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  1. I think that refers to the Captain’s Christmas Tree event
  2. Razide

    Got All the Anniversary Achievements...

    The sixth achievement symbol matches the gift symbol in the ship filter in port . I expect it will be awarded for knocking off a snowflake/gift from T5+ ships this coming Friday.
  3. So far in AzurLane Collection 24 items, 25 duplicates and 41 zero drops. Certainly a dis-incentive to buying any future containers with random drop ships, missions or items. Hard not to believe there is not some sort of 'seeding' for the random drops as many items have dropped 3+ times or there is tagging some accounts for favourable drops.
  4. So far 8/36 items; 5 duplicates and 18 zero drop daily containers. This includes the three AL mission containers - 2 items & a duplicate. This is a hard reminder for me not to buy any containers for any sort of random ship mission in the future. Have noticed the Resource containers seem to be dropping 3 bags of coal more often then before this AL collection & these never seem to come with any collection items.
  5. Now you need to complete ALL missions in a Directive to access the Hall of Fame level rewards, unlike the previous RN Directives. Meaning you must have the P.E.F. (& Scharnhorst or Duke of York for 3rd Directive). So a set of missions where you need the reward ship to access all the rewards for. Then you have a time-limited campaign you have to pay to play. WG is rising to new levels of stinginess this Christmas. Thank goodness for the Snowflakes missions.
  6. Razide

    What was your first Premium Ship?

    Ishizuchi is fun especially since it had its range buffed. Strange, I thought WG said they weren't going to change Premiums but then changed their mind unless it is a banned ship like the Missouri, Belfast etc - Vodka logic.
  7. How to play Asashio - watch Flamu, Flamu has answers 😂 (if only you can play Asashio like him). As per usual recommended build & commander skills at then of video
  8. Razide

    What was your first Premium Ship?

    Mine was the Yubari too; back when you could do missions with a T4 ship. A great ship to reduce the possibility of a CV in the game. Pity WG gave it 4 main guns instead of the 6 it had according to Jane's Warships....game balance ?
  9. Razide

    A Special Emerald

    is it possible for a player to achieve a potential pink status in a previous game that has not finished then jump in current game and become pink from that during it when the previous game finishes ?
  10. I managed a 90day premium time drop from one of the 2017 Xmas boxes....didn't make up for not getting the Alabama (had to buy that with doubloons) One of the WOWs podcasters was also sad to see no Xmas time discounts on premium time this year...he said last year it was about 1/2 price (probably on NA server).
  11. Razide

    Guilio Banned from Store?

    Yes I was a bit suspicious seeing it lumped in with the 'banned' ships. It was also previously available for doubloons for a while too.
  12. 5x Mega Santa = 2,000DB, 30 Wyvern, 20 NY Streamer, T-61, 20 NY Streamer 😁 5x Big Santa = 6 Type 59, 7,500 Col, Kii, 10 NY Streamer, 15 Wyvern 😁 5x Santa Gift = 50 PapaPapa, 10,000 FXP, 50 Zulu, 50 Zulu, 10,000 FXP 😩 Only two T6 & T8 premium ships from 15 boxes. Seems less successful than previous year's Xmas boxes. Also no premium time as a possible draw either. Unless the regular Santa gifts drop a ship they seem to be pretty disappointing. Luckily I already had the Krazky Kreme, HuangHe & Dunkerque which seem to be common drops on for various CC videos of Xmas containers.
  13. Razide

    7.11 IJN dispersion buff

    see WG dev blog 20Nov2918 - premium T5 IJN CL ST, Japanese cruiser Yahagi, tier VHit points – 25700. Plating - 13 mm.Main battery - 3x2 152 mm. Firing range - 14.9 km.Maximum HE shell damage – 2600. Chance to cause fire – 13%. Maximum AP shell damage - 2900.Reload time - 10.0 s. 180 degree turn time - 30.0 s. Maximum dispersion - 136 м. HE initial velocity - 825 m/s. AP initial velocity - 825 m/s. Sigma – 2.0.