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  1. Razide

    Captain Skill For La Gasolina

    If you play a lot of CoOp then you'll know the bots know most ships positions. Try taking a DD with a CV in the game often you can see the planes vectoring towards your intended position and then change course when you do, way out side any spotting range. Also if there is a bot CV on your team just project a path for its planes to estimate the location of unspotted ships....useful when the red CV is the last ship and is hiding unspotted up the back of the map. Back to the original topic: This week's Warships Tactics Podcast #076 is about experimenting Captain builds and discusses CE may not be the skill for you if you have an aggressive attitude and you may get more regular beneficial use out of others instead. https://www.warshiptactics.com/
  2. Razide

    Tirpitz sorrow

    Don't forget the Japanese BBs with torps too. Mutsu only has 2 per side but they reload very fast and have 7km range. Here is a lucky Bismarck from this morning's CoOp game being top tier and also an interested party in a Gneisenau.
  3. Razide


    Yep, but still not quite as good as the rewards for not playing for 3 months or more on the NA server 😒.
  4. Razide


    mine came in two batches 10 then15 this morning
  5. Razide

    Captain Skill For La Gasolina

    CE seems next to useless in Co-Op because the red bots always know where you are so if you are skilling up a commander in CoOp & Ops maybe save it for later. CE is supposed have -12% to the detection radius of a cruiser. So for LaGal it reduces from 13.32km to 11.72 according to Wiki. Giving you an extra 1.6 km, without any camo taken into account.
  6. Razide

    Tirpitz sorrow

    I suppose the Bismarck suffers a similar fate to the Tirpitz as well. The both seem somewhat under gunned compared to the three US T8 BBs. I was listening to a podcast today where they explained T10 matches are often filled from the top down due to the increasing number of T10 ships around, so you end up with a situation of being the only T8 among T9 & T10 ships. Not much fun when there are 3 Yamatos & a Montana lined up against your Tirpitz. Or you're in short ranged T8 cruiser.
  7. Razide


    patch down loading just as I was logging in …..now everything is sooooooo slooooow
  8. Razide

    I know it's only a bot, but still, LOL...

    Graf Spee secondaries too...didn't they engage the Ajax & Achilles while the main guns were used the Exeter. Double irony. It would be hard to replicate that in game with Graf Spee against two Leander/Perth & say an Aoba/Furutaka (as an Exeter).
  9. Razide

    Whats your favourite camouflage?

    This is your day, commander. Nice colours
  10. The old invisible torpedo through an island trick. Typical of the Bot chicanery with weird torp spreads and semi-homing torps. You may enjoy the HuangHe which plays similarly to the Perth with the creeping smoke and short range guns although it has an extra 1km. It has surprisingly good AA, a torpedo reload booster and seems to have flatter shell arcs. Only three main turrets. I hated it when I first opened the Xmas container but now really enjoy it in Co-Op.
  11. Razide

    Great Eight

    just make sure you have the Great Eight collection set to "collecting" for the chance of a drop of a collection item for the daily EXP containers
  12. Razide

    clans 7.10 fail

    The clan battles schedule/screen still says T10 not T6 ?
  13. Razide

    Server Unavailable?

    "Due to maintenance work, we will restart our World of Warships server on 22/10/2018 at 21:00 UTC. The server will be unavailable for 60 minutes. " was on the website then it disappeared after I looked at an article but showed up again when coming into the website !?!?!
  14. Razide

    Kitty Purrfurst's Combat Missions

    thanks Mattercore easier to copy & paste than type it in. FYI the code can be seen with Captions turned on in the video