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  1. Hi

    We are the Rapid Clan and would like you to play for our clan , please.

    Background we are Aust and NZ players using discord who are winning due to good team play in the current clan battles , please join us for a division sometime and see if you enjoy playing with us.

    BTW Clan battles are so much better than random or even rank :)


    And this why we want you.

    "Have leadership exp but more than happy to take solid commands all the way to the bank.."

    "All I want is a decent game with some decent players who coordinate some strategy.".

    You play DD 58.33%

    You have a win rate of 55%

    You have 65 Karken

    "Have leadership exp but more than happy to take solid commands all the way to the bank.."ave leadership exp but more than happy to take solid commands all the way to the bank.."

  2. Hi

    We are the Rapid Clan and would like you to play for our clan , please.

    Background we are Aust and NZ players using discord who are winning due to good team play in the current clan battles , please join us for a division sometime and see if you enjoy playing with us.

    BTW Clan battles are so much better than random or even rank :)


  3. Captn5Stars

    Better In-Game Strategic Options for Enhanced Gameplay

    I think it's time I clearly say I'm fully aware of my roll across classes and nationalities... Ships vary greatly, I understand... However... THIS GAME NEEDS [content removed] HELP NOW on the team front and I really don't give two tupnie stuffs wtf Haku the loner thinks... Get some dam gameplay into the [content removed] game.... Profanity. Post edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking
  4. Captn5Stars

    Better In-Game Strategic Options for Enhanced Gameplay

    I agree also ;) However I happen to work in Product and Service innovation and so it's in my blood to innovate and AS IT STANDS... The communication options are null and void... utterly abhorent for a game of such refinement and class... I love the efforts they go to but, as you said, "seen multiple same suggestions made in the past" usually indicates to ANY COMPANY EVER that your community desperately want something... To then 'not do anything' has people that spend like me influence their friends to find different games and when they do, well you tend to stick to them a bit don't you.. In the future, that customer is also less likely to play a release from that company realising that any efforts to improve it will go unanswered and result in a tyrade of negativity from people who perhaps spend too much time indoors drinking too many energy drinks and whom don't quite get enough Vitamin D daily from sunlight to exist happily and add to society rather than subract from it... Allow me to go all kinds of logic on you here... IF they introduced some 'degree' of tactical UI then players who want to go all 'lone wolfy' can not activate those options and remain a persistently un-teamworky kinda guy... HOWEVER you could also put in another GAME MODE where grown ups could coordinate more readily and bring some real coordination and tactics to gameplay... I mean.. just imagine how fun it might be and more to the point HOW incredibly less frustrating game play would become... ffs someone do something....
  5. Captn5Stars

    Better In-Game Strategic Options for Enhanced Gameplay

    Well Haku.. For a Moderator and apparent 'Super Tester' you should know that I was directed here 'Via a link' from the support guys to put my ideas down and see what credence they bear in the community.. You my friend have just completely 'junked up' this post with rubbish.. I'm not sure how you currently hold your status... I'd like some Admin to pls comment on the direction of this game that makes a lot of money and could easily take tactics to the next level if only they introduced SOME MORE ways with which to 'readily' express ones intentions to other players... Currently 'reading' in mixed languages is a complete fail... Also No command in a game with such amazing game play is just such an apparent 'facepalm' that I can't believe I'm the only one saying this stuff... Haku.. you can kindly find another place to besmirch... Thanks blauflamme22 for your consideration... Does anyone have any 'better' or different suggestions? All fekn ears....
  6. Captn5Stars

    Better In-Game Strategic Options for Enhanced Gameplay

    Great Attitude;) So is this just a dead forum where support tells you to suggest things to the Developers or do the Developers actually check in here? Gotta say, I can see why people a reaching a point and leaving the game... Seems like it's made for Y Gens and has little to no team work capabilities which means that a game with SUCH AMAZING detail in relation to Modules, Flags, Captains etc has a massive hole in game play... Shame.. my patience has a limit like most people..
  7. Captn5Stars

    Better In-Game Strategic Options for Enhanced Gameplay

    Can you tell me what is happening in that case to enhance team play Haku;) You sound like you may know;)
  8. Hi Guys, It's been a while since I played much WOW as I found my experience to be one of having more frustration more often than fun... All well and good to learn and be a noob when you're new but this game brings in enhanced features, ships, tiers, armament etc and yet leaves GAME PLAY lagging so far behind that today it is the Single Greatest source of player frustration... This isn't me but from a survey of over 26 top tier players.. Easy Suggestions to Rapidly Enhance Gameplay seemed to include the following and I'll stick the the format of the Sticky above by dead_man_walking cheers champ;) PRE GAME COORDINATION - While Map Load Countdown Occurs... 1. Have ability for Division Leaders to be able to plot Way Points to tell the Division the suggested course to follow and which can be seem by all other team mates so as to 'jump on' or 'move on' to another course of their own/fill a void.. 2. The ability to revise that series of Way Points IN GAME using the 'M' or Map Popup.. 3. The Possibility of an 'Admiral' where the 'overall most experienced player' gets perhaps special abilities to call in an 'Allied Fly Over' where a scout plane flys across an area of the map, Drop a torpedo bomber or a smoke bomb on a stricken target.. All suggestions here that I for one don't need but sound interesting for a whole new game dynamic. GAME TYPE OPTIONS - Random vs Ranked vs Coop People feel that Random is very like Ranked these days and Team Battles are great unless you're new and have now clan based groups or friends to play with and thus a fairly 'fail' game type at present.. 1. TOTAL XP based matching - instead of SHIP based matching alone in Ranked how about some 'specific skill matching' as the algorithm in TEAM BATTLES does? Not one player surveyed agreed that newbs should be able to 'Buy a Ship' and simply 'be' Tier 10 then come in and wreck game after game for those stuck close enough on the net to unfortunately pair with them battle after battle... This needs to stop.. What ever Wargaming does, fix this... It's an insult.. 2. Alternatively the algorithm could look at the fact that they have chosen an JPN DD and do a total XP addition on that and then match according to Class and Nation rather than just Ship Type alone.. 3 New Game Mode - Total Team - this would involve the game forcing players into divisions and those divisions having better coordination.. No players would be lone wolves... its time something like this happened I'll ad and edit this but feedback please..;) #1
  9. Captn5Stars

    Compensation for IJN Destroyers

    After the 'Introduction' of the Changes I have to say the Following: 1. I'd run low on doubloons and all my 'HIGHEST RANK CAPTAINS' were allocated to DD's I totally dislike... i.e. my 17 rank Minikaze Captn is now on my Mutsuki which sucks and I have to pay doubloons to retrain him back to where I originally wanted him. 2. The Divisioning is great... I suggested it months ago, thanks for listening... HOWEVER this will not improve game play one bit in random really... You need to be able to command a fleet and have some kind of 'maturity heirachy' where those people out rand others when going for senior rolls... This accounts for the fact that there are Mature players yet to reach T X Ships who are a lot more 'strategically and maturely minded' then a lot of 'I bought my Premium Fleet using mummy and daddies credit card' warriors who drive us nuts.. I have met some exceptions;) 3. Need to be able to suggest course/plan of attack still... Look at BF2 and how they conquered this... it was HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and the solution is over 15 years old.. Thank you for your time making this amazing game.. It just sorely/mega painfully/like I'm on fire someone put me out, lacks real team play... BIG TIME...
  10. Captn5Stars


    Hi Guys, Yes it's rather disappointing this season.. was hoping for a little more... I have this scenario.. Various friends with differing exp and ship types... so hard to ever have a game together and NEVER POSSIBLE IN RANKED? So highlighting the biggest problems I feel ranked play has at present. 1. No ability to form up with friends. 2. No ability to discus pre-game tactics. - suggestion would be simply using the 'MAPS' tab at the start of game to 'plot' you're proposed route in the same way one lays down Waypoints.. This would allow players to see the 'proposed strategy' of other players BEFORE the game starts allowing for early game chat to AT LEAST for some semblance of coordinated team play which I believe is what Ranked should be about. 3. No ability to form 'cooperative divisions'.. - suggestion is the game would either allow divisions to be formed manually via in-game invites from players surrounding you so you can rapidly team up and use ingame talk and make friends more easily? Just some ideas to add what I feel would be an immeasurable increase to the quality of game play and our satisfaction... ps have slipped two ranks in 24hrs due to being the 'team carry man' allocated to train newbies.. so imbalanced at times it's like soldiers shooting children...
  11. Captn5Stars

    unfair match system for rank battle

    Regardless... This season is no different from RANDOM except I can only choose from one of two ships now and yes 'those of us with a life' can't rank up yet we're skilled players... What I find exceptionally disappointing is the complete lack of ability for 1. Pre-game start strategy... imagine I could plot a course I think is best for 'my flotilla' and others do the same and we all see the commonalities and can infer what we were all thinking.. hone that down in early game chat and BAM.. far more coordinated and SATISFYING rounds... I don't mind loosing... I dislike immensely losing when surrounded by tards and falling a rank for it... and I can coordinate tards but we need tools... 2. No 'auto-divisioning' or the ability to Form Divisions during the start of the game.. I really can't believe ranked play can even be a thing while the innate channels of communication and strategizing are so utterly non-existent.. Please make this significantly better and quickly... it's just a nightmare in ranked at present...
  12. Captn5Stars

    Convoy” battle mode

    Yeah I like it'))
  13. Captn5Stars

    If this is possible I want to see this system.....

    IMO No ones using 'In voice' chat because they don't know who they're about to talk to and not that this is a problem for me, I don't mind who I Div up with but come on. I feel it would be used a lot more if PRE GAME PLANNING & AUTO DIVISIONING was introduced
  14. Captn5Stars

    Ship Loadout Templates

    That's a sensational idea... Say 2-3 ship 'fitouts' including: Commander Skills, Modules/Hulls/Consumables, Skins and Flags.. Great Idea
  15. Captn5Stars

    A New Season... with 1 little vessel...

    Upon Further Assessment... RANKED is a massive let down because,,,, 1. One can't coordinate a game with random ppl via typing.. it's to hard to react with key strokes... 2. One can't pre-organise a single thing, not one 3. It only takes 1 random twat, say, our only DD, to head out to die and there goes my next rank... again... and again... and again... It's just really disappointing... Is there a place in the forums where actual developers are discussing changes they're making? If the next update doesn't include something that shows at the very least a step in the right direction I'm out of here... certainly not spending until I can 'enjoy' this game again... the high level play is atrocious..