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  1. OK Thanks. Only got 2 Tier Xs, so that's why. Appreciate you tkaing the time. Cheers.
  2. GavNQ

    I think I'm gonna whale the Vampire II

    Hey guys, I want this ship but can't find it! Where is it hiding in tech tree??? Thanks
  3. G'day, Need help finding where I can get the Vamp? I've looked thru tech tree but can't find it. I'm on 10.4 in the Asia server. Thanks for help.
  4. GavNQ

    Vampire II

    Hey guys, I'm keen to get Vampire. Have updated to 10.4 but can't see her in the tech tree. I'm playing Asia region if that makes any difference. Can someone show me the way to Vampire II? Thanks ay.
  5. GavNQ

    Ranked Battle Season 6 has begun!

    Really?!?!? Why do they keep saying its starts today? Sheesh!
  6. Great idea! Thanks WG!
  7. I've figured it out. Its God telling me its 1.20am and its time to go to bed.
  8. Hey its not our fault. My load time is normal and then tonight my last three games has blown out to "forever"! I've got a good PC, heaps of RAM... Something in WoW server I think.
  9. Anyone else noticed the single plane stationary in Fault Line? At the south eastern end. At least he doesn't detect me. ;-)
  10. Worst experience in game is playing CVs since last big update. I had just got the Independence but now my Torp and Dive bombers get shot down attacking any ship higher than Tier 5. They don't even get one torp off! AA guns are too powerful.
  11. Thanks for this Chat guys. I've been wondering how to change servers. So from what I understand, you change server you start from scratch. No file with all your ships history etc you can drop into the NA WoW folder? Thanks again.