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  1. Submarines Are Coming

    Excellent news! I hope this time they get the correct models built!
  2. NO NO NO SH1T

    Merchant raider scenario WHEN????
  3. Server down or me only?

    Huh i can log into port looks like itäs a bad idea to play tonight seeing this Sad!
  4. What's wrong with this clan?

    Don't call someone a bot simply because you're not satisfied with their performance dude. Maybe they are just those who play for fun, heh.
  5. Topic Redacted

    Radar is very balance Товарищ, you see comrade, according to WG's internal stats the number of radar in game has no correlation with game outcome. Every one has radar? Just play more passively heh Obviously DDs are meant to suffer. If you can't deal with literal legal wall hack in the game that maybe you are just a terrible player. Besides, DDs is so OP in this game its only reasonable that with every patch there are tools DD players has to deal with while having the LEAST rewards for risking for objectives. XAXAAXAXAXAXAXAXA let me just slap this radar and this hydro on this new ship so u can never hit anyone just gitgud LMAOOOOOOOOO Now that i'm finish with my standard response to blatant DD game balanse problems, where is my Vodka, Sergei????
  6. WG可不管驅逐艦玩家的死活 君不見亞服歐服美服外部討論區數十個投訴雷達的帖子, 只會說什麼「驅逐艦玩家要適應新的雷達meta」「反雷達機制在遊戲引擎裏實現不了」「Nerf 雷達會引起不滿」之類的說話。 擁抱消極玩法,乖乖地玩十公里外丟雷、拿偵察獎章的遊戲吧。
  7. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this profile pic looks really familiar I wonder who's behind this post
  8. I've done it.

  9. You sure do feel a lot of things unique to yourself
  10. I thought of the same before Hindenburg was arguably UP. Now tho giving her 8km torps would make her too good
  11. Voice Chat Problems

    Wows in game chat is a bit wonky tbqh. My suggestion would be simply set up a Discord Server for your clan.
  12. Scapa Flow Port

    If they ever add Scapa Flow as a port, I hope the port will have sinking German Ships at the background. On top of that, it would be even better if your own ships sinks in the port as well.
  13. 翻譯錯了。正確是 「增加口徑低於或等於139毫米的主砲、副砲的射程」