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  1. ne0n1010

    everything is unreadable after patch 0.6.10

    No fix as yet.. Just use hyphens between letters..I-t m-a-y m-a-k-e i-t l-o-o-k l-i-k-e t-h-i-s but it works!
  2. ne0n1010

    Chat filter overzealous after patch

    Tried to raise this in the channel in game.. But all I saw was **************
  3. Not a premium member so... still not sure.. even if i did use a flag that's still 2k exp...
  4. Strange I had a 4k game (using exp flag) and it still hasn't ticked off the achievement of 1800+ points. It's been completed for the past few days and STILL has not updated. Any suggestions?
  5. ne0n1010

    Project R mission glitch

    I just got 4k exp and it's not ticking off the 1600 / 1800 xp rewards.. That's all I need for this week which is annoying.
  6. ne0n1010

    Joined Project R - Not getting pearls.

    Thanks Dead man. That fixed it! I actually raised a ticket for this and the response I got from support team was along the lines of "are you sure you are playing the right game" .... Which was rather infuriating.
  7. So I've clicked joined the project several times on the wargaming page and on the client. Completed missions and sunk numerous ships yet when I look at my progress it says 0 pearls gained. Any ideas?