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  1. But you get more challenge by being bottom tier....
  2. Then I love my nerfed T7 Kiev, can I have her again qwq
  3. TX Minotaur(800k dpm lul) Moskva(balans convertible bottom tier BB and absurd arc) Gearing(good boat, great firepower, good torp) Recently I've playing TX alot over t7
  4. Have you tried to aim harder
  5. Fairuh

    Hall of Fame 2017-Q2!

    Stahp demeaning me, I just happen to play lot of matches
  6. Fairuh

    Hall of Fame 2017-Q2!

    Muh glory
  7. Fairuh

    Hall of Fame 2017-Q2!

    Mino 2922 base exp
  8. Fairuh

    Mogamin or Baltimoar ?

    Baltimore skill floor is lower than Mogami I think that might suits you better
  9. Fairuh

    Hall of Fame 2017-Q2!

    Radar Chapayev 2724 base exp
  10. Can we have detailed information showing each tier current server population and people in ports? I'd like to stop gaming session when the server likely cannot provide 12v12 anymore
  11. Finally got this thing after six thousand two hundred and twenty five matches

  12. Fairuh

    Hall of Fame 2017-Q2!

    Consumable does not make her another new ship
  13. CV revamp haven't yet come