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  1. Narai coming back woohoo

    DW friends, Narai will now be buffed so hard it is going to be unplayable- I mean very challenging for the players like the rest of the scenarios now.
  2. 閣下網絡連線不穩定。 我就從來沒有斷開過連接。
  3. 關於近乎真實情況要求

    你誤會了。 歸根究底,這遊戲就是個「駕駛艦艇模型、發射『海軍武器』」的TPS遊戲。和真實海戰幾乎風馬牛不相及的。
  4. Des Moines with spotter plane

    That's right DM players Listen to /ourguy/ Yuro and bring spotter Des Moines to randoms HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEHHEH
  5. I see you have made an insightful suggestion regarding radar consumable, Товарищ. Now let me just cue the ensuing standard response to save WG and everyone's time 1. Engine limitations 2. Maybe too confusing for players 3. Radar is totally fine, Товарищ, the meta is ever changing and you simply have to adapt to the current radar meta 4. Number of Radar has minimal impact on battle outcome. Trust me on this one, we have data model proving this))) 5. Changing radar may upset customers (((((( 6. Radar is a necessary counter to the most OP class in wows, nerfingradar effectiveness will discourage the most persecuted class from sailing into range!!!
  6. Just don't play DD It's the only winning move.
  7. the entire BB class would be outrageously OP if players can fire both the main and secondary armaments
  8. call your Internet service provider Connection to WoWs server has been stable for me and has rarely failed in 2 occasions.
  9. None of the above are going to create more revenue for WG, so they are not going to happen.
  10. 對了 我就覺得WG應該要去搞個鼓勵隊員之間互相傷害的機制 大家說對不對.webm
  11. Did Minotaur get buffed?

    Well if a BB exposed its broadside to a mino it would melt fairly quickly- consider broadside salvo in a Mino on a BB is like 5k+ damage, and the guns reload in 3 seconds
  12. I can only see in that picture another reason to buff BB torp defense systems!!
  13. "That's how BB's meant to be palyed! If you go aggressive DD can dev strike you", says a BB main
  14. Botes is too addicting

    Please don't try to abuse us ;^) Last thing we want is getting sanctioned by the FDA