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    like Some Animes, Carriers, Battleship, Not really like dogs, love cats so much, People that love his/her country, English, Math, WW2 Pacific history

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  1. Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    everyone, now Puka Puka Fleet already posted weekly in WoWS official Youtube channel, you might want to check it there, and thank you for take your time to read my translation, i really apreciate it. https://www.youtube.com/user/worldofwarshipsCOM/community
  2. Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    @MatterCore Puka Puka Fleet update!!
  3. Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    @MatterCore Puka Puka Fleet Update. yeah, i agree.
  4. World of cleverland 🍀

    It's a bad time for Aircraft Carrier #YearofCVwhen?
  5. what happened to CV

    That's what they said last year.
  6. Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    @MatterCore Puka Puka Fleet update
  7. Fan ART

    It's medium, Heavy Bomber usually have 4 Enggine
  8. Fan ART

    G4M1 ( allied codename Betty) my fav medium bomber in ww2. it's lightly armored, but have a really long range, about 6000km and considerably high speed.
  9. 1. Cruisers are weak. 2. Carrier will be easy to play.
  10. Fan ART

    Let me add some more ( sorry if this is like spam ) F6F Hellcat, my Fav fighter in WWII ( maybe Toto fav too, she's fans of US carrier after all ) And this one is the night variant of F6F, the F6F-5N, Noticeable the long barrel of 20mm cannon.
  11. Fan ART

    Hmm, is this consider as Fan art? I was taking scene of USS Hornet CV-8 in Battle of Santa Cruzz island.
  12. Hey, you might want to check Puka season 3 in my fan translation thread :Smile-_tongue: