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  1. emm, 200m? Seriously? WG should give you an immediate refund and a 10% coal bonus for identifying this grievous error.
  2. Taipan17


    Colstah, Given you have reached Account Level 10, if you have Signals in your Inventory, you can mount these at no cost. If you enable auto re-supply, Combat and Special Signals will be re-mounted at no cost until you have expended those Signals in your Inventory. Once your stock is used, those Combat and Special signals will not be mounted. If you enable auto re-supply, Economic Signals will follow the same process HOWEVER if you have doubloons, the Economic Signals will be mounted and doubloons subtracted from your supply. You can disable auto re-supply. You can enable auto re-supply and then uncheck the "Resupply using in-game currency if available". Once your inventory of any of those Signals selected reaches zero, they will not be mounted and you will not spend doubloons. Cheers
  3. Taipan17

    Dasha Commanders

    Thanks for the advice. It is a shame there are not more voice mods like Mermaids. Cheers
  4. Taipan17

    Dasha Commanders

    G'Day, Can someone suggest a mod or mod pack that allows Dasha Commanders to converse in English? I have a few versions in different ships and my lack of comprehension of her announcements can cause some bad incidents. Cheers
  5. Taipan17

    collecting allowance tokens,

    You can easily get a Lazo from the Tech Tree - Shchors. The Shchors has 1 x 25mm layer less of tin foil on the sides. The cool down on the spotter is slower. There is not much between them.
  6. Taipan17

    Ship Armour

    Does anyone have a reference figure or rough number which approximates the armour thickness for DD, CL, CA, BB forward/aft ends and deck at each tier? A ready reckoner rather than researching each ship in a tier for specific values. Cheers
  7. A CV enters a battle with it's Aircraft armed and ready for immediate flight. DD, CL, CA and BB should also enter a battle in a comparable state of readiness. That is the Main Battery and Torpedo tubes loaded, ready to fire. The option of having CVs spawning further from the Control Area(s) combined with DDs spawning closer to Control Area(s) seems like a very sensible solution. Three months to implement such changes is stretching the bounds of credulity. WG staff are more competent than that.
  8. Taipan17

    Ship XP

    😳 Sorry. I should wear my glasses. The Ship XP is displayed on the Modules screen for all to see. Disregard this topic Cheers
  9. Taipan17

    Ship XP

    Can we have the option of displaying a Ship's accumulated XP in the Modules Screen please? It is annoying having to return to the Port screen to ascertain progress on a particular ship.
  10. Taipan17

    ST, 12th ranked season.

    Hi Gombee, Will the rental ships have: Access to module upgrades like the ones provided in Clan Battles (eg Groznovoi Torps); Be able to have upgrades fitted in Slots 1-6 at the player's expense; Be able to have signals flown at player's expense; and Be able to be camouflaged at player's expense? Will the rental ship pool be consistent for Season 12? I know that the (overly) frequent changes to the rental ships provided for Clan Battles, cause significant impediments to those players who are utilising them.
  11. I like the delay times provided as a starting point. A number of games will be required to properly ascertain whether the delay times are working, insufficient or excessive. I understand that the volume of CV players in lower tiers are making it impractical to institute a similar CV number limit used in TX. In games with two or more CV per team, maybe WG could look at the practicality of adding an additional 10 second delay to the first launch of the multiple CV. This is to balance the significant map coverage that 2 or more CV are capable of achieving in a short period of time.
  12. Taipan17

    Not Get New Orleans Space Permanent Camouflage

    Two obvious questions: Do you have a New Orleans in your Port? Have you checked your Inventory? Cheers
  13. Taipan17

    A corner for ports

    Gotta love the Jacuzzi. I like your Murmansk Port. It conveys the northern, somewhat isolated position of the facility. The low-set, block shaped buildings are what I perceive the products of Soviet construction to be. The ice port is an interesting alternative port. The sand port not so much. Cheers