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  1. First of all, this not regarding the current update. I'm a DD main who enjoys the play style of the element of surprise and stealthy gameplay of the class. I’m being ok with constant cv spotting and screwing the precision gameplay. Cause if you are half decent DD player with a brain you can mostly avoid those things and play the objective somewhat better. My main problem is while you are doing that, when you are spotted by a CV for a short amount of time and if the enemy team takes potshots at DDs. They are pretty much screwed by HE spams. Most of the times even with the preventive maintenance and all the necessary modules, half of your DPM is permanently gone (especially European DD line) due to the torpedo tubes or main battery breakage (I don’t care about AA. No point talking about it because it’s a joke). So, DDs have a 1/4 or 1/3 of an HP pool compared to other classes and some DDs even don’t have a smokescreen to hide and you are taking this much of a DMP nerf with one Volley by some backline HE spammer. What is the point of playing DDs? I don’t know whether it is my RNG or other players are affected by this. Why WG does not address these issues?
  2. Randika_2015

    Main Battery Accuracy

    Lately, I have experienced an issue regarding shell accuracy. Because when I shoot shells are going like crazy (like enemy ships repelling them like magnets). I do believe it's based on RNG and my rng sucks consistently. Even some times full board siding ships won't contact with any of shells and it is highly frustrating to play like this. I have seen many streamers and YouTube videos with better games but they occasionally get shell dispersion like mine. I don't know what happened with my RNG. Does anyone know why is it happening to me and any solution for that? I have attached a few SS here (1.Stalingard 2. Henry IV) when I send those replays to the WG they say it is normal. But it is not normal cause after that I gave my friend to play and he was frustrated too that he can not hit most of the shots (he is a way better player than me).