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  1. CabuX

    Future plans for Aircraft Carriers

    - I think WG must adjust tier 6-8 battle is more important here , just imagine , you play Fuso , Bayern , and you meet double tier 8 CV , that so scary - the ship AA tier ! , some ship have terrible AA , some ship have too strong AA , i think WG balance this thing first , like Yamato can't do nothing much if get punish by Midway , if you are worcester everything if fine , just active DFAA and look plane burn in sky . that is a problem here " OMG i like yamato then i play it but CV hit me so hard , what a balance ! " - how about Fighter consumable ? , CV can't cover other friend Ship with this consumable , ok let's talk , friendly BB get bombing by enemy midway , and you too far from him , what should you do ? no , you can't cover him with this consumable , if you already active fighter cover friendly flank ? easy , enemy CV just change attack target . How about let Fighter follow one of Friendly ship instead of fly circle at some point ? - CV rework not complete i think , is just like WG wanna testing CV rework at live server !
  2. CabuX

    Here we go ! 6 CV !

    Nagato : I'm fine !
  3. CabuX

    reduce amount cv in tier 8 to one

    Nagato has fun and engage right ?
  4. CabuX

    Here we go ! 6 CV !

    Tier 6 matchmaking versus 6 CV tier 8 ! alo of (EDITED) for this game xDxD Some how New Mexico still alive ?? WG PLS !! Inappropriate Use of Medical Terms, Post Edited, USed Sanctioned `lengxv6
  5. CabuX

    This game is failure !

    don't make me wrong , this game is unbalance ! you can see in the high skill player ( Ranking , Clan War , tournaments ,...) CV are banist , limit BB only 1 per team >> THAT WAS A BIG FAIL OF GAME BALANCE ! WG make some ship types huge advantage and make some ship like a trash ! WG can't balance this game , you can see in some situation , 1 Henri IV can kite , chase 3 tier 10 BB witout receving any serious damage , 1 Harugumo smoke and kill all BB with no problem , is that WG want ? what BB can deal with harugumo and other gun boat ? seriously ? and CV , i don't wanna talk too much with CV , but with CV i can counter some thing like that , if i'm a BB player , press F for my life ! CV like Air (EDITED) , i got spot every time , i get burn every day , concealament is a joke with a planes ! Balance this game and make every ship types playable ! one more time : bans CV and limit BB in CW make people feel WG can't do anything to balance this game xD ! Inappropriate use Medical Term, Post Edited, User already Sanctioned ~lengxv6
  6. you're lucky ! i open 10 box and get nothing !