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  1. Admiralthomas


    Why there are so many [content removed] working for Wargaming ? Being trash design trash ships . Go and play IJN tier 5 cv against USN cv . Go and discover what the shit you have done . Better ask the staffs to resign instead of wasting money . Repetitive and excessive rule violations. User permanently suspended. ~amade
  2. Admiralthomas

    Tashkent is trash.

    Senior Moderator Amade , when I wrote a complaint , you can't get it fixed . When I wrote vulgarity , you sanctioned me from the forum . " Mango" you and the game developer. PS : "Mango" =[content removed] . Escalated sanctions for Repetitive and Excessive Rule Violations. ~dead_man_walking
  3. Admiralthomas

    Tashkent is trash.

    To the "mango" developer who design this ship , this Tashkent is trash . Can't inflict much damages without the torpedoes . Can't use the HP recovery without steath . What is the purpose of this ship ? Too big for DD , too small for cruiser . "Mango" , " Mango" , " Mango " . PS : "Mango" = vulgarity .
  4. Admiralthomas

    A further nail in the coffin for BB's

    WT mango ! idiot game design . No wonder losing players and combining countries . Mango the game. mango the admin who sanction me . Mango the game developer.
  5. Admiralthomas

    % fire chance

    Don't try to understand it , don't try to clarify it . Just play the game and accept the result . WOWS don't give a [content removed] . Profanity. Post edited, user already sanctioned. ~amade
  6. Admiralthomas

    Meaning of IJN DD

    [content removed] the DD . Get a battleship . You can snack while your guns reload . Profanity. Post edited, user already sanctioned. ~amade
  7. Admiralthomas

    War Gaming for god sake. Remove the constant +2MM

    Rant , rant , rant . [content removed] Same problem , same shit . WOWS no [content removed] . Repetitive and excessive rule violations. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  8. Admiralthomas

    Reporting lag issues

    Lag ! Lag ! Lag ! Shit , shit , shit . [content removed] . What is happening ? Profanity. Post edited, user already sanctioned. ~amade
  9. Admiralthomas

    Seriously Remove the Pink

  10. Admiralthomas

    What's the point of Karma

    kill and report .
  11. Admiralthomas

    DDs spotting!

  12. Admiralthomas

    German DD.

    ​Don't worry about our toxic conversation . We have been like this for a long time . I am use to it . Tomorrow I might ask about Mr drakon's mother and maybe he will concern my mental health . Just friendly conversation between two opponents .
  13. Admiralthomas

    German DD.

    ​Thank you for your refreshing information . So honorable of you to teach me when I am your opponent . I will use your teaching in the game .
  14. Admiralthomas

    German DD.

    Been watching some youtube players using German DD . Tier 9 to be exact . He uses HE round from start to finish . I thought German AP round is more deadly but why he is not using it ? He is shooting from smoke, therefore enough distance for his AP to penetrate . I am thinking of get German DD since they have been buffed .
  15. I trolled a group of tier 10 battleships last week in the game . I asked them to park their BB behind our cv stating the planes will scout for them . 5 bb parked behind our cv until some experienced player scolded them for being idiots. Just imagine so many rookie tier 10 players with no idea what they are doing in the game . I could not believe they will do that without thinking the consequences .