to a maximum safe distance, often leaving allied ships unsupported. They changed it for braindead players? why would you rushed on early cap full of radars? its okay to rush but make sure you have a cover.
  5. Commander_GALEN

    DD's life in 0.8.0. Does it matter anymore!

    Since you explained it, YEAH if WG is a small company I might reconsider their worked but since they are a big company, they should have done it right and not releasing a broken/unfinished patch.
  6. Commander_GALEN

    All of CV are dead except Hakuryu

    Nothing is impossible, there's a solution but we don't know it yet. It's like an old times where people kept saying that no man can fly well we can't but we have planes right now.
  7. Commander_GALEN

    All of CV are dead except Hakuryu

    They do CV reworked to make the CV playable Now history repeat itself again.
  8. Commander_GALEN

    DD's life in 0.8.0. Does it matter anymore!

    Yep!! 2-3 CVs because too many players are using CV's, In the future WG will limit it to 1 on T10 and rest is 2 You should limit yourself playing the game because as of now all reworked are being tested. AA, CVs, Ships, etc. etc. That's good or play more ranked or scenario.
  9. Commander_GALEN

    DD's life in 0.8.0. Does it matter anymore!

    because PTS is kinda useless for the CV reworked. Lack of players and testers, all of your enemy is a bot and you can't give much feedback because of that. In PTS, all players don't wanna play Battleships, Cruisers, Detroyers. All of them want to test the new CV. Look what happen in live server? it messed up because of lack of feedback in PTS.
  10. Commander_GALEN

    DD's life in 0.8.0. Does it matter anymore!

    those 6 months are for the new CV mechanics, AA, etc not for the balancing yet but it will be in the future. Broken solution? No they are not, Its good idea but bad execution.
  11. Commander_GALEN

    DD's life in 0.8.0. Does it matter anymore!

    Do you think WG don't know this? ofc they do. Just give them time. They need more feedback. 1 week since the released of 0.8.0 and people whining like it's the end of the game.
  12. Commander_GALEN Hakuryu still not Nerf

    Well not anymore. If you read the article, it is a massive nerf Aiming time and accuracy will have a big nerf to Hakuryu. So no more accurate drop. Also didn't you read that the Haku Torp will increase its detection and decrease the torp speed so no more Stealthy Torp and the torpedoes will be dodgeable because of slow speed. This will be a nerf for Hakuryu also. the restoration time will decrease too. meaning when you are spamming torp planes, you cant have full squadron anymore. since they nerf the speed and returning of planes. I didn't see any problem for the Hot fix but it is a progress for the balance you ask.
  13. Commander_GALEN

    PSA - CV Credit Exploit

    What about those players who almost finish the grind and want to buy the carrier? Like a Lexington player who already have enough exp for the Midway and want to buy it but then there is no Discount.
  14. Commander_GALEN

    USN CV Rocket Penetration

    USN CV have better penetration (which is the only good in USN CV) than IJN CV who more focus on torps planes. maybe you just showing more broadside and Mogami has a paper plate armor thats why its deal more damage on rocket planes. it doesn't mean you can invade all the attacks rocket penetration is the only good USN CV, both torpedoes and bombers are weak and can be shredded by AA immediately. I bet you never played those CV's that's why its easy to judge that their OP even though they are not.