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  1. quyprocm

    Critical Error

    If try all way but not working, reinstall windows 10 , that the final way i could tell you :v, Just try another way to fix it.
  2. quyprocm

    Critical Error

    I have used it before and got no problem, or maybe old mod running on new version game, backup your mod folder version and delete it, if still not working, i have no idea :v
  3. quyprocm

    Critical Error

    Some mod that may cause your game crash, use aslain or WoWS mod pack.
  4. quyprocm

    Critical Error

    Hmm probably this ?
  5. quyprocm

    Critical Error

    Try to update graphic driver to latest version and make sure your PC running good with minimum System Requirements. You can show me your spec. that more easy way to find out.
  6. quyprocm

    Critical Error

    Sound like your PC spec or graphic driver have problem.
  7. quyprocm

    Critical Error

    Did you try this action before ?
  8. Yaaaaaaar me Hearties. I'm going to plunder your treasure
  9. The game still running when I exit, not only me, my friends have same problem too. This problem I have saw at the PT 8.9.0 before.
  10. quyprocm

    [TIPS] 5 stars in Sunray in the Darkness PvE

    Nice tips mate, I will save it.
  11. quyprocm

    Completing all Anniversary Missions...

    Nope - the reward for finish all mission of Directives is a random T6 ship :))
  12. quyprocm

    3 CV's per side. What are you thinking WOWS???

    Well, it mostly happen with CV T4 ~ T6 , they have to waiting for long time to get match.
  13. I didn't get TST server account for a month, no hope for testing.