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  1. quyprocm

    Need Noob Tips

    As my opinion i start with IJN BB line because i think it easy to play with long range fired and high speed good armor and big gun :)) .
  2. quyprocm

    CV‘s dilemma IMO(the reason why DD disappear)

    I won't take my DD in game at this time :)), planes every where.....
  3. quyprocm

    ST, British CVs

    i wan't to become a ST ah............ :))
  4. quyprocm

    Have some problems but cant undertand "_"

    I undertand that now thanks you very much
  5. I have a problem with new Premium ship Jean Bart, it like this i take the secondary survive 100% but when in the game Gk shot me and when i check H button it seem like my secondary is hurt, you can check in Picture, and the captain when i pick the "Basic Firing Training" and "Advanced Firing Training" about 10% down reload on main gun nothing happening and the Firing Range too but except the AA it still on working i really don't know why? 20181115_205222_PFSB518-Jean-Bart_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay
  6. quyprocm

    WoWS Update 0.7.10

    I have a problem after the Update 0.7.10 and i just running the repair, hope it will work. Does any one have this like me ?