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  1. epojokke

    The Atlanta is OP

    That cannot be denied. I should have died many times over.
  2. epojokke

    The Atlanta is OP

    Well maybe not really, but if you have lady luck on your side, you can get away with just about anything. Just look at how I bullied the BB around the 12 min mark. He ran and hid behind an island.
  3. epojokke

    Salty players

    Am I the only one who loves when other players get salty in chat? Granted, I have seen much saltier than this, but it still doesn't happen to me very often. The salty parts begin around 6m50s, if you don't want to watch the complete replay. https://youtu.be/bY5S3OvOD_4
  4. I am up to tier VII in the American cruiser line, but I still keep this thing around because it is so good.
  5. epojokke

    The value of teamwork

    This game is so much easier when people work together.
  6. I like mine up close and personal.
  7. It sounds nearly impossible, but trust me it really happened. Just watch the video.
  8. Probably my best game in the Benson, but couldn't record it. Congratulations to everyone on both teams for a game well played.
  9. This is a story about heroism and sacrifice, but sadly also useless teammates.
  10. I bought the Atlanta, and I love it.
  11. epojokke

    I love the Texas

    When I play carrier, I never attack a Texas unless it is the last ship left.
  12. epojokke

    I love the Texas

    The Texas is a wonderful ship. I would recommend it to everyone.
  13. epojokke

    Low tier Japanese destroyers have good guns

    I hit just fine with my IJN destroyers, but that being said, I never get into a gun fight unless I can avoid it or it is a low health target. I just feel like too many people have gotten it into their heads that you should NEVER EVER use your guns. I almost scream at replays with people like that.