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  1. Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    you could replace me while im gone you know, that would be great
  2. CV-get rid of them already.

    you do know that there is minimum range that CV can drop its torps don't you? if it too closed it wont explode, even for a skill full CV, they need to configure best range to do manual drop. this become harder when enemy ships start manuevering, to make thing worse, AA still attack the plane, or enemy fighter comes in, or enemy CA decide to "swat some flies" oh yeah, i saw somebody focus AA stats on North Carolina to 100
  3. Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    oh wait, i mean 3rd July... REEEEEEEE
  4. CV-get rid of them already.

    wow, lucky you, i need about quite some time to get used of CV control, especially that day when manual aim was available and Langley only have 2 squadrons. you will know how AA is painfull in tier 6 and above, when Cleveland, Atlanta, Battleships, even DD can have so strong AA. and USN CV was stuck with only 1 flight control set. i still remember on tier 8 battles with my Lexington, i send 2 DB to Bismarck, and they only deal puny damages to him while i sustain heavy losses. and Torpedo Bomber? they are the slowest among all plane, its not a rare sight to me if only 3 or 2 of 7 Torpedo Bombers that return to my ship after doing an attack run.
  5. CV-get rid of them already.

    there are actually, if it get too close it wont detonate. Edit: i just realize that it said increase minimum launch of torpedoes launch, not add, sorry.
  6. My Art Corner

    cool drawing, i like it
  7. CV-get rid of them already.

    oh another CV rant again, i agree with what Ordrazz said, CV is not really dominate the game. especially now when AA that is so strong and no manual drop on tier 4 and 5. CV player usually can only enjoy "fireworks" from their burning plane.
  8. Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    thanks i'll be back at June 3rd the fastest
  9. Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    i just read puka puka fleet from japan website, because it was a long time since the last time i saw them, so i decide to do some visit on Puka Puka Fleet japan, and it looks like season 2 was the final, there still no confirmation if season 3 gonna be make. i don't understand japanese very much, but from the sentences it looks like it said that season 2 gonna be finals ( not sure is it just for now or there will be season 3 ) i hope there will be season 3 tho. sorry @MatterCore however, when im free i will do my best to translate the rest of season 2 don't worry
  10. What new ship lines would you like to see?

    hmm: 1, Venator Class Cruiser 2, Providence class dreadnought 3, Subjugator class 4, Lucrehulk class Battleship 5, Aclamator class Cruiser 6, mugnificent Frigate oh wait, this isn't Star wars
  11. An Argument for CV Removal

    I know.
  12. An Argument for CV Removal

    hmm, a rant about CV again. for me, i only know all class in WoWS is important when i'm trying to make video or win the game, including CV. and i still remember that when my team got a bad CV while enemies got better CV player and sunk our CV, but we still manage to win the game, i also still remember my last game in Lexington when i achieving Air superiority and not allowing Shoukaku touching my teammates, but we still lose, i think Teamwork also important.
  13. The second season of CW

    I don't know, could be fun to play
  14. Fan ART

    i wonder if Naru make one of that cake, she loves to make cake you know :>