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  1. Taipan17

    Any BB newbie friendly line?

    A thought about the benefit of Aiming Systems Modification 1. Taking a broad average of 200m horizontal dispersion, it gives a 14m reduction. Not exactly something to turn handstands over.
  2. Taipan17

    Any BB newbie friendly line?

    I was interested in this statement as I remember the USN BB having reasonable accuracy, It has been a while since I played many of the USN BB, so I decided to crunch some numbers. The shell target area forms an ellipse. An ellipse is defined by two variables which WoWS labels Horizontal Dispersion (The smaller of the two axis) and Vertical Dispersion. Horizontal Dispersion is linear with range. Vertical Dispersion is a bit more dynamic. At minimum range, vertical dispersion is proportionately (compared to Horizontal Dispersion) greatest due to the flat trajectory of the shell. The target ellipse is elongated. As range increases, Vertical dispersion increases but at reduced rate as the shell arc increases. The target ellipse becomes rounder. Sigma is a variable which indicates how close to the centre of the ellipse shells will land in a series of salvos. The Krupp variable provides the penetration value of the shell fired. There are plenty of threads and resources which explain these variables in greater depth. To keep things simple WoWS provides Horizontal Dispersion at Maximum Range. As maximum range is very variable between individual ships, the horizontal dispersion value is not much use. The easiest way to make the value meaningful is to find the Horizontal Dispersion at a nominated range. I used 15KM. Tier 3: USN 213m; RN 230m; MN 234m; KM 238m; IJN 246m Tier 4: MN 209m; USN 212m; KM 215m; IJN 217m; RN 223m Tier 5: IJN 184m; MN 206m; USN 220m; RN 223m; KM 227m Tier 6: IJN 171m; MN 202m; RN 203m; USN 226m; KM 237m Tier 7: IJN 169m; USN 202m; KM 217m; RN 219m; MN 220m Tier 8: IJN 188m; USN 192m; MN 204m; RN 205m; KM 212m These figures give an accurate comparison of Horizontal Dispersion between ships by Nation and Tier. As discussed above, it is one variable in the series of variables that dictate Gun accuracy.
  3. Taipan17

    Any BB newbie friendly line?

    Miku, I would suggest the French line. MM BB are not the best at anything however the ships are forgiving (Armour scheme works and can brawl 1 ship) , have some speed (Which increases your options as the battle progresses) and have comfortable gunnery (Shell arc and lead). You asked about the British line. RN BB are a valid option however like their USN cousins, they are slow. This means you have to plan to position yourself in the early stages of the battle. Otherwise the ships are well rounded. I have found that: IJN ships are the least forgiving; The KM BB dispersion drives me a bit nutty especially as you progress up the tiers; The USN Wyoming and New York were a bit of a chore to grind; and I have most enjoyed grinding the RN line. Remember that you are always able to play BB from multiple nations. Enjoy your battles in BB, Cheers
  4. Taipan17

    Help with Gremy Capt Skilld

    Hi Phoenix, The Gremy is closest to the Ognevoi, Udaloi and Grozovoi line of VMF DD. 'Hybrid" is a good term. Gremy is a usual VMF DD in that it has great guns with slow traverse, good speed and poor concealment. The Gremy is unusual in that it has great agility (Quick rudder shift and small turning circle) and torpedoes that have some range (8 km vs 4 km). I don't think Captain Skills need to vary between the two lines commencing at T8. As above, Priority Target (1), Last Stand (2), Survivability Expert (3), Concealment Expert (4) for your base 10 skill points. Some players find Preventative Maintenance (1) and Superintendent (3) good alternatives. Followed by Preventative Maintenance (1), Expert Marksman (2) and Basic Firing Training (3). Pick up Demolition Expert (3) for your final skill points. Cheers
  5. Taipan17

    any aussies playing?

    There are a number of Aussie/Kiwi groups. HMAS and TF44 are both fairly active.
  6. Taipan17

    any aussies playing?

    Hi everyone, I am in Hervey Bay. Hope to catch up with you on the seas. Cheers, Taipan17
  7. Taipan17

    Kongo modification load out question!

    I use the accuracy mod. The AA mod is okay but the increase of range it provides makes it less beneficial, imho. If you div, mix it up with one BB and one CL/CA. That way you get good AA and good gunnery abilities as a team.
  8. Taipan17

    Plans for 2016

    The Bathurst Class Corvettes are a good example of Australia's contribution to naval forces in WW2. Australia manufactured 60 of these general purpose escort ships during the war. 56 were operated by the RAN and 4 by the Indian Navy. Post war, these ships served with Royal New Zealand Navy, Royal Netherlands Navy, Indonesian Navy, Pakistan Navy and Turkish Navy. Two examples have survived. HMAS Castlemaine is a museum ship located in WIlliamstown, Victoria and HMAS Wyalla is a land based attraction at Wyalla, South Australia.
  9. Many valid points have been made in the discussions above. To save the pedantic people the hassle, I generally play CL/CA (69%). I do play DD (9%) and continue to upgrade the one DD I keep in my fleet. I am going to ignore the focus on measurement units (why isn't every thing in nautical miles as per international use) which has been used as a simplistic diversion away from the topic raised. Similarly, the facile conflict between DD and CL/CA Captains does not address the topic. The realism versus viable argument is an ongoing debate that will continue ad nausea and its use in this topic has simply been a distraction. Given WoWS is a game for recreation and fun the issue becomes how close should a DD or any type of ship be detected. I think the present standard is too close. My opinion is it should be 4km (2.16 nm or 2.5 mi) to give all combatants an equal chance to respond to torpedo launches or gunfire.
  10. Taipan17

    Karma system

    Go to News on the main website. Click the menu button in top left of webpage. Select announcements. Go to the two announcements made 18DEC15. The info you are looking should be in these.. I think I have 1 point. Essentially, if a player gives you a compliment via the post battle screen, you get a Karma point. If someone reports you, you loose a Karma point. You can not have negative Karma. Cheers
  11. To Wargaming and World of Warships Staff and contributors, Thank you for: 1. Providing such a great game; 2. Fully supporting the game with rolling updates and improvements; 3. Implementing the associated web site(s), forums, chat channels and educational material which all enhance and encourage a great community of players; and 4. Supplying developers, administrators, moderators and all the other people required to ensure the game and its features all integrate so well. All the best to all for 2016! Regards
  12. Mr Kreig answered this thread very concisely. I do not understand the need to dump on the company or the developers for providing such a great game. Here is a thought for an open letter - To Wargaming and its Staff, Thank you for: 1. Providing such a great game; 2. Fully supporting the game with rolling updates and improvements; 3. Implementing the associated web site(s), forums, chat channels and educational material which all enhance and encourage a great community of players; and 4. Supplying developers, administrators, moderators and all the other people required to ensure the game and its features all integrate so well. All the best to all for 2016! Regards In fact I think I will do just that..
  13. A few points to think about: For such a young game with so many participants, I think that the developers are doing great. Sure there are, and realistically will always be, deficiencies that irk individual players. When you look at the population of players versus the number of complaints, it is a very small percentage of unhappy people. Ego, the game has a high percentage of satisfied players who are having fun. The game cannot be everything for everyone. It is doing a very good job at providing a enjoyable, interesting and unique playing experience. Having participated in the recent PT and all of the other enhancement add-ons such as Project R and Emden Challenge, the staff are obviously very busy. The mechanisms for feedback are working. The past and ongoing refinement to version is a testament to the use of player feedback by the development team. The greatest deficiency in the game is the players. Players who do not communicate in Battle. Players who do not play for their team but focus selfishly on their own goals. Teamwork and goal achievement are not mutually exclusive. In fact when combined, the results for all of the team members are greater and more rewarding. Players whom are not philosophical about the highs and lows of playing a game Its a shame. Players could help by being free with praise, compliments and assistance. It is probably to much to ask but it would be nice to see an improvement of these aspects within the community. Finally, I do not disagree with anybody's right to provide feedback. I do think that if the issue is large enough to motivate a post or message, than provide a suggestion towards a fix. Even better suggest the solution. Cheers
  14. Taipan17

    Torpedo aircraft

    I would like a method of adjusting drop range using the auto settings. Maybe make the aiming point marker able to increase or decrease the radius of the targeting circle.