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  1. Taipan17

    DD line grind

    @S4pp3R, @Davey77 I see from your posts that I expressed myself poorly. I in no way meant to infer that any person's opinion (in the particular or in a general context) was any less valuable or inferior to another persons' opinion. Perhaps better wording would be "S4pp3r is pretty knowledgable in this area of the game. You might like to ask him for his input, in addition to the information posted here". A small note. All of the RN tree DD have 2 torpedo launchers. Only the premium ship Cossack (and it's relative HMCS Haida) have a single torpedo launcher. For some inexplicable reason, T8 Lightning has 4 tube launchers whilst the others from T6 Icarus to T10 Daring are equipped with 5 tube launchers.
  2. Taipan17

    DD line grind

    Well, your first port of call should be S4pp3r. I think the RN DD line is a good initial tech tree. Generally the ships are well rounded. There is nothing particularly outstanding about the line. The guns are workman like from the start. As you progress into the higher tiers, the torpedoes become user friendly, the numerous smokes are excellent in the CV meta and the hydro-acoustic search (although it has short range) has a long deployment time (especially with the Coal Upgrade in Slot 2). The T9 and T10 ships have a useful Repair Party consumable.
  3. Taipan17

    HOW TO DELETE an extraneous account

    Well, if using a Latin alphabet then: yes, Yes, YES
  4. Taipan17

    Nvidia Physx

    Does the installation of this software have any effect on World of Warships graphics performance?
  5. Taipan17

    WEB COMIC SERIES Iron & Blood

    Very good sketch of HMS Victory with fan-girl. I am looking forward to Issue (Part?) 3 of the story.
  6. Taipan17

    Moskva and Kirov - Keep or Sell

    No, you will not get a refund on the permanent camouflage.
  7. Taipan17

    Finding groups for Operations

    Social Wolves is the group you are describing. We are a non-clan based group from all over who regularly form teams for Ops. Originally we set it up for the PEF grind in 2018. It has continued on since then. Our teams generally maximise the returns and avoid the frustrations of playing with unknown players. PM me in game if you are interested Cheers
  8. Taipan17

    Tier 7 Battleships... ... [NOT Sinop]

    If I had to play a BB in ranked, I would go with the KGV. To me it has the most balanced attributes of the T7 BB.
  9. Taipan17

    Moskva and Kirov - Keep or Sell

    🤔 I had not read the release notes properly. This thread is a waste of space. The shift of the Kirov and Moskva to Special status happens in Update 0.9.5 not this one. Oops 🤦‍♀️
  10. Taipan17

    Moskva and Kirov - Keep or Sell

    Thank you for your replies. I kept the Kirov and Moskva in my port for the update.
  11. The question has been asked of me - "Should I sell the Moskva and Kirov in anticipation of them being returned after Update 0.9.4." I have not thought on it.I simply purchased a Kirov and kept my Moskva. Does anyone have a different opinion?
  12. Taipan17

    I finally ranked out... ...

    Well Played! 🎉 Now you have indulged your masochistic side, you can return to more enjoyable modes of game play. Did you break any keyboards or mice? A screen or two, perhaps? 😛
  13. Taipan17

    moskva (updated)

    Congratulations on your First Tier 10! {Imagine a Fireworks gif here. Soz, I don't have Lt Dan's mad skills} I hope you enjoy the Moskva. It has some really good attributes. Great timing! It will get silver premium status next week. Automatic T10 Camo & bonuses like the Salem and Smolensk. I apologise for the Permanent Camouflage comment. Do not waste your Gold. You will get it for free next Thursday. GLHF!
  14. Taipan17

    moskva (updated)

    but ... but .... but ..... The Moskva is a good ship however: It burns like an outback bonfire; It is a Citadel pinata when you flank one; & The AP gives butterfly kisses when the RNG god allows a hit, rather than a dispersion ship bath. Why post your stats? If anyone is remotely interested (I have no idea why they would be), then they would look them up. Don't forget your perma camo. The 50% reduction in service cost is grand.
  15. Taipan17

    Most inappropriate song ?

    Very specific however for those times you face a Bismark - "Sink the Bismark" by Johnny Horton.