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  1. Taipan17

    New Pan-Asian Premium Destroyer (not Siliwangi)

    We already have a Gnevny Pan Asian clone as a premium ship. The Anshan which imho, works well as a T6 DD.
  2. Taipan17

    any aussies playing?

    G'Day Steve, TF44 does not have any minimum requirements. Anyone is free to put in a request or contact one of the listed contacts directly. Cheers Taipan 🙂
  3. Taipan17

    Monarch opinions?

    It is not a good ship. It is squishy and has limited range. You have to take very good care of the ship's broadside or you will take large chunks of damage. Especially since the citadel was raised recently. It has a mediocre Repair Party. You will not be able to recover easily, if at all, if your ship suffers high damage hits. Research the GFCS module first to obtain a decent range on Main Guns. Then get Hull B. Lastly research the Propulsion module. Upgrades in Slot order: Main Armaments modification 1, Damage Control modification 1, Aiming Systems modification 1, Steering Gears modification 2 & Concealment System modification 1. Add Adrenaline Rush to your Captain. GLHF
  4. Taipan17

    Captain Skills Reset

    Thanks GomBee. I was suffering a bout of impatience. Anyway, all is well and I have accessed the Skills reset.
  5. Taipan17

    Captain Skills Reset

    Yeah, like last season. Free re-distribute only but it is better than nothing. 😀
  6. Taipan17

    Captain Skills Reset

    Didn't War Gaming state we were getting a free Captain Skills reset for Clan Battles Season 6? or did I imagine it.
  7. Taipan17

    What to Grind Next...

    Congratulations Grygus, That is an impressive amount of grinding in 5 months. Well Played 😊 I have managed to lift 3 ships to T10 so I am well behind the eight ball. ☹️ Get yourself a Gearing. It will be especially fun if it gets the torpedo buff talked about for Update 0.8.6. The Minotaur is very entertaining. GLHF
  8. I would really like to see these ships included in the WoWS tech tree and premium shop. It contains some excellent research. I like the well thought distinguishing attributes. I am a bit in awe of the amount of work you have put in Sapper. Noice 👍
  9. Taipan17

    Thank You War Gaming

    It was a very nice gesture to provide a couple of containers for the server problems last night. 👍 Ta.
  10. Taipan17

    Why people think T5 Kongo is good?

    I am buggered if I know. 😀
  11. Taipan17

    Minsk vs T22 game performance

    Hi mazed, From what you described your play style is a little too aggressive for a VMF DD. Whilst it is great that you actively engage in team play and respond to team requests, you still need to be aware of the limitations of the VMF DD line. They are excellent 2nd line ships, flanking ships and gun boats. They are outclassed in terms of contesting a CAP or holding a specific map area for any length of time. You have just missed the Narai rotation however next time it comes around, dust off your Minsk and practice gunnery, flanking and springing torpedo traps. If you look up Social Wolves channel you may find that there are enough players formed up to play Narai out of rotation. You will find the Jervis a lot more suited to the play style you have described. Getting CE on your DD must be a priority, especially for T7. T7 DD have large footprints which puts them at a disadvantage against T6 and T8 DD. This is especially the case with T8 DD which have access to the Ship Upgrade "Concealment System Module 1" in Slot 5. Essentially T8-T10 can access 20% detection reduction through the Captain Skill and Ship Upgrade combination. GLHF Taipan
  12. emm, 200m? Seriously? WG should give you an immediate refund and a 10% coal bonus for identifying this grievous error.
  13. Taipan17


    Colstah, Given you have reached Account Level 10, if you have Signals in your Inventory, you can mount these at no cost. If you enable auto re-supply, Combat and Special Signals will be re-mounted at no cost until you have expended those Signals in your Inventory. Once your stock is used, those Combat and Special signals will not be mounted. If you enable auto re-supply, Economic Signals will follow the same process HOWEVER if you have doubloons, the Economic Signals will be mounted and doubloons subtracted from your supply. You can disable auto re-supply. You can enable auto re-supply and then uncheck the "Resupply using in-game currency if available". Once your inventory of any of those Signals selected reaches zero, they will not be mounted and you will not spend doubloons. Cheers
  14. Taipan17

    Dasha Commanders

    Thanks for the advice. It is a shame there are not more voice mods like Mermaids. Cheers
  15. Taipan17

    Dasha Commanders

    G'Day, Can someone suggest a mod or mod pack that allows Dasha Commanders to converse in English? I have a few versions in different ships and my lack of comprehension of her announcements can cause some bad incidents. Cheers