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  1. Keikyu2133F

    Domination game mode ruined

    Domination mode is by far the most exciting and adrenaline-rushing game mode by far. Or would you prefer a more passive game mode like Standard Battle or Epicentre where many DDs love to sail around to flank? :thinking:
  2. Keikyu2133F

    Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    We should be expecting a Christmas edition of Puka Puka Fleet soon~
  3. Keikyu2133F

    World Of Warships Feedback

    CV UI is still pooched. Lags hard when issuing commands. I hope the developers can thoroughly test the UI before releasing it into the patch.
  4. Keikyu2133F

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    Make Asia Server GOLD Again.
  5. Keikyu2133F

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    Only ship launched torpedoes are counted. Aircraft dropped torpedoes aren't counted. Better go and work those DD engines.
  6. Keikyu2133F

    BBs as usefull as tits on a bull

    You. I like you.
  7. Keikyu2133F

    50% prem ship offer. How to get it back.

    From what I've known, the personal offer expires upon closing the offer window or the game. That's what happened to me when I got a personal offer for T7 Saltpan.
  8. Keikyu2133F

    People who take forever to load into the battle.

    When it comes to computers performance and playing a game, I usually will assess whether my computer/system is ready to handle the load. I don't see a point getting a game which can't run smoothly on my system. Well, this usually applies to triple A titles and P2P games. For F2P games, especially MMOs, many players would want the game to suit their system rather than assessing the game before playing it. This explains why we will still constantly see players who take ages to load the game.
  9. Keikyu2133F

    BBs where to now?

    I cannot emphasise enough the great importance of positioning your ship when driving BBs. Push only when you have the team support, don't be a solo warrior. This is even more so for higher tiers.
  10. Keikyu2133F


    > Adds submarines > OMG Submarines 3op5me nerfpls
  11. Keikyu2133F

    Is Yamato really a trash?

    Yamato is actually a very capable ship given the current meta with little high tier CVs playing. Since there are no lolplanes around to torp Yamato, she can easily lolpen everyone else without that threat.
  12. Keikyu2133F

    MM is rigged.

    ​MM certainly rigged.
  13. Keikyu2133F

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    I have opened 11 Try Your Luck containers and didn't receive a super container at all. (RNG might be trolling me.) In a nutshell 1x 3k Free Exp 2x 5 Camo 8x 5 Random signals
  14. Keikyu2133F

    Fuso: easy to citadel higher tier BB?

    You can probably owe it to her 41cm guns which allow an easier time to pen cit other BBs.