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  1. Taipan17

    UK BB Shell Types

    Hi Ajaxeo, The RN BB AP is often overlooked due to the potency and ease of use of the HE shells. The AP is very effective and should be used whenever you get presented a broadside of any cruiser or a BB of equal or lower tier. I can not find the link however Jingles hosted a video in which the devastating effects of RN BB AP was demonstrated. Cheers
  2. Taipan17

    We Were All Noobs Once

    Hi Jolly Sam, You can PM me in game if you want to do a division and maybe get some pointers. Cheers
  3. Taipan17

    Selecting lines as a newbie

    G'Day Promethues, I agree with #Gummilicious, you will find the USN DD line more rewarding. The ships provide a nicely paced learning curve as you progress through the tech-tree. The KM DD are good however the learning curve becomes a little steep from T6 upwards due to their relatively high detection radii. You might consider the USN Cruiser lines. Aside from T6 (Pensacola and Dallas are not the best ships), the USN ships are solid performers which reward positioning, ammunition selection and mini-map awareness. The USN ships benefit from very useful consumables and the tech-split at T6 will allow you to compare CA versus CL game play. Alternatively you may opt for the RN line. The ships up to Tier 5 are nothing special but develop their own distinctive play style from T6 Leander upwards. Best of luck sailing whichever ship lines you decide to pursue, Cheers
  4. Taipan17

    Bots in random battles

    Hi Promethus, You haven't said at what time of day you were playing. The Match Maker (MM) will fill vacant spots in the lineup with bots when the time limit for a game start has expired. The lack of real players is contributed to by the Tier. This will become much less of an occurrence from T3 on. GLHF Cheers
  5. Taipan17

    Operation Dynamo

    Nice Shooting, Tex. 🙂 I especially like the edit work - short and sweet.
  6. Taipan17

    Collection Complete

    Nice. Enjoy your extra credits. 🙂
  7. Taipan17

    Thanks Taipan17 and Max_Battle

    😳 o7 Thank you for the appreciation although your thanks on the day were more than enough. It was no sweat. I am always available when online to help out. I am very happy that you got some pointers from our battles. It was fun. Mustn't forget Capt Scottme, Capt B Tiger, Capt O Spud, Capt Cannon Fodda, Captain A.S. Jet & Capt M Battle. 🙂 Cheers Taipan
  8. Taipan17

    Collection Complete

    For 15K credits per duplicate? That's not stingy, that is being a Scrooge! 🙂
  9. Taipan17

    Ingame voice overs

    Aslan - Mermaids of Wrath
  10. Taipan17

    Shooting accuracy

    G'Day Grumps, I suggest you try these: Get yourself an Omaha. It has an 8 second reload (7 seconds with Hull B and Main Battery Modules) which provide you with more salvos per game. The Omaha is good because it is reasonably well protected (for a Tier 5 CL) and the casemate mounts allow guns to remain on target when manoeuvering. The 916m/s shell velocity is consistent for HE and AP shells which translates to being able to use the same aiming technique irrespective of shell type. The shell velocity is also fairly high which gives a flatter shell arc and shorter time to target. Both of these are invaluable when you are developing your aiming technique. Do not mount the C hull. Engage targets between 7 and 12 km away. Any further and the shells begin to float which will hinder your efforts. Being closer will result in the situation devolving into a skirmish. Whilst these can be fun, the distraction of wiggling and dodging the ship will hinder your ability to judge the accuracy of your shots. Do not judge your accuracy based on ship hits. Whenever possible, look at the salvo impact using Binocular view. Binocular view - Aim and shoot. Normal view - refresh your situational awareness. Binocular view - watch for the salvo impact points. Did the Target DODGE between you taking the shot and it landing? This is a crucial question because you are focused on your AIM! In Random battles, there are plenty of players who react quickly to a Priority Target warning and play the WASD keys like a concert pianist. If the target dodged, did your salvo land where you expected? If so, you did things well. Learning to anticipate other players moves is a different aspect of the game. Developing that skill is for Ron. There is no point in being able to anticipate a target's move if you do not have the ability to aim and shoot consistently. Only take note of the shells in the centre of the salvo grouping. Where, in relation to the target, did they land? On target - brilliant! For the next salvo, has the target ship changed course or speed?: If not, repeat previous aim point. If so, adjust. If the salvo is over, under, in front of, behind, make an approximation of how much, focusing on those centre shells. Adjust and shoot. It has been my experience that it doesn't take long for players to adapt a rhythm when shooting that makes the steps described in (3) much easier than the word picture would have you believe. The shot assessment and adjustments also become faster and more accurate with practice. Co-Op is a great battle type to utilise when developing these skills. The bots tend to run straight and you can afford to take damage which in other situations would be silly. The Omaha works well as it has a good top speed of 34 kts, 35.7 if you mount a Sierra Mike. Use your speed and manoeuvrability to maintain the aforementioned engagement range. Div up with another player on voice comms. Your div partner will help a lot by calling the fall of your salvos. Apply KISS. It is all so easy to conjure up all sorts of explanations for a missed salvo. Don't waste your energy. The centre shells missed by how much? Adjust and shoot. Cheers
  11. Taipan17

    NY Camo code

    Thank you Bex. The camos are excellent for Elite tree ships. I do not convert XP. Camoflauges which provide multipliers for Commander and/or Free XP are always welocme and useful. Happy New Year Everyone, may it be a good one for you all.
  12. Taipan17

    Probably a bad reason to buy a ship but...

    The Italians give the French a run for their money when it comes to the super squishy bote award. 🙂
  13. Taipan17

    Kamikaze Clock

    Thanks Ralph Yep, I was too lazy to Google.
  14. Taipan17

    Kamikaze Clock

    Hi Ladies and Gents, What is the purpose of the analogue Clock Face mounted on the rear mast of the Kamikaze? It is quite prominent and given the attention to detail WG exhibits with the ship modelling, I assume it must have some purpose. Kamikaze and Mutsuki both have the Clock Face mounted on rear mast facing astern. The Minekaze has one mounted on the foremast, facing forward. A quick peruse of the Tech Tree did not identify any other DD equipped with this bit of kit. Cheers
  15. Taipan17

    Advice wanted for this new player

    TinDingo, 1. I do not have the Aigle however I did research it and found that the consensus was Mehbote. I think ch0m1n and Bex have covered this question well. 2. The ship discount coupon you have will be rescinded and a replacement coupon issued to you. My suggestions for the use of your coal: Upgrades - Provide a boost to the duration of the associated consumable. I especially favour those that utilise Slot 2 Commanders - A 10 pt Captain saves a reasonable amount of the grind and for most ships, provide the core skills which enhance the ship capability Containers - Finish any incomplete collection that you may have. The end rewards for the available completed collections are good. Cheers