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  1. LE FANTASQUE is a T8 ships, but in the picture on main page WoWS is T6 lol (≧∇≦*)
  2. quyprocm

    Test Ships and Free codes with Major

    You're doing well, keep going with it mate 👌.
  3. quyprocm

    Supertest FAQ

    Still waiting for apply 😁
  4. quyprocm

    [GUIDE] Some ez mod you can do for yourself

    Very useful with me, thanks a lot .
  5. quyprocm

    Update 0.8.5 Bug Report Thread

    I saw profile other player and they same with my Clan, but they in other =_=! . Actually it happen on Path Clan Tag.
  6. Same problem with him
  7. quyprocm

    Graf Spee range buff

    If this game is similar to the real mechanism, it will cause a lot of imbalance. Think about that.
  8. quyprocm

    ST, battleship Ohio

    A Monta with 457mm gun :v
  9. quyprocm

    Wargaming What Is This?

    Sound awesome
  10. quyprocm

    Wargaming What Is This?

    :((( i really want to join this but so look like so far with me =_=.
  11. quyprocm

    Can someone explain this

    You are drink too much 🍺 ye know :)))
  12. quyprocm

    Remove Newport from Scenario Rotation

    With my opinion this OP so HARD , Tier 7 much more SUITALBE
  13. quyprocm

    Rewarded for WoWS ?

    Ok but i get on level 4 and still get nothing on web list :v poor me =_=
  14. quyprocm

    Rewarded for WoWS ?

    I get this from World of Warships but i wonder which server will i get the reward because after i play on level 3 in WoWSB i did not get anything :v