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  1. It felt like a mistake and it still feels like so
  2. Did someone unironically took the bait?
  3. >betraying Shoukaku Wow. Stop right there
  4. Free xp to Roon
  5. ü
  6. This might be "off topic" but did the devs forgot to release results of the recent map design contest? It has been an entire month since ,and there were no announcements of the result.
  7. >Getting ram by a ship 3 times as huge and still didn't sunk. In WoWs universe that boat would simply have exploded.
  8. >收藏品界面会取消吗? 不會,介面會依然存在 >如果收藏品还未收藏齐全的,后续有什么活动之类可以补齐的吗? 未有先例
  9. 遊戲內的聊天室是電腦自動發動的。玩家只要滿足系統設定,被回報一定次數(確實是怎樣就不得而知了),就會被系統自動禁言一段時間。 自動系統大抵無法分辨誰是誰非,或是哪個玩家先撩事鬥非。只能通過系統回報和預設的判定程序處理。更何況閣下的字眼也有一定的侮辱性,系統連同你一起處罰也不足為奇。 還是盡量避免避免捲入不必要的爭執吧。
  10. Here's what happened: Enemy Harekaze was firing from max range while sailing away as you were sailing towards her. In the current version of WoWs, a ship's maxinum detection radius is determined by their firing range. If you fire at a target that's slower than you while sailing away, your detection range "boom" would lie just outside the target. Couple that with the fact that Harekaze is faster than your Battltship means that it's possible to "stealth fire" at you. In your video, notice how a good number of her shots fell short to your ship. The fact that her shells struggled to reach you is a good indication that you're merely outside her firing range
  11. He wasn't in your radar range then.
  12. 閣下是使用 windows 鍵 + PrtSc 截圖? 這樣截圖偶爾會因為遊戲軟件和windows 系統之間的相容問題而變成黑色一塊。 不過其實按下PrtSc 時,戰艦世界軟件會自動把遊戲畫面儲存成 .jpg 檔,存放在遊戲軟件位置中的【screenshot】資料夾。閣下可以去查看一下能否找回錯過了那些時刻。 裡面會是一堆自動生成的截圖圖檔
  13. It's pretty good.