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  1. Mykhal

    Aiming point shifts when zooming

    There have been quite a few u-tube vids about it
  2. Mykhal

    WG, update your cinematic.

    I always loved the fact that the shell you see in flight still has a shell casing attached...firing cap and all. Even if naval artillery of this calibur dont even USE shell casings....😋
  3. Nice to see that Wargambling has fixed a fundamental flaw with CV mechanics...... ....by introducing a magical russian CV line. At least you dont have to use that pre drop 'feature' anymore
  4. Mykhal

    CV Thought

    Might not detonate, but they dont have a captain at the helm 95% of the time either
  5. Mykhal

    Range gun

    As WG stated when the skill rework went through, they are going to wait for 'data' from the current settings before changing anything. Of course, you would have to be a complete masochist to take a Flint in it's current state, so exactly what information this 'data' will provide is questionable
  6. Mykhal

    Blursed German Carrier build

    I love the 300m of stealth firing with those secondaries....
  7. With the recent update, I am getting a screen prompting for the installation of the Game Center. All the text implies it is "optional" - I dont WANT any of the features it provides - but I cannot progress to WoWS without clicking on that install button.... Does anyone know of a work around?
  8. Mykhal

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.0

    Afaik the camo is not 'new' as such, but the camo that was a permanent feature is now removable and provides comparable bonus to other premium camo. If you have the ship the camo will already be mounted
  9. Mykhal

    To those who want #PaytoRico

    Ok, I'll bite.... Did you loose and how did the PR perform? 😁
  10. Mykhal

    Asia gets skrewed again

    I wonder if this is the reason for the resistance to any significant changes to the current MM system - doing so would invalidate the patent
  11. Mykhal

    WG Buff CV plz

    Raw averages wont exactly factor in ship roll though will it? How often will you see a CV or BB trying to push a cap zone early in the game and get sunk b4 they can do much dmg? By default, those that can/do hang at the back of the pack tend to survive longer and have the potential for more dmg/kills
  12. Ah, I see now. Did not know about the 'alt' key feature So left alone, the number shows progress to a full squadron and the Alt key shows the flight deck capacity and the timer countdown. Thanks for the help
  13. I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me what, in game, the number beside your rocket/torp/bomb squadron symbols actually represent? In most cases, I think it is supposed to represent an attack wave within the squadron but in some cases (such as Implacable torpedo bombers) it seems to represent individual planes. Anyone know which it is supposed to be?
  14. Mykhal

    The carrier controls's BU

    Keep in mind that the fine mouse control will only work in when used in the front 30 degrees (roughly) of the squadron. Move your mouse beyond that arc and control is lost Don't ask me why - but I am sure it is an intended feature