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  1. Taipan17

    Aiming help sought

    Which Dynamic sight are you using? Is there a specific tier that you have been playing? Which ship(s) are you using?
  2. Taipan17

    Vampire II may be RP... ...

    I do not reset lines for Research Points as I do not enjoy the process involved in returning the line to T10. I much prefer to play ships that I have taken a shine to. I have at least 4 such ships in each tier (well only 2 in T1 but getting a battle in a T1 ship is neigh on impossible). Accumulating the required Research Points is not difficult for me. I have the resources and time to accumulate them. That isn't the case for many players. I think that War Gaming would have served their customers better had they released Vampire II for Free XP. (As a replacement DD for the Smaland).
  3. Hijacking your thread a little. I don't have: IJN Hakuryu USS Vermont KM GroBer Kurfurst HMS Audacious MN Republique I don't intend to get either the Colombo or Elbring. This is subject to change as I always play a line to Tier 8 before discontinuing. The point is, I don't see the point in pursuing ships to tier 10, that you don't enjoy playing. I have done that for quite a few T10 ships. Now those ships are cluttering up my port and tying up high point commanders that I will get better use of in other ships that I actually like playing. It is a shame I have had this thought 2 weeks past when I could have accomplished said commander transfer without much cost.
  4. My suggestions: Move your Riga up to the Petrapovlovsk. Russian bias is not a myth It is a strong tier 10 cruiser for all battle modes. Then focus on the Euro DD line. The Oland, Ostergotland and Halland are good destroyers if you can adapt your play style to the lack of smoke. Play the Italian cruisers through to the Venezia. The Amalfi is a bit of a weak ship in the RM CA line. The Brindisi is fun. Of course all of this is imho and is biased by my own preferences etc &c yada yada.
  5. Taipan17

    Clan Brawl Concept

    Disregard. Posted in haste.
  6. Taipan17

    No modern siliwangi review?

    I am unsure about the date of publication but try this: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/210521-premium-ship-review-140-siliwangi/ Long Story, Short- Buy Lo Yang I have a Siliwangi from a crate. It isn't a good DD at T8 and really poor when it is up-tiered.
  7. Taipan17

    Neustrashimy or Marceau for coal ship

    A side-note: Neustrashimy was a steel ship. Now she (actually Russian ship, so 'he') has been made available in the armoury for coal. Due to the previously restricted availability of Neustrashimy, the Coal price is significantly inflated: Neustrashimy 296,000; Z-44 228,000; Marceau 236,000. Whilst it has many good features, it is DPM is restricted somewhat by the 2 twin gun turret in A-Y positions arrangement, the long torpedo reload time (2 minutes 5 seconds) and range (10km), and mediocre manoeuvrability.
  8. Taipan17

    More server issues?

    I have had de-sync issues since the update was released on the server. It has been extremely frustrating. A traceroute back to WoWS produces the usual figures. My connection speed and latency are fine. I checked CPU/GPU/RAM usage. There are no issues. The server population hasn't been unusually large. I think it must be issues with War Gaming's servers.
  9. Taipan17

    Recent Skynet behaviour in Coop

    The Bots have awakened. They are sentient. They have hacked access to the server. From this information, Bots now have supremacy in aiming, enemy ship position prediction and torpedo beats. I can't help but notice that they haven't degraded themselves by playing as backline sniping or camping wannabes. Wargaming and Skynet share more than a couple of 'n' alphabet characters.
  10. Taipan17

    Today this noob had a good day

    Unfortunately the hard truth is that not investing in Port Slots and Reserve Spaces will cost you more over time. Port slots cost $AU1.63. 4x Commander Reserve Spaces costs $AU0.54 or 13.5 cents a space. It isn't very expensive to repurchase Tier 1 (Free), Tier 2, 3 and Tier 4 ships. It starts to eat into credits if you sell Tier 5 and higher ships. You do not advance any combat missions when you play Tier 1 to 4 ships. Most Combat Missions including the Daily Mission chain require battles in Tier 5 to 10 ships. FYI: You need a Port Slot and you sell the T4 KM Karlshrue: When you sell a ship you intend to buy back, change the default "Sell ship with all modules" to "Sell ship with stock modules only" You get access to the needed port slot and 290,000 Cr (Ship) + 187,500 Cr (Upgrades). Total 478,200 Cr When you have enough Port slots, the cost of re-purchasing the Karlshrue is 581,400 Cr (Ship) +375,000 Cr (Upgrades). Total 956,400 Cr Access to a Port Slot cost you 479,200 Cr. If you sold the T5 KM Konigsberg: Access to a Port Slot and 981,000 Cr Buy back cost is 1,963,000 Cr Access to a Port Slot cost you 981,000 Cr. Note that Credit costs include TF44 Clan discounts.
  11. Taipan17

    Today this noob had a good day

    Pick one of those Commanders which is in a tech tree line that you intend to grind through. Transfer said Commander to each new ship you unlock. If possible use: Camouflages which stack up Commander XP. Battle Hardened, Post Apocalypse, Frosty Fir Tree and Sci-Fi Space are good examples; and Equal Speed Charlie London and Zulu Hotel signals. Also, our clan bonuses will add 5% to your Ship XP and 10% to your Commander XP for each battle. The aim is to obtain a 19 point Commander which you then use to grind another ship ship in that Nation's tech tree. This Commander will then earn Commander XP which you can use to advance the skill points of any other Commander.
  12. Taipan17

    0911 and 0912 dates... ...?

    War Gaming usually drop the last patch of the year just before Christmas Day. iirc - last year was a little unusual in that the last patch was dropped on 11DEC19. Previously it had been dropped about 5 days prior to Christmas - 21DEC16, 19DEC17 & 20DEC18 This year they are squeezing a 12th Update in. This is why Update 11 is feather light. It was scheduled to drop this week however it would seem they are delaying it until Monday (or Tuesday if I mucked up my Time Zone conversions). From the One Client article, I expect Update 12 will download on 17DEC20 and go live on 21DECC20.
  13. Taipan17

    What to buy with my Coal

    Forum has survived after posts from Drakkon. Just saying ....
  14. Taipan17

    What have I done wrong

    Surely there is something else in the profile other than below average Damage, Win Rate and Frags. I guess from the War Gaming side of the coin, they must get all sorts of "It wasn't me, honest it wasn't". cue Shaggy song here Given the OP is sincere in his confusion, my take from the replies is that he needs to play a little more patiently so as to avoid red-flagging his account.
  15. Taipan17

    Should I

    Get your 6 T10 ships. I noticed one of them is the Halland. Unless you are wedded to the Radar, Halland is as good (if not better) than the Smaland. Halland is definitely stronger for Clan Battles. I suggest you use your Free XP on a different line to the Russian Gunboat DD. The Kharbarosvk is no longer a good ship. It has suffered a lot from Power creep. Tashkent isn't anything to write home about. I reckon you will get a lot more fun out of the 6 ships than you would out of a single Smaland. Plus 6 Christmas Crates .... PS: I checked my notes from KoTS X, the Marceau, Kleber and Somers were used more than the Smaland. I didn't see a Halland in the competition.