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  1. quyprocm

    ST Recruitment Nov 2019 Questions Thread

    it late, but i hope they will regist more ST soon.
  2. Yaaaaaaar me Hearties. I'm going to plunder your treasure
  3. quyprocm

    ST Recruitment Nov 2019 Questions Thread

    Willl WG need more ST at this time? It been a long time with no recruiting ST.
  4. The game still running when I exit, not only me, my friends have same problem too. This problem I have saw at the PT 8.9.0 before.
  5. quyprocm

    [TIPS] 5 stars in Sunray in the Darkness PvE

    Nice tips mate, I will save it.
  6. quyprocm

    Completing all Anniversary Missions...

    Nope - the reward for finish all mission of Directives is a random T6 ship :))
  7. quyprocm

    3 CV's per side. What are you thinking WOWS???

    Well, it mostly happen with CV T4 ~ T6 , they have to waiting for long time to get match.
  8. I didn't get TST server account for a month, no hope for testing.
  9. quyprocm


    Why it so long for the account of TST, I have waiting for a weak and still not get the account.
  10. quyprocm

    Who wants to Das Boot in upcoming TST server?

    Sure with you that cost me a lot of Memory size :))) I shouldn't delete the TST 😞 i thought it was over for update something.
  11. quyprocm

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.8

    It is no collection of Anniversary Event, I love the new Visual Enhancements and Audio Enhancement, Rank battle to get more coal but i like steal :)))
  12. quyprocm

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    Will Supertest Recruitment continue at this time, I really want to apply.
  13. quyprocm

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    Not CHEAP at all 🙂