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  1. Dora70

    Hall of Fame 2017 Q3!

    Gremyashchy - 1804 EXP
  2. Dora70

    Hall of Fame 2017 Q3!

    Des Moines - 2647 EXP
  3. Dora70

    Mission Abuse by Some Clan

    hey fella, here is the file reply. I had upload it at google drive. sory for late. busy with real life. [Content Removed] Naming and shaming, Post Edited, User warned. ~Fridaynight_FEVER
  4. Dora70

    Mission Abuse by Some Clan

    Lol i did state it clearly what had they do in the battle. They even chat state that help them to complete the hunt of bismark.
  5. Dora70

    Mission Abuse by Some Clan

    maybe some punishable act will be give them a lesson
  6. I can tell which people have the salty manner! I can make it in ranking !
  7. Dora70

    What's wrong to Montana?

    What i want is buff the menuverbility ! the current armor deck citadel all is quite good now.
  8. Hey, fella! Last day, my friends play some games in SEA server and so unlucky that he found this clan which click together using German ships on each side. what happen is the clan member on my side which are dd going to the enemy that have their clan member also using german ships meets at the edge of the map to complete the spot german ships for this event. Then this situation making our team loosing because our dd didnt cap the point. I can give you the reply file if you want it. What I suppose to do??