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  1. Commander_GALEN

    750K free exp

    I got the musashi, I'm a BB main also have a fun with her and got bored after cause I don't wanna sit in the entire game slow turret, slow speed, can't retreat immediately its like a stationary Battleship. I prefer playing a BB which is moving and has a decent turret traverse. Well its depends on you You either want to sit to shoot, tanking or sailing while supporting other ships.
  2. Commander_GALEN

    WoWs Midway Skin

    Nicely weathered!
  3. Commander_GALEN

    Camouflage Design Contest -Minsk and Leningrad[GLOBAL VOTING]

    well No.12 is winning even in NA that camo will be an easy job for Wargaming.
  4. Commander_GALEN

    Camouflage Design Contest -Minsk and Leningrad[GLOBAL VOTING]

    Seriously guys? No.12 is winning? Seriously? 200+ people vote for this? seriously? maybe they didn't have shadow lurker camo
  5. Commander_GALEN

    Camouflage Design Contest -Minsk and Leningrad[GLOBAL VOTING]

    Why would anyone vote No.12? there's a camo called Shadow Lurker if you want a Black camo
  6. Commander_GALEN

    Operations Directive Four Grind

    Never started even one progress today, I've been bored or maybe tired to the game
  7. Commander_GALEN

    Operations Directive Four Grind

    First game on this operation = LOSE
  8. Commander_GALEN

    NA Worst Server of the Year (Salty CV Rework)

    this guy is lame, and he called P.E. Friedrich a worse BB well good thing is unsubscribed to this guy.
  9. Commander_GALEN

    The next operation of the week...

    Raptor Rescue? looks boring I expect it to be Cherry Blossom, pfffttt......
  10. Commander_GALEN

    garbage game

    but. . . but.... you didn't even have that ship
  11. Commander_GALEN

    Operation Dynamo

    This is why Sims in Dynamo is broken A Sims without doing anything and die early or what you called suicide toxic """Earned 1.3k""""
  12. Commander_GALEN

    Operation Dynamo

    Can I join the Divs? OMG, Dynamo is the most cancer/toxic in terms of teammate and the last operation is the most hardest operation with no cooperation
  13. Commander_GALEN

    Operation Dynamo

    Btw, I can copy of what they are saying in wows channel (ZH_TW Channel, Operation, Search for Clan or Division) and translate it on google even though I can see it as a box in game but it will show in google of what language they are using. And when you are playing, you can't copy the text in anymore in chat. sad
  14. Commander_GALEN

    Operation Dynamo

    I think this is my best damage and best kill in Dynamo with 7 random players
  15. Commander_GALEN

    Operation Dynamo

    I hope we can copy the chat/text when ingame so that we can translate of what they are saying