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  1. Kitakaer

    Stock Ship That Give You Nightmares

    Stock Mogami is amazing. I mean even with 14.2 range it is serviceable but I been grinding stock A hull mogmai with only the range upgrade. But the worst is playing stock CV. Especially american CV.
  2. Kitakaer

    Worst games and ships?

    What's with you and detonation man. Most of your post that I see consist of you being detonated. Sacrifice a goat to WG or something.
  3. Kitakaer

    Trying out torpedoboats

    Fletcher is the best torpboat. But between IJN or KM. Go akizuki.
  4. Kitakaer

    Adrenaline rush reload calculator

    AR doesn't work with secondaries. They said they'll add it in the future but in this patch, AR has no effect on secondaries. AR is nice though.
  5. Kitakaer

    how to deal with akizuki

    That's only work if he doesn't have IFHE. Most competent aizuki will have IFHE for random.
  6. Kitakaer

    Countering RPF

    IF the dd using RDF/RL/RPF isn't a potato. He's not going to chase you to your fleet? why would he do that? RDF is going to give that extra volley as he train his guns on you first. If you're low HP and being chased by RPF user at the end of the game where there is 1-4 players scattered around the map you can't escape and buy time for points.
  7. Kitakaer

    Why people kept ranting about RDF/RL?

    I think that was a mistake. Akizuki HE never had 19mm as far as i know.
  8. Kitakaer

    New Commander Retraining Cost

    The more I read this patch the more I hate it. This commander xp nerf, RPF and random fubuki nerf. Like huh?
  9. I want to know why they add this skill. What did they expect this skill to achieve? This skill is a must have for DD's and competitive because of how strong wallhack-lite is.
  10. Kitakaer

    0.5.16 Bastion Mode Feedback

    Fort is OP. I was gunned down in my battleships by these things. They deal like 2k damage every 3 seconds and set you on fire. I thankfully haven't encounter bastion in my dd yet.
  11. Kitakaer

    My two cents on CV revamp suggestions

    Dude. Gnei with manual AA and AFT is ridiculous. It's like North Carolina in T7.
  12. Kitakaer

    CV player letter to non CV player

    I don't like cv. The difference between good cv and bad cv is massive. A good cv can insta-delete your dd that is capping and wreck the rest. Whenever there are cv, I pray that i have the better cv otherwise it will be a very hard game.
  13. Kitakaer

    Most survivable cruiser in game ?

    You sure about that? I can pen and citadel hindenberg fine even with chapayev. I find it harder to citadel zao troll armor especially if it goes slightly angled.
  14. Kitakaer

    Buying konig albert

    Old world of tanks was insane. After beta, su-14 at T6 can insta murder everything. Indestructible IS7 and the list goes on. Konig Albert is OP though. Sealclubbing at T3 is never good.
  15. Kitakaer

    My experience having no good AA guns on my IJN DDs

    I shot down 2 plane once with minekaze. 13mm OP.