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  1. Hosho; How to not get shut down?

    You have to lure enemy fighters on top of friendly ships. You just need to keep enemy planes away, not necessarily chase them to the end and kill your own planes while doing that. When you approach an enemy group, also notice his plane tiers, and whether he is willing to take the fight. If he is, pull back to nearest ship that can give you additional boost to AA. If he is pulling off, do not chase, deploy your planes to better places. You mostly use your fighters to scare away enemy attack squads, or, often sacrifice them by locking up enemy fighter so that you can get your strike packages through. As to which ship can support you with AA, basically anything bigger than a DD. I have recorded one Hosho game in the past (new Hosho). May be helpful since I'm also a CV newbie.
  2. US Cruiser build

    Did you notice the thread you just replied to were from October 2016?
  3. Take a look at the missions in PT client and read the announcement page for PT. They mention what reward you will get.
  4. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Yah, reminds me of Duke of York grind.
  5. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Thank god I haven't bought Indiana already.
  6. Captain Skill points, where to put?

    SI is no brainier, since you always need more heal and more radar. Then keep AFT into consideration since US cruisers excel in AA department. However AR and EM are very important.
  7. We have gotten 12 kills in div before as well :joy:
  8. American Cruisers : Update 0.7.5!

    Better train two captains. Heavy cruisers can do well with 10 points. Light cruisers need 14 for IFHE.
  9. Need a more advanced system against BOT

    And how did you come up with this idea? Even if you bot you're gonna get probably all of these to some extent. Even AFK players can and will get all three things you mentioned.
  10. You can get highest damage without getting high caliber, and you can get high caliber without getting highest damage. We have got 3 high calibers in 3 man division before. Clearly only one of them had "highest damage". High caliber requires you to damage 4 ships. There were games with huge damage where I didn't damage more than 3 ships. So no high caliber for that.
  11. How to play the fat IJN DD line?

    Just to let you know, some of the values are incorrect. You might want to fix those before future references. Mutsuki - 5.4 km Fubuki - 6.1 km Shimakaze - 5.9 km (before), 5.6 km (now)
  12. American Cruisers : Update 0.7.5!

    No, you will get the cleveland researched, but you have to research Dallas and Helena from Omaha.They will give you some captains but wont be skilled enough to even bother. T8 cleveland will need a minimum 14 points captain.
  13. What has happened?

    Probably one of the most random troll bait I ever came across in WoWS forum.
  14. How to play the fat IJN DD line?

    Yep, you are correct here. But it is true for every DD as well.
  15. @MissMeMiss, everyone above already told you how to play BBs. Why is Asashio an exception? She is not the only DD with DWT. I would be more worried about Fletcher torps.....