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  1. Gadjah mada. I wonder that ship really have indonesian accents or just english. It will be nice to have indonesian accent voice in the game :v (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  2. I hate it when some debt collector in movie collecting money from powerless people and milking money from them with extra payment, its called riba/usury in english.
  3. Indeed it's hurt's, Indeed it's does "a lot".  ̄へ ̄
  4. Same here. It's says about cool cat isoroku as a captain and we use mikasa to get that cat.
  5. Just want to know. Why color of ships without camo in different nation its also different? Is this the color of the steel in their country or it was stock camo from their country or it was WG work to make each nation look unique different? ( japanese vessel Looks darker, american vessel looks brigh blue, soviet vessel looks dark blue "or red? Or purple?" , and UK looks like american, also german looks like japan i think)
  6. Hey. I report someone in ranked battle because killing teamates, camping (he's gnesiau. Why camp?) and just loop in circle when playing, then he said to enemy team to kill their teammates. And its not approved by WG. Then he's reporting me back then its approved. Because im insulting him as noob. What should i do about this? Just let it happen? Have any sugestion?
  7. Nice 1
  8. Nice n clear