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  1. Nagatooneechan


    IRIAN is an acronym mean: "Ikut Republik Indonesia Anti Nederland" or "Join the Republic of Indonesia Anti-Netherlands". So blast those Dutch cruiser when you use her, hehe.
  2. Nagatooneechan

    Mysterious Citadel.

    Ouu alright, so the IFHE rework make normal (without IFHE) german HE shells penetrate deeper. Thanks for the info 😁
  3. Nagatooneechan

    Mysterious Citadel.

    I also got "hard to believe" citadel in a match yesterday... Nurnberg double cit a Pyotry Veliky using HE at 14.5km. Something in the past I can't achieve even when using Koenig AP at broadsiding 8km, 0 knot Pyotr cause they're always said "non-penetration" (lost karma and called a "noob" after that,,... haha XD)
  4. Nagatooneechan

    Ping Increase to 150+ ms after Update

    Got same problem with you. I have been send ticket but no solutions work. They said to contact isp if the problem persist but I just too lazy to do that. So then I change my internet connection to play this game from home wifi to handphone wifi. It works, no more ping 100+avg or spike to 500+... quite stable at 35-50 avg now
  5. Nagatooneechan

    My best moment of WOWS in my Entire WOWS Career

    Not a lucky strike or heroic deeds,, but this teach how precious are time even just a second. Won the battle even when all my teammates sunk .
  6. Nagatooneechan

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    Yep, the match is quite a hardwork for a clumsy, fat, and thin skinned edinburgh. Fortunately, I'm quite lucky to get those score even with "not so good" teamates. And I think you right about the winrate. 1 win mean nothing, need hundred or thousand for it to become something. FYI, there is actually a trick (I think) to get smooth win streak. The trick "don't play for 2 weeks or more then you got win streak more than 5 or 10, sometime even if you do nothing". Today my job was done and decide to play. Of course I need to get used to the game first after such hiatus. But I got 5 win streak even when did zero damage (I foolishly charge in my Roma and got pawned...) Actually I've been observe this situation for long time. I think the game like to give more luck (a.k.a. good team) to someone who have been gone for sometime so they could feel comfortable (with the win) when they coming back.
  7. Nagatooneechan

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    Thanks for the invitation, maybe later after I done my job here. Wew, dunno the thread going to be this long.. sorry if I don't come lately. Having job with tight deadline here and still not done yet. Thanks for your attention guys
  8. Nagatooneechan

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    Yes, cause wows a team game, random team game to be exact (with very small windows to make planning if play it solo like me) WR don't matter when you seek player skill. If the team is not random or fixed like usual sport team I would agree with your statement that WR is everything cause teamwork. Random team mean there is no teamwork you need to guest what the plan and it more to luck when your team move according to your "plan" and won the match even if you use chat to create plan at first on the match. Remember it is Solo play in wows. And yes, you never get 80% WR after all so don't need to look it as everything. Even good player still lose if the team not cooperative which is mostly the case in this game because of the small windows of planning which I said earlier. After a lot of reply it look like many people here see me as a individualistic gamer with concern just to produce lot damage every game not to win the game... It must be misunderstanding, cause I never said I play to chasing damage or high PR (if you mean that way). My purpose every game like I'm stated numerous time is to make everyone in my team have a good time playing it in other word as support (mean just play your best to support the team to create good game not win). I doing it cause I regard karma and nice in game chat (compliment) quite high. Hmm.. interesting, how could he end like that? average PR with 15% winrate... he must be the most unlucky person in wows. Cause I believe even you playing bad or in individualistic way like damage farming you could still have around 40% winrate at very least normaly with average overall PR like that. Even myself in the past with around 2000 battle and 800 PR still hanging at 45% winrate (how bad it is? My team ever accuse me as a bot cause my bad positioning and aiming). With average PR he must be decent player (know how to play individually at least) but those 15% winrate? Still hard to believe, what an achievment.. haha Joke aside the information that I got from the wows-number about PR equation still not aswer my question about the my yoshino and edinburgh one match PR case. It is really just raw damage dealt that being sum or the scored damage (using precentage for every ship)? Again I stated here I don't farm damage... I play as support. I understand the effectiveness of baiting and kitting in this game, It is what I do when most of my team turn to one side (always cover the other flank what ever the cost). As a BB captain I move to where most enemy are to continue do the tanking and damage dealing if my team done pushing (first pushing together so I don't get burn for nothing) not steaming to catch a small fish on the edge of map (but of course it also situational when my team really need point to won I go capping in silent as BB or doing what people told me to do to get their praise.. hehe. Ouu about that, I using PR as indicator for my development not WR cause WR seems cannot be controlled even when I do everything for the team but my PR rissing when I do my support (I believe using ships as intended to is the right way to play) style game be it win or lose. Been answered above, thanks for the reply Hope there is'nt any mis cause it long contemplating and writing here...
  9. Nagatooneechan

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    Haha, but when you don't really care about WR you going to feel that way... If my team lose too fast that mean I could easily placed at first or second place at scoreboard and sometime do a lot of damage too.
  10. Nagatooneechan

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    If I remember correctly damage not scored by how much you deal but the precentage of everyship health. Say that I always shoot BB using my yoshino (cause I feel the job for this ship is to create attrition by setting fire to enemy BB miles away ans it's easy to shot and burn big slow target) and deal 100k damage but the BB itself has almost 100k damage so I scored less. But when I use the edinburgh I mostly shoot DD or CA (cause I feel the job of this ship is supporting dd to cap) so I could scored more by precentage of their health with not so much damage deal.
  11. Nagatooneechan

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    PR not about damage generated I think... dunno why but when I use the yoshino got 130k damage in win game my PR still decrease (only get about 1.100 PR if I remember correctly). But when I play the Edinburg just doing about 30k dmg + capping and spotting in lose game could generate about 1800 bluish PR in wows number. I think it because i placed middle on the scoreboard on the yoshino and 3rd place in the edinburgh. I got about 1350 PR overall
  12. Nagatooneechan

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    I separate the two cause WR more team dependent when PR is more individual one. When you see player skill of course it individual matter not the team so PR is more important than WR in my opinion. For example player with unicum skill (good aiming, map reading, and positioning) still would lose if he got unlucky team. But his PR will always high cause he doing his best every game. What I said is we should more appreciate his struggle which pictured in his PR, rather than glorified more luck based WR. Here my hyphothesis Good PR will generate good WR (cause good individual play mean win for the team sometime) but good WR not generate good PR (to get win you don't need to be good just by having good team could make you win) .
  13. Nagatooneechan

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    So how could I throw the win to boost PR? Are playing the ship with intended purposes throwing the "win" away? I'm curious, actually because In a game where I got big PR (purple or bluish in wows number) mean I placed in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in team be it win or lose. I think random is fun... what I mean by cooperative play is not playing individually (damage chasing or too overprotect your ship by playing on edge of map). I believe it been stated in my comment before. Also again I stated here, I dont care about WR but not mean I play to lose (where this logic come from anyway). I'm still play with all my capability. The different is in the end of the match I would feel indiferent be win or lose cause it always fun for me to play with my outmost. I still happy to lose even a bad game (when the team not trying to win) as long as I could do my best for the team not for the win or any individualistic way but simply showing the team that I tried my best. See the screenshot I take? I always watch my stat every single game (from wows-number). But I don't care other people stat, why should I care after all. I just need to play more to get those XP and credit. Beside when I really want xp or credit I do maximalise ship potential earning using premium, flag, camo (my best xp gain around 20k to 24k forgot the exact number using the Iowa). If i get half of it It still a lot like 11k, have so many unused flag and camo after all (no, I'm not pay to win player if you ask... I just using real money on two ocassion, when I bought the mutsu for half prize and the mikasa.) Daily missions.. hmm again something I dont pay close attention at. After all it always there daily, so I could always complete it no need to rush.
  14. Nagatooneechan

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    Part of team but there is no such thing as team stat... only individual stat. WR become important if you have fixed team (like sport team) but in game with random people i think the main purpose become "as long it is fun for everyone" which translated to cooperative play by doing what you supposed to do (using ship according to it's own speciality). Winning is just the bonus but not the purpose itself individualy. I said that because if you focusing just to win or make WR priority you will regret and depressed everytime you lose even when playing a good game. This alternative WR perspective is addressed to the people who tend to rant angrily and accusing fellow team as a noobs when losing the game, I pity them.
  15. Nagatooneechan

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    I thought PR rate increase when playing certain ship on it's supposed job (like DD for spotting and cap, cruiser to support, and BB for pushing and tanking, but dunno how it actually work cause sometime I got it increase when I play that way. It still decrease even if I do more than 100k damage and win the game, usually when I using the yoshino). So it's not about damage chasing individualistic game. It more like the 'real' individual achievement that you could do something about more than WR which are mostly depend on team.