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  1. icy_phoenix


    Oh, Yeat another muh-realism post. And somehow OP knows what the actual power of Yamato was like. Nice dude.
  2. icy_phoenix

    DAMMIT! I was gonna get food this week...

    If I've gotten it, and if it was applied for JB, I would probably buy JB. Thank god I didn't.
  3. icy_phoenix

    Tirpitz sorrow

    Why though? Your full torp salvo will probably do 20k to her. That is nothing for Yamato. Yamato has the best torpedo protection in the game. and I doubt unless you can ambush, you can never reach a Yamato with a tirpitz in open waters. Tirpitz armor falls apart against high caliber AP.. Yamato is NOT "somewhat tanky" as you mention in your next post, Yamato is probably the second most tankiest ship in the game. Also, both of Tirpitz / Bismarck are prone to getting citadel hits by Yamato / Montana etc up very close range, If you try to trun to torp and show your read line, you are dead. Main reason why Tirpitz / Bismarck stats are pretty weak for many people is that, the abilities (torp, secondary, hydro) etc make many players overestimate their capabilities and true potential, and hence they get bad results.
  4. icy_phoenix

    Premium ship choice time again

    Atlanta isn't a universal trainer. Not even close. She needs a very specific captain skillset to make the games enjoyable. You need all three of CE, AFT, IFHE. Now do you have that captain? Without CE, you will be sptted first by DDs and leaves a long gap between your radar range and detection range. While it is sill possible to play, but gonna be hard. Even gunboat DDs can finish Atlanta staying 10 km+ Cause you will not hit them. Without AFT, I doubt you can get anyone in range to shoot at. Especially in SEA. Without IFHE, yah those 127mms arent going to deal any damage. You do have unlimited DFAA though, which is further augmented by having AFT as I said earlier as a required skill. Kidd is pretty easy DD to play, and you can go ham on other DDs knowing that you can heal up. But, do not forget, you can only heal up if you can live long enough 😉 And you are still a DD. Negative sides: Low torpedo potential, positive side, super strong AA when used with AA spec commander. Among the three choices in your first group, Id say go for Kidd. From 2nd group, Monaghan. You have freedom to utilize two types of gameplay from one ship as you decide for the match. Personally I found myself not having too guns is way too much of a downside. Basically plays like a slightly better Farragut. From 3rd, Anshan would be the obvious choice.
  5. icy_phoenix


    I only see a few 50% bonuses. How does that even make it "Best camo ever"? Small buff for everything isn't much of any use. (Well if you have nothing else, then ya, better than nothing I guess).
  6. icy_phoenix


    WoW, what did I just read !!!!
  7. He sort of did. He didn't write "I am make another account..."
  8. icy_phoenix

    After 2 Months, But RNG trolls you :(

    I'd say, I get 1 sc per two weeks, but hey, still the same shitty flags all the times.
  9. icy_phoenix

    Ships with all their guns in the front?

    Idk man. The layout doesn't even make any sense.
  10. icy_phoenix

    LUL WUT!?

    Even with 1. I regularly get 1k base exp coop matches when there is a CV and I'm the only human.
  11. icy_phoenix

    If I like Perth, would I like Haida?

    I used to primarily play dds once upon a time, just not very fun class anymore. Watch one or two gameplay videos and decide for yourself if you love the style. You have to be quite aggressive DD player, at the same time you need to know the difference between being aggressive and being overextended.
  12. icy_phoenix

    Unique Commanders - how do YOU use them?

    That's why I have all the free ones. So I can use them on different things. However I did not buy the last Ovenchicken that they were selling in prem shop. Too overpriced. I can grind a 15 points captain in 3 days if I want to... Never gonna pay for it.
  13. icy_phoenix

    US CL line prioritise IFHE over CE?

    However, if you aren't comfortable enough without CE, you can take CE, then try to make use of your AP. Fair warning tho, they are typical AP. Not the special ones UK CL or US CA lines get. So, shoot em to set on fire. Once you set fire, move on to another target, or switch to AP... .... ... etc etc.... I'm sure you know all these already.
  14. icy_phoenix

    US CL line prioritise IFHE over CE?

    Well, bottom line, by the time you reach Cleveland, make sure you have a captain that has both skills. For Dallas and Helena, you may get away without having CE. I would even say, go with IFHE first. Otherwise Dallas wont be able to penetrate any BB deck she meets. I was grinding Dallas on NA server the other day, 182 shell hits, 37 were penetrations (and I think those were on other DDs and CAs). I played Helena with IFHE on SEA. No CE. Even with stock ship (low range), I have 73k+ average damage. CE will help you to get in places or get out of sticky situations, but it wont matter if you cant deal any damage. Better work on your map skills, take a flank where people cant focus, or use terrain covers to get to your favorite locations. Do not rely on CE too much. It will hurt you at times 😛 And obviously, the situation is different from La Gale. That is the last ship on MN cruiser line that *needs* IFHE. Meanwhile, the whole US CL line must have it.
  15. WOW, Clubbing with Isoroku.... such ..............................