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  1. PunishedKAsual

    WOWS official virtual streamer is here,share your thoughts!

    The name of the Vtuber is so META it beggars belief sure it's a parody right?
  2. 3. You posted half-a-post and left forumites hanging on cliffhangers
  3. PunishedKAsual

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    It's a shame to learn of these breaches. Sad! Very very sad!
  4. PunishedKAsual

    A Simple Guide to Texture Modding

    OOPS im sorry i have been busy recently and only cameback on patch day. The pennant number is first drawn in Illustrator as an vector object and then ported to Photoshop and placed onto the a.dds file. The exact locations are aligned in Photoshop with some trial and error, as in, creating multiple version of the DDS texture file each with the pennant at slightly different size and location on the ship(say 1-2 pixels apart or even 0.3 pixels) and see which version renders the best in game If you dont have Illustrator or Photoshop there are inkscape and GIMP as free alternatives. I hope this answer your question. feel free to raise any further questions 🙂
  5. PunishedKAsual

    How to make a ship skin MOD?

    >Expert That's very flattering my fellow modder. >1. What application are used to make a mod? >2. What is the extension of the final product? The answers to your first two questions, as with some demonstration and explainations, can be found in this little tutorial I wrote a while ago. To keep it short here, you will need the unpacker(from WG) and an image editor like GIMP/ Photoshopwith DDS plugin / Paint.NET should be enough for shipskin texture file edits in most cases Ship SKIN files has the extension ".dds" Feel free to ask me should you have any question regarding modding after reading the manual. 3. How to submit the skin for WG approval to make it download able from mod station? I honestly cannot say for sure about the ModStation, but I can tell you that you can share your mods to appropriate sections of the WoWs official forums' User Created mod sections. Where a Wargaming's modding manager will verify and approve your content for other players. 4. Is it possible to donate the skin to WG to make it a perma camo? I will give it for free, no royalty requested. For I am a fan, not intent to make money from WG. I am not inclined to think that WG, as a corporation, would find it appropriate or viable to include any user submitted donation content for various reasons, even if you are giving them out for free. For me creating a mod is to give to the community and the players. However, there are occasionally shipskin/camouflage design contests like the pass Leningrad/Blyskaviska in which you can compete and win chances to have your creation included offically in the game.
  6. PunishedKAsual

    Influx of Necromancy

    I will keep that in mind, sure. see you in a few months 🙂
  7. PunishedKAsual

    Detonation should be removed as it doesn't add any value

    but if detonation is removed how do I get detonation flags
  8. PunishedKAsual

    Mikoyan should be T4 if Kirov is T5

    You're welcome
  9. PunishedKAsual

    Server overload

    Literally cant play RIP
  10. PunishedKAsual

    Does no one concern about the brand new Shikishima ?

    What if I tell you Shikishima(in development) has literally less Alpha and DPM than Yamato even at 27 reload? "I wonder how those fagile battleships can hardly survive under the strikes of Shikishima. " well its simple. They will just eat 1 out of 6 in each salvo which will most likely overpen.
  11. PunishedKAsual

    China bans online gaming

    Isn't playing in global servers(as opposed to the approved-insider special editions) banned anyway and that those who do already use VPN to circumvent the supposed bans? I doubt if much is going to change
  12. PunishedKAsual

    Twitch 十萬訂閱:獲取您的超級貨櫃!

  13. what What do you mean I don't DESERVE two Tier X for 1 grind because I falsely assumed it's something I could take advantage out of a line split! As I already own the Moskva it's clearly logical that I am automatically entitled to a tech-tree ship despite effectively getting 2 "resources ships" from this change.
  14. PunishedKAsual


    ... and overpen'd with only 1940 damage, didn't they