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  1. Alternate_Rouge

    Admiral Graf Spee? please?

    hey its a cruiser with a battleship guns... thats what i call amazing its rich in history
  2. Alternate_Rouge

    i am about to loose my mind over this stealth crap

    *shrugs* die if you cant adapt. Thats the number 1 rule of all games the fact that you reached Tier 10 is a miracle on itself
  3. Alternate_Rouge

    Admiral Graf Spee? please?

    When are we going to get this amazing pocket battleship? I see videos of it in game in north america servers when are we going to get it here in asia?!
  4. Alternate_Rouge

    People who take forever to load into the battle.

    THis happened to me once in a CV... in a hosho i was unleashing krakens for 3 straight games then finding another match i was stuck at the loading screen...i had to restart the game wait for the match to finish (while still loading)... next match, i unleashed the kraken again, ending the match at 15:14 with 9 kills under my belt during that match. and i just started playing CVs again after being disappointed in them last year. Mama hosho rocks... and rocks hard word of advice for those who are stuck in loading screen... Do a screen shot, 3 screen shots or more... first 3 for the first minute then the rest for the succeeding minutes... Then immediately forward the concern to WG keep doing if its happening constantly since if its loading, it is mostlikely that the connection to the server has not been established
  5. Alternate_Rouge

    Furutaka - The Good, the Bad and the Worst

    On my kongo, Furutaka, konigsberg, cheatland and minekaze see murmansk at 17km... KILL IT WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE!
  6. Alternate_Rouge

    BB vs russian DD

    i can accept being killed by torps in fact i welcome since i can train my mad dodge skillz... but never by guns thats only job is to set you on fire... i mean really? but hey i killed kievs under a minute with 4 shots but thats just me knowing their attitude... nerf kiev more
  7. Alternate_Rouge

    Furutaka - The Good, the Bad and the Worst

    yeah right... and i 1 salvo murmansk... i see you in 13km... you are dead by 12km guaranteed lets see murmansk resist 6 citadel shots in cripple firing
  8. okay... so i contributed 203 pearls... spent all of it in chests... so will i still be able to get kamikaze?
  9. Alternate_Rouge

    Iowa got nerfed in new patch..

    adapt to changes! its not like theres anything we can do about it apart from telling WG the stats in a way the we keep playing the game... just look at CVs... they are a dying breed now and sooner or later it will be all gone!
  10. its a game... you're not suppose to take it seriously I think we are still in beta stages... so better get experience to apply it later on
  11. Alternate_Rouge

    Can WG please unnerf CVs? pretty please?

    well i am playing CV but mostly scouting.... my damn bombers cant strike anything without getting hounded by fighters it seems... its like 48 seconds for hosho to recover lost squads
  12. Alternate_Rouge

    Can WG please unnerf CVs? pretty please?

    nah they wont... CV still OP they say... expect another nerf bat coming next major patch
  13. Alternate_Rouge

    Arpeggio ships

    please... bogue/independence is what you need for 150 aircrafts at the very least
  14. Alternate_Rouge

    Arpeggio ships

    We should really make the (-FOG-) group to start this