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  1. HMAS_Currimundi

    Exeter's Last Stand Part 3 #Stage3

    Problem between keyboard and chair, pkc
  2. HMAS_Currimundi

    Why do some people enter battles without camos?

    Sometimes just battle on not realising that stack of camo has run out, In a choice between stuff up or conspiracy choose stuff up every time...
  3. HMAS_Currimundi

    ALASKA can be bought by Cash on Russian Server

    I remember when the German BB line was introduced, there were matches with 12 KM BBs on each side. I expect one the old stagers might have a screenshot of that sort of team line up.
  4. HMAS_Currimundi

    In game survey not working !

    Last survey worked for me, so rng...
  5. In ranked, the flavour for dds seemed to be fletcher, kitikaze. I took yugumo out and was roundly criticised for doing so.
  6. HMAS_Currimundi

    I've sold my Carriers.... Anyone else?

    I've sold all my cv s except starting tier. Going to wait until settle down, maybe a couple of patches, before re grinding. For cv players i think the gameplay is more immediate rather than the previous sit back style. For others we are still in a mode of adapting to new regime, as bb player i knew that if i dodged a torp run safe for next say 4 minutes, now dodging is continuous. So the issues come down to balance, cv players who adapted to new style still have overwhelming advantage over those that don't. Positive i am seeing is more cooperation being forced on teams, Negative There is still balance issues, which seems to be main theme above I believe that a return to one cv per team per match, say t7 plus would be an improvement and maximum cv per team two. Big positive for me, sale of cv s freed enough fxp to be able to buy Alaska day one. Which is why WG delayed release, didn't want everyone to trade ib cvs for Alaska.
  7. HMAS_Currimundi

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    I enjoy Pretzl, I find she is effective against cruisers and secondaries give dds a scare, the key i find is manoeuvre, always be shifting rudder. Worst tactic is sit behind island and poke forward batteries out ...
  8. HMAS_Currimundi

    Weekend win rate

    Good concept chicony, It shouldn't be hard for the devs to add that sort of stat to personal figures. I wonder if they would be interested in doing that, however there would be inherent bias in favour of BBs as damage caused seems to drive XP award.
  9. HMAS_Currimundi

    A Case for Pearl Harbour

    Another possibility could be the Indian Ocean Raid, number of ship and shore targets or the loss of the Prince of Wales and Repulse to japanese air attack. However a generic for op for practicing new CV skills would be an attack convey scenario, sending wave after wave of aircraft against a mix of dd, cl, ca ,bb and merchantmen would achieve the objective.
  10. HMAS_Currimundi

    Ships with all their guns in the front?

    Nelson is the only ship I have with the main battery forward configuration, my experiences are that she is one of the better and more fun to play. I think key thing is not to play as if you have a standard ab,xy or ab,x turret configuration. Ie take advantage of and vive la difference...
  11. HMAS_Currimundi

    My first Kraken Unleashed :)

    Congrats, My first was with IJN dd, low tier with lots o bbs who were unfamiliar with WASD. I remember there was a good advice video from cap and fishy on this topicm
  12. HMAS_Currimundi

    Whats your favourite camouflage?

    Winter for Duke of York, Scharnhorst, Edinburgh, tho don't have Scharn yet, Just think it looks good
  13. HMAS_Currimundi

    My proposed IJN CL line

    I think the concept is good, although given I demounted the 8" on my Mogami and restored the 6" I am probably biased.
  14. HMAS_Currimundi


    Given the nature of the ladder t8 will tend to be more often up tiered then down. Two approaches are available level up to t10 as quickly as possible thereby sailing the uber ships or adjust your flag, upgrade , consumables choices to give you the best chance of making a contribution. I've mostly stopped grinding at t8 because remainder of line is paper. My favourite upgrade is rudder shift because i know i am going to receive a lot of targeting. And above it all, remember just a game, if not enjoying it, drop to t8 or even better take dog for a walk
  15. HMAS_Currimundi

    Server Unavailable?

    Tks for reply, taking dog for walk