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  1. G'day S4pp3r, Great presentation! Congratulations on bringing home this project. It contains very impressive research and lots of hard yakka. Cheers Mate 👍
  2. Taipan17

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    The Makarov wasn't very interesting until WG removed the Hull C option from Nurnberg. Now I wish I had picked one up.
  3. Taipan17

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    A good haul from Super Containers: 9K Doubloons 105K Coal 50K Free XP 21 Premium Days 350 Various Signals 300 Various Camouflages 😁 👍
  4. Taipan17

    Aslain's 9.5 mod cant update but still works

    Sorry, I was not clear. Delete the stand alone files starting with "_Aslains_ ***". There are 3 Text Document files and one Setup Information file.
  5. Taipan17

    Omaha Numbers

    It is from a Mod. I have no idea what the numbers represent. Maybe accumulated XP (Last Battle XP)?
  6. Taipan17

    Aslain's 9.5 mod cant update but still works

    Go to your World of Warships Folder. Delete "Aslain_Modpack" folder Delete "res_mods" folder (if it is still there) Delete the text and set up files starting with "_Aslains_ ***" Run the game and make sure no mods are present. Exit game. Run Aslain's latest Mod Pack. When you get to the screen which asks the game location, manually select it. Do this even if the location appears correct. Let me know if this works.
  7. Taipan17


    Look at the requirements. For example - 500 secondary battery hits. Quickest method is to grab a German BB and drive in playing Co-Op games. Using the previous post example - 700 Main Battery hits if you play Russian, German or French BB. Otherwise, you have to accumulate 1500 Main Battery hits in any other nation BB. I find BB main gun hits easier to accumulate in Random battles. If the directive specified cruisers or destroyers, I would play Co-op battles.
  8. Taipan17

    Single Install Instance

    What I understand is that we will only have to have a single installation of the game to access all servers. However you will still need separate accounts to play on the individual servers. It will not affect extant accounts or newly created ones.
  9. Taipan17

    what does world of warships feel like now?

    I think this highlights three of the most significant areas of change in the games' evolution. The number of battles required to progress from tier to tier in a tech tree line has reduced steadily over time; The low tiers are not much fun to play any more. The 2 CV per side meta, where the ships have little and sometimes no AA, is quite frustrating; and Players are much more focussed (feel a pressure, maybe) to acquire Tier 10 ships. Players certainly want to get through the lower tiers to reduce the frustration of playing those ships. Please do not interpret my comments as an argument against CV. CV are, and have always been an integral part of World of Warships. My observations are: Players are not getting the opportunity to consolidate their skills during their progression through the tiers; There is a high proportion of BB focused players because of the durability of BB; Whilst a fair number of people do play up and down the tiers, the instances of this happening is very much lower than what it was. I do not agree that a line loses its attributes over time. I think what happens is the experienced and skilled players make use of a window where those attributes can be exploited without much in the way of counter play. Over time counter play develops and then the ships are not able to be played with the previous level of impunity/effectiveness.
  10. Taipan17

    In-Battle Display keeps hanging

    An Update: I ran a WG Check which suggested a host of deletions and changes. Long story short, it deleted the Mods I was using. I forgot to state that I was using these, my bad! 🤦‍♂️ Without Mods the problem is alleviated a lot but not resolved. Call it an 85% improvement. I then submitted a ticket to WG Support with the report attached. WG Support is being quite helpful. I will pass on any feedback that they provide. I have not done any in depth testing however as an off the cuff guide, these mods seem to have the most noticeable negative effects: Nomogram Classic dynamic sight; Binocular frame remover; Shit Ship movement indicator; Side panels. A final suggestion, ensure Post Processing in the Video Settings is set to "Very High"
  11. Taipan17

    what does world of warships feel like now?

    I've been playing since after the Open full release circa late 2015. The game has evolved in nearly all aspects. Mostly for the better. It has not been the changes in and of themselves that have detracted from the game. It is primarily that the changes have been made: without the area of change being finalised; without the ramifications of the changes on the overall game experience being considered (even at a basic level at times); and the player base input has been ignored or worse a small section of the player base has been catered to at the expense of the majority. The end result is that the enjoyment factor of the game has been eroded considerably. I do not want to roll back to previous versions. I would like: the Battle rewards system to encourage more aggressive play; the CV spotting to be reduced (watching latest proposal with interest); and there be less stacking of attributes on ships (whether that be individual ships or ship lines) eg Both Armour & Guns on Russian Ships, Both Guns and a ridiculously small turning circle on high tier Italian ships. Despite the gimmicks and plethora of other useless events, new ships etc, the game has unfortunately stagnated because the core elements of the game haven't received the attention they need and deserve.
  12. The game keeps having momentary pauses in battle. It is not my CPU or GPU choking. It is not any memory issues. PC and Graphics memory are not being taxed. I have checked my connection speeds and latency. Both are normal. A trace route back to the server returns the usual figures, This has been occurring since Update 0.9.8 dropped.
  13. Taipan17

    Graphics Card Setttings for Nvidia GTX960

    Worth a try. Thanks.
  14. Taipan17

    Graphics Card Setttings for Nvidia GTX960

    Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 65-bit When this data was collected: WoWS loaded and in Phillipines Port; Firefox open with this window and one other playing music through YouTube; No other programs open. CPU: I5 4460 @ 3.20 GHZ. Haswell 4 cores; Extended Model 3C; Virtualization Supported, Disabled; L1 4 x 32 KB; L2 4 x 256 KB; L3 6144 KB. - 4 cores running at 3291 MHz, Multipliers x32, Bus Speed 99.8 MHz. Memory is 8 GB original HP with addition 8 GB Kingston brand. 2 slots available and used. DDR3; 16384 MB of which 6717 MB is in use; Dual Channel; 798.1 MHz; The system has 18 GB of virtual memory allocated of which 9.4 GB is in use. HP Motherboard 2B2C (Socket 0) Intel chipset; Intel Southbridge; AMI bios. Nvidia GeForce GTX960 ASUS Strix; GPU 1379 MHz; Shader Clock 3505 MHz; 4095 MB memory @ 3505 MHz.
  15. After Update 9.5 my PC frame rate in battles slowed a little (reduced from 64 to 50) when there was lots of activity. That is when other ships are in close proximately especially Red ships, when being attacked by aircraft, when there are a lot of shells passing overhead and around my ship. After Update 9.6 the frame rate decreased more noticeably (reduced from 64 to 37) when the graphics load increased. Following Update 9.7 the frame rate decreases to the point that the picture does not render smoothly. In tight contests with Red ships the picture lags resulting in choppy graphics and poor accuracy. The frame rate drops into the mid 20's. I have kept my video driver up to date. I do a clean install of the driver when an update is available. The current version on my PC is 452.06. There is 4.0GB of video memory plus 8.0GB of shared memory. The PC has an Intel I5 with 16.0 GB RAM. The game runs from an SSD hard drive. Here are my present settings.