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  1. Taipan17

    Very new casual player looking for clan

    Hi Lunna_7, TF44 is a casual clan. We have players who participate in all of the battle modes. We all use Discord on our own Server. Please check us out in-game. Cheers Taipan17
  2. Taipan17

    Pan-Asian cruisers : what's the TL:DR?

    The Pan Asia Cruisers are all fragile, both in build and Hit Points. From Tier 6, all are armed with ~5" guns. The Tier 5 Chungking is an Arethusa Class cruiser. It is the same ship as Huanghe at T6 with a few parameter changes to fit it into Tier 5. For history buffs, the British took a Leander (Amphion sub-class) and cut a 15m (50') section out of the middle. This gave them 6 cruisers for the same price and tonnage as 5 Leander Class. The Tier 7 Chumpion is an Oakland Class cruiser. The follow on class to the Atlanta. This class lost the two wing turrets in exchange for increased Bofors 40mm and Oerlikon 20mm AA cannons. This improved stability and reduced topside congestion. The Tier 8 Harbin is a paper ship from Russia The Tier 9 Sejong is a paper ship from USA. Essentially Oakland class with 127mm/54 cal Dual Purpose guns. The tier 10 Jinian is an Austin. Late/Post war US paper design. The ships tend to be light on consumables: Smoke and DFAA for tiers 5 & 6. This is expanded to include TRB tiers 7 & 8. Tiers 9 & 10 have Smoke, DFAA, Repair and TRB All have decent range Pan Asia torpedoes. Good concealment and speed but will not hit a DD.
  3. Taipan17

    beta player looking for clan aftera break

    Hi devanshu, TF44 has a few free spots. TF44 has players from India. We are a casual clan that participates in all game modes, including Clan Battles. Check us out in game. Cheers Taipan17
  4. Hi seezer,

    I did not receive an account for the Pumpkin Harvest event.

    Cheers Taipan17

  5. I have both. I recommend the Goliath. It is a good ship in the current META. It is quite effective with it's HE pen. It does not have a good armour scheme, however this is somewhat mitigated by its Specialized Repair Party. If you use the concealment (11km) to re-position often, Goliath will accumulate a decent damage dealt total. The Minotaur is a good ship however its skill floor is high. It will disintegrate if you are caught in a bad position. The armour scheme provides minimal protection, a one salvo death is not unusual and it can penned by just about any Cruiser and Battleship. The forward turrets firing arcs can be a bit frustrating. A well played Minotaur can accomplish a lot in battle but it requires practise to achieve this result.
  6. Taipan17

    Aussie looking for clan

    Hi Wraius, Check out [TF44] Task Force 44 Discord: https://discord.gg/Z2bKVEtU Regards Taipan17
  7. Taipan17

    Aiming help sought

    Sorry. IRL caught up with me. I am back now. Are you still wanting information about aiming?
  8. Taipan17

    Aiming help sought

    Which Dynamic sight are you using? Is there a specific tier that you have been playing? Which ship(s) are you using?
  9. Taipan17

    Vampire II may be RP... ...

    I do not reset lines for Research Points as I do not enjoy the process involved in returning the line to T10. I much prefer to play ships that I have taken a shine to. I have at least 4 such ships in each tier (well only 2 in T1 but getting a battle in a T1 ship is neigh on impossible). Accumulating the required Research Points is not difficult for me. I have the resources and time to accumulate them. That isn't the case for many players. I think that War Gaming would have served their customers better had they released Vampire II for Free XP. (As a replacement DD for the Smaland).
  10. Hijacking your thread a little. I don't have: IJN Hakuryu USS Vermont KM GroBer Kurfurst HMS Audacious MN Republique I don't intend to get either the Colombo or Elbring. This is subject to change as I always play a line to Tier 8 before discontinuing. The point is, I don't see the point in pursuing ships to tier 10, that you don't enjoy playing. I have done that for quite a few T10 ships. Now those ships are cluttering up my port and tying up high point commanders that I will get better use of in other ships that I actually like playing. It is a shame I have had this thought 2 weeks past when I could have accomplished said commander transfer without much cost.
  11. My suggestions: Move your Riga up to the Petrapovlovsk. Russian bias is not a myth It is a strong tier 10 cruiser for all battle modes. Then focus on the Euro DD line. The Oland, Ostergotland and Halland are good destroyers if you can adapt your play style to the lack of smoke. Play the Italian cruisers through to the Venezia. The Amalfi is a bit of a weak ship in the RM CA line. The Brindisi is fun. Of course all of this is imho and is biased by my own preferences etc &c yada yada.
  12. Taipan17

    Clan Brawl Concept

    Disregard. Posted in haste.
  13. Taipan17

    Public Test 0.10.1 Feedback Thread

    The use of 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 is not appropriate for "Clan" based game modes. These should be used for Ranked battles. Clan implies the inclusion of Players who are members of a particular Clan. Why are WG undermining Clan membership with single combat and majority mercenary based "Clan" teams? It doesn't make any sense.
  14. Taipan17

    No modern siliwangi review?

    I am unsure about the date of publication but try this: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/210521-premium-ship-review-140-siliwangi/ Long Story, Short- Buy Lo Yang I have a Siliwangi from a crate. It isn't a good DD at T8 and really poor when it is up-tiered.
  15. Taipan17

    Neustrashimy or Marceau for coal ship

    A side-note: Neustrashimy was a steel ship. Now she (actually Russian ship, so 'he') has been made available in the armoury for coal. Due to the previously restricted availability of Neustrashimy, the Coal price is significantly inflated: Neustrashimy 296,000; Z-44 228,000; Marceau 236,000. Whilst it has many good features, it is DPM is restricted somewhat by the 2 twin gun turret in A-Y positions arrangement, the long torpedo reload time (2 minutes 5 seconds) and range (10km), and mediocre manoeuvrability.