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  1. Flandre_The_Loli

    I know we aren't meant to name and shame but...

    They will always find a way...
  2. Flandre_The_Loli

    Best T8 premium DD?

    I own Kidd, Loyang, Orkan, and Harekaze, so I'll speak on those. Harekaze first (So you know what you're missing): Kagerou hull, torpedoes, and performance with access to different weapons systems and a flat grey(!) premium camouflage. She has access to six of Akizuki's 100mm guns, three of Midway's 127mm secondary guns, and the basic set of IJN 127mm guns seen on Kagerou. The best option is the 100mm guns, with their increased pen, fast reload, fast traverse, and dual-purpose AA to have at least a small chance of dissuading enemy CVs. She has the option to trade out her smokescreen for a torpedo reload booster, which is actually quite nice to dump 16 torpedoes in the water. Not the best option, unless you really like the Kagerou playstyle or want an IJN DD trainer. Kidd: A Fletcher with one less set of torpedo tubes, in exchange for existence at T8 and slightly boosted anti-aircraft performance. Her lack of a second torpedo set and abysmal performance on the set she does have (9.2km range, 55 knots, and 2 minutes reload stock) make her five 127mm guns the main way you deal damage with her. To compensate, Kidd has access to a heal, smoke, and speed boost in separate slots. Kidd can also replace her speed boost with DFAA if you're more concerned about the CVs pestering you than you are managing concealment. A decent enough destroyer, and very pretty since she is a Fletcher. Loyang: A Pan-Asian version of Benson, with standard torpedo armaments and only four 127mm guns. Able to swap her speed boost for DFAA or Hydroacoustic Search, she can be versatile to fight off enemy DDs and screen for your team. Typical of the American DDs, her torpedoes are usable but not reliable, no matter which module you select for them. Loyang is alright, but it is just a Benson in the Pan-Asian tree, and not good for training any captains unless you intend to play through the Pan-Asian line. Orkan: Polish version of the Lightning-class DD in the Royal Navy's line, but with only one set of torpedoes that are standard fare for the European line (76 knots with 12km range, moderate striking power). Her guns are only 120mm and have a slower reload than the others listed above, but the turrets can traverse a full 360 degrees and lend her to being a very wiggly gunboat. However, her mediocre speed of 35 knots means that most DDs that get within her 5.9km spotting radius will have only slight issues keeping her spotted and remaining undetected. She does, however, get tools to combat this mediocrity: Speed boost, heal, and 7.5km radar all help her in her role as a decisive gunboat, playable similarly to the Soviet DD line (or the rest of the European line, but I never cared to play them much after their initial introduction). If you like to be aggressive, guns firing, slip away and heal, then come back to hammer the enemy more, Orkan is a good enough DD for that work. As an overall recommendation from this list, Kidd and Loyang are the most workable DDs. They have the options of a smokescreen to disengage from fighting ships without radar, can lay torpedo-minefields, and are able to discourage CVs from staying too long on them (Kidd can even repair some of the BS damage that a CV can do). Harekaze is... just a better DD Akizuki in its best setup, with the ability to launch the two torpedo salvos freely that Akizuki uses her TRB for. Orkan is a nice and aggressive DD, but there's nothing to be done if a CV is continuing to spot and harass you for his team.
  3. Flandre_The_Loli

    Cheshire is sooooooooooooo cute

    Ah yes, the lovely little HMS Cheshire. She's one of my favourite T8 premium cruisers, alongside Ochakov and my first premium Atago. Treat her well, she is a delicate flower.
  4. Flandre_The_Loli

    Preview for My Next Shippost

    Udaloi... I hate Udalois...
  5. Flandre_The_Loli

    The bots are revolting!

    That's how they do it! Next time, make sure an ally takes a big hit for you so they look at him instead of you. The bots are very efficient with killing individual ships since they have some sense of coordination and team-shoot often.
  6. Flandre_The_Loli

    Just Saw the Lunar NY Ships...

  7. Flandre_The_Loli

    Just Saw the Lunar NY Ships...

    Nope, they are going to be locked to use Pan-Asian commanders. In addition to being copy-pastes of other nation's ships. Pretty sure the Wujing is just a pretty, Asian-themed Jean Bart. Which is highly disappointing. I see enough JBs as is.
  8. Flandre_The_Loli


    Is it really necessary for Cherry Blossom to be improved in order to receive additional T8 ops? While it wouldn't be anything new or interesting, it would be appreciated to have an operation akin to Narai or even Killer Whale with T8 ships. The only issue I could see with doing a simple up-tiering of those operations to T8 would be that T8 ships have good longevity, but that could be compensated for by adding in additional mission objectives to extend the battle.
  9. Flandre_The_Loli


    Need Tier 8 Operations. Some historical-lite ones would also be nice.
  10. Flandre_The_Loli

    Best Work/Shitpost Yet

    Very good stuff. Makes me feel I need to get off my butt and start making videos...
  11. Flandre_The_Loli

    rader ships

    Just shoot harder at the Radar cruisers. They can't radar once the crew has abandoned ship
  12. Flandre_The_Loli

    The Cost of Flags

  13. Flandre_The_Loli

    My First Commentary Video- Tashkent

    Hey I saw you earlier in my Yuugumo! I owe you a better game than that one, so hopefully we see each other again in battle!
  14. Flandre_The_Loli

    The Cost of Flags

    You're right. It should have gone to the Smolensk
  15. Flandre_The_Loli

    Yamato or Petro for Randoms

    Okay, I will stick with Riga. I do like her design and ability to get up and go, but I suppose I've been spoiled by playing supercruisers and being able to bounce battleship shells on my sides. I was actually thinking of skipping playing Amagi to play Izumo. Amagi is just so... mediocre. Sure she works well as a ship, but there's nothing that stands out with her. She's even shorter ranged than Nagato was! I enjoyed playing Nagato for her range.