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  1. Jack_Sparrow_95

    Hizen Starter bundles

    Yesterday I completed a stage by mission and the packs was still available. You can still buy them until your fourth stage is completed.
  2. Jack_Sparrow_95

    Hizen Starter bundles

    I think you can get just on pack. Because they said the starter pack can only be obtained until the first 4 staged is completed. I saw them yesterday in the dockyard tab. Maybe I missed the maximum of completed stages to get the pack, you can double check the information above in dockyard tab.
  3. Jack_Sparrow_95

    My journey in WOW and recommended Grinding sequence

    I agree, my journey was IJN BB, US BB, CA, DD, CV.
  4. Jack_Sparrow_95

    Regarding Santa Crates

    Which means if I request a refund, any goods received from santa crate (prem day, doubloons, flags, camo, ships,...) will be removed and money will be transfer back to my credit card. Am I right?
  5. Jack_Sparrow_95

    Any tips for Midway?

    My skills: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=10,12,15,16,24,25,29&ship=AirCarrier Upgrades: 1: Air group mod 1 2: Aircraft engine mod 1 3: Aerial torpedo bomber mod 1 4: Bomber mod 2 5: Flight control mod 1 6: Air group mod 2 I found Midway is a jack of all trade carrier, below are my experiment: I often leave Halland/Smaland alone. Unless your teammates have brain and willing to shoot at them, focus them by any means is just a waste of time and planes. Just guess. They have ridiculous CE. If u accidentally run into them, press S and turn around quickly. You can drop a FT if you are tagged, then run into your FT zone and let your FT deal with theirs. - Never strike a group of ships or your entire squad will be destroyed, just spot them/drop FT for your teammates. - Midway best targets are lone ships, bowtanking ships, island hugging ships. Torp bomber works best against BB, with 2 good drop in a full squad you can take 1/2 of their full HP bonus some floods. - A tip for dive bomber: try to aim for the rear part of enemy BBs for full damage, because: 1/ This part is most likely full health while other parts are damaged/saturated. 2/ Rear part have no superstructure, less turret so your bomb will hit the hull and cause full damage. 3/ Most BB have thicc butt so it's easy for your bomb to hit.
  6. Already acquired mission for UU will be available until the end of 2020, so hurry up captains! To me, I have Wor, Des, HIV, Midway and Shima UU missions left, maybe I will give up on Wor and Shima.
  7. Jack_Sparrow_95


    Me somewhat feel sad reading this. Good luck and fair seas bro.
  8. Jack_Sparrow_95

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.10

    A minor sound bug. When I use fighter/spotting aircraft and during it's activation duration, if I press Z to follow up my shells/torps and then Z to switch back to ship, I always hear a sound like a bomb is being dropped. I checked many times and confirm that there was no ally/enemy dive bomber around me.
  9. Jack_Sparrow_95

    Which T10 should I go for next? [DONE... for now]

    Isn't it? or it's Venezia? If it's Venezia., go for Petro first. Vene is still very strong in random (my favourite ship) but in CW, ranked, Petro is more consistent.
  10. Jack_Sparrow_95

    Which T10 should I go for next? [DONE... for now]

    You can choose between Petro and Halland, both are competitive at this moment. If you are DD main then Halland, otherwise pick Petro. Des is always a strong ship and have a great impact if you can master the art of island hugging/baiting shot with her legend module.
  11. Jack_Sparrow_95

    Service cost of Tier 10

    Grab 1 year of warship premium at 50% discount - 12k doubloons. WG will offer this around December. With warship premium, all of your economic issue will be gone (XP, FE, credits). I got one at Dec 2018 and my warship premium will available till this Dec You should consider other's advice (like Drakon, Hochunhao,...), the higher tier/the bigger the ship, the more expensive they are.
  12. Jack_Sparrow_95

    Choosing the ships that are right for you

    About me, I am good at gunnery but still struggle with positioning. That's why I mostly play BigBoobs, dpm CAs, super cruisers. Not yet mastered the art of island hugging
  13. Jack_Sparrow_95

    What to buy with my Coal

    I agree with Drakon that Pommern sucks. On paper she may sounds decently good but in actual battle she sucks. The other tow are going to be removed soon so you can only get 1 between them. With snowflake event in Chirstmas, a T10 ship will bring you 1 santa's gift container while a T9 ship will bring you 75 steels. More information for you.
  14. And luckily not any nerfs on Smaland also? Think positive dude! From my knowledge, there has been no major buff/nerf on high tier pre/spec ships since they were released (except plating neft on Smolensk due to how broken she was), beside gameplay changes like CV rework, IFHE rework (which you can't assume as a nerf or buff on any ships). All T9/10 pre/spec ships are still doing solid on their own (even some ships considered as OP), nothing is fall short behind. ...realize that you missed the chance to get her. Why I didn't try to get her while I still can? Why..?" The feeling when you regret for not doing sth is the worst feeling.
  15. Just grab Smaland because she will be removed soon. Maybe at this moment, you found it boring/doesn't fit your playstyle (despite the fact that many players found it OP) but years later, you may regret not buying her. My rule of grinding FE/coal ships: get the one that has been released sooner/or likely to be removed soon. You can use coupon but i'd rather save it for steel ships.