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    Ha Noi, Viet Nam
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    I love Kantai Collection but I didn't like the gameplay of it. Then I found this lovely game.
    Personally I used to like Japanese destroyers because of the 'Ninja' playing style. But now i am a cruiser main and my favorate cruisers are Minotaur (full-time radar), Khabarovsk and soon I hope Hindenburg
    I also love Anime and of course some H3ntai.

    I also play Minecraft and Team Fortress 2.

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  1. I know the collaboration with Steven Seagal is already over So am I allowed to use Steven Seagal imagery in my funtage video contest entry?
  2. TrungPurpVN

    Missouri's revenge

    THanks Well the thumbnail is intended to be a clickbait, but I do think I could have made a more related thumbnail
  3. TrungPurpVN

    Missouri's revenge

    I just made this video out of a total 12 hours of recording and editing Please give me your impressions. I have never dedicated such effort for a WoWs video before =)
  4. TrungPurpVN

    UKBB Frenzy!!!! - Bellerophon Submission thread

    IGN: TrungPurpVN
  5. TrungPurpVN

    UKBB Frenzy!!!! - Orion Submission thread

    I didn't even remember the amount of damage require for the Orion so I pushed the sealclub a bit too far :v
  6. TrungPurpVN

    Contest Suggestions

    More Division missions please! I have all my friends ready, but I didn't notice the contest :v (Please lower the requirements a bit)
  7. Make him regret being a super tester XD
  8. TrungPurpVN

    Happy Birthday WG

    Happy Birthday WG!!! Tell RNG-sama to love me more XD
  9. TrungPurpVN

    Beat those Torpedoes

    Your topic is edited. If you don't want to be disqualified, delete it and post a new one
  10. It took me about 3 hours looking for materials to make this video. Please enjoy and blame RNG everytime you get detonated
  11. Yay 300 doubloons mine yeah!!!!

    1. RisaFujiyama



  12. TrungPurpVN

    [CONTEST] A Shipping New Year! (31st Dec 15 - 17th Jan 16)

    Heheh here is my entrance... My parrents were busy so I had plenty if time to polish my marvelous work! One of my best art creation in such a long long time! I hope I get at least 300 doubloons. Need more slots
  13. TrungPurpVN

    [CONTEST] A Shipping New Year! (31st Dec 15 - 17th Jan 16)

    Well dead_man_walking told me that you can just delete the pic from the old post and post a new one.
  14. I want ARP Kongou and ARP Myouko, too sad I only have Hoshou as my only CV..... T.T