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  1. since i wont post anything until next month... i am going to send this message instead :


    1. about citadel, is that true citadel can be OVERPEN and count as normal overpen?

    i am shooting a broadside new orlean and charless martel from 8km with Fuso. 6 overpen and 8 overpen? i am sure its landing at the midsection of the ship and just no citadel


    2.  Turret of the ship hit count is citadel?

    1 shell just hitting kutuzov IN THE BOW near the turret, and bam "Citadel".... is that true?


    anyway, thanks for response :cap_like:

    [posting in here is not count as post in forum right?]

    1. icy_phoenix


      Yes you can overpen citadel.

      No the turrets are not part of the citadel themselves. The barbette and the magazines are part of the citadels. These are the situated in the hull under the turrets.


      Kutuzov doesn't have the strongest armor, so I'm not surprised that you scored a citadel hit through the bow of kutuzov.