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  1. Advice request

    You can, using free exp (green exp). You have to unlock Colorado first (again, can be done using free exp if you have it), then instead of purchasing, go to North Carolina and unlock it (if you have enough free exp). I would suggest against it though. Colorado is a great learning experience, at least was for me.
  2. You need to get any possible edge you can. So, if you equip anti detonation signal, you can safely mount 3 more flags that increases your fire chance and flooding chance. Much needed in a highly competitive scene. Besides, now the rules of detonation changed. You cannot get detonated unless your are below 70% hp or something like that. I use them even in randoms on the ships that has low chances of taking incoming fire much.
  3. Upgrade Propulsion Modification 2

    Correct. However, the acceleration is not linear. While this mod reduces the total time from 0 to full, its most effective in below quarter speed and almost negligible in 4th quarter. I do not know the exact formula, since its not much of use, but you can always try in training room of PTS or before you buy the mod to a new ship in live.. etc.
  4. what to do with excess ship XP

    As other's said, you CAN convert it to free exp by spending doubloons, I will say, DO NOT do it. Just leave it there. Just a number with that ship.
  5. Video says exactly what I said. His teammates didn't do much. So he got the damage.
  6. how to kongo

    Kongo is, by far, the least accurate bb I played in wows. So yah, you better be closer than 15km.
  7. What Am i Doing Wrong ? IOWA IX

    It just means others did more than you. XP rewards are calculated from what type of damage you dealt too. You only dealt some damage to tx BBs with large health pool. Your position in rank is quite obvious.
  8. A Case for Inclusivity

    New players aren't problems. Low skill level isn't problem either. The real problems are the some ignorant fools we have among us.
  9. Daily challenge series

    I can confirm both chain 1 and 2 counts independently. You just need to finish 1 to start 2. That's all.
  10. Advice request

    It depends on game situation really. Look at point difference, look at enemy movement, look at cap control. Ask yourself this, will killing the enemy be good enough to secure the win? Do we already have more caps than enemy? Do enemy intend to retake caps? For example, in a 4 cap games, let's say your team control 2. Enemy control 1. Then you might ignore the last cap, but only when you look around and be assured that your team can maintain the advantage. Also, if you have to cross the entire map to reach a cap, may be there are chances that you can contribute more in the sector you are in. For example, if your flank is pushing, and you are the DD with them, do not leave the flank. It's almost impossible to push flank without a DD scouting ahead. Basically it comes down to your judgement calls, based on your experience, and your ability to think 5 minutes into the future of the game.. and adapt to ever changing situations. Just remember this though, if there are no CVs, you hold the most influence in the battle to turn the tide. Not bb, not CA, it's you in your tiny DD. Yes, indicator points the sector, not the ship. So it jumps when target ship moves to a new sector. Basically it gives you a general direction. The transition will be fast and look smoother if the target is far, transition will take longer and will be jumpy if the target is almost near your detection range. Use this info to plan ahead. Also you can use rpf to judge distance. Look around for enemy visible ships and their distace. Now look at rpf direction. You can easily set an upper bound on how far your target might actually be. Hope these helps.
  11. Asking abour Email Reward

    Did you try clicking that big button and then playing a battle?
  12. Those rewards everyone getting recently are for inactive accounts only.
  13. You need a special type of noob team to get that much alone. I broke 200k quite several times, but that absolutely pushing the limits, and by playeing op ships like Nurnburg.
  14. Basically this ^^ Well you will need those when you start to play ranked battles.
  15. Shootout. Aigle vs Blyskawica?

    At the risk of being accused of "server elitism", do not bother about NA / EU reviews unless you play there. Guess what, Fem also tweeted that she had no issues with Graf Zep, and you know what we got. The fact that we are comparing a t6 DD to a t7 already tells a lot about the t6. She is OP, if you know how to utilize her advantages, which is everything apart from handling and concealment. Just adding it again, in an ideal cqb, the only thing matters is the dpm and optionally torp skill. Even then, Aigle has hydro, right?