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  1. How to Richelieu?

    You are absolutely correct. You will need IFHE if you decide to go full secondary build. One more thing though. the french secondaries arent as durable as german ones. keep that in mind too. And yes, ofcourse the tactics you learnt will come handy.
  2. IIRC they weren't in game, only kitakami was. Tone was probably sold on CN server. I dug up an old thread on Tone. It's hard to fit Shinano in wows. A lot of armor plates were removed from her hull. So even though started out as Yamato sister, the displacement should be very low. Also Shinano had low hanger capacity, could barely fit in t8.
  3. How radar should work IMO

    I have one last question, do you play BB? And how many DDs have you deleted so far by BB AP dealing massive damage. [Edit] Let me clear up before I'm misunderstood, I'm not comparing stats, I just want to know how frequent is this incident for you as a BB player. I don't really get your logic. Help me understand please. You are ok with getting deleted by HE, but not fine for AP. At the end of the day, your ship is getting chunked, but apparently it's a problem if done by AP? I am lost at this logic. So basically it's not BB, you are just an AP hater. I guess WG introduced conqueror so that you no longer hate BBs? I'm just deducing things logically. Let my know my fault.
  4. The repair party was given them as they are way too squishy. But if you are deleted in 1/2 salvo, that doesn't matter. US CLs also get heals for T9 and T10s. Id say, even without repair party, US CLs are more survivable. UK CLs get smoke charges from T5+. That may make a difference in how they play for you. Many people prefer to use smoke charges than finding landmass to cover for themselves. You can try up to T6 on both sides and see which ones you like. Although, up to T5, UK CL line is really bad, while Phoenix and Omaha are kinda game breaking now.
  5. RDF - Have you ever regretted taking it?

    You can get a lot of information from pointer movement. If it moves very sharply, the target ship is quite close, if it moves smoothly, it means the ship is quite far away. To guess how far, you look at the rdf direction and any other spotted ships nearby, look at how far they are. From there you get a pretty good idea about the distance of target ship. Which torp range is most effective? Id pick a range that can cover an entire cap. Other than that, RPF torping is really about luck. Cause in cap, there is a reason for DDs to move predictably, or sitting still. But outside of cap they do not have such reasons and usually move freely. So torping is not of much use. Also becomes very handy for cyclone, you can always have an idea from which side the first enemy is going to pop up. Id say 9.2km - 12 km torps work best with RDF. The main advantage of having RDF is to never get surprised by anyone sneaking up on it. It is not there only to tell you where to look for enemy, you should already have a pretty good guess on that from your experience in battles. RDF gives you a lot more information and allows you to be creative. Some people will say its not needed cause they have idea about enemy location, some will say its cheating... but if you have information more than others during a battle in a legit way, why not go for it, right? It is a must if you play anti-DD style. Not needed if you are playing for long range damage dealer. But I believe damage dealing isn't my first priority as a DD.
  6. How radar should work IMO

    Playing aggressive doesn't mean exposing yourself to the entire enemy fleet. How you play it is what matters. You losing half of your HP in a DD before doing anything means you were playing poorly, not aggressively. When you take shells from a BB 12-15 km away, it IS your mistake. Do not blame that on being aggressive and whats not. There are certain times and situations to play aggressive. Rushing cap in front of everyone isn't one such moment. About 1/3rd of my battles are in DDs, and I think BB AP on DD right now is alright. Just look at 5 seconds from 8:00 to 8:05 in the following video, I intentionally turned into the shells from Montana that allowed me to only get overpenned, if I kept turning away, I would be dead and I would be blaming BB AP for that. From one torp spread I took his entire HP, and what did he do in retaliation? Nothing really. So, he was playing Aggressively too, what would you say for him now I wonder. Well, just as you always do. You want nerfs against anything that can harm your DDs. While I agree with the RADAR issues that they need to be changed, I cannot agree with the rest of the statements.
  7. If you are not very familiar with the light cruisers, I would suggest going with US CLs first. They will help you figuring out map locations to camp, has really good ifrepower and AA, and not as fragile as UK CLs.
  8. matchmaker

    Yes, there are a lot of problems with MM right now that needs to be tweaked. Wait before you get 2 T7 DDs against 2 T8 in enemy team without any reason at all when the T8s could be distributed. And it is well known that MM is most likely to have grouped up better players in one side than others. Let me give you an example of MM failure: As you can see, one side is all from purple clans, and the other side isn't. The enemy team were lost before the game even started and that's no fun. Reason why I showed the graphs in earlier post was not to compare with you, its because your original post appeared to be blaming others who have advised you on how to play. We provide hints based on our own skill levels and experience we have. Sometimes they will work, sometimes they backfire. But those aren't the reasons for losing a battle, otherwise we would be losing as well, which we aren't.
  9. RDF - Have you ever regretted taking it?

    And no, you cannot reverse plot ship using rdf. That's just too wide of a scope to call plotting, that's as good as guessing.
  10. RDF - Have you ever regretted taking it?

    I don't regret taking RDF. Infact I feel naked without it. In our clan battle builds, even cruisers use rdf. 2 rdf ships can ponpoint (triangulate) a sector pretty accurately. For dds, rdf torping is a thing. Killed (and got killed) so many times from rdf guided torps. Here's a good example of how RDF can come handy, just check the first minute or two
  11. How radar should work IMO

    Don't forget there is A DD with 50mm plating. And a few others with heal. I can already see how "always overpen" is a bad idea. When you take bb shots in a DD, it mostly means you have made some mistake. Hence should be punished. Also hitting a DD isn't easy and it means bb player has good sense of target prioritization, and good aim, hence should be rewarded. And Mark my words, when playerbase is done whining about BB AP, they will start whining about BB HA. With AP, at least most of the shells will always over pen, especially if you go full broadside. I have seen what BB HE can do to DDs, I'd rather take my chances with AP. Playerbase won't stop until "BBs can no longer target lock on DDs" is implemented. He only plays coop.
  12. Question about RN dds

    You smoke Everytime you need to brawl a DD.
  13. Quit while you're ahead?

    I do that every day...
  14. Colorado : Not a bad ship eh.

    And she got hp buffed. No longer 50100 like when we grinded.
  15. matchmaker

    Well, it's not our fault. We were just trying to help. These are my last 60 battles this week.