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  1. HMAS_Currimundi

    Rental Perth for Australia Day

    I think this was a good initiative, considering the low player base in Oz they could have ignored it completely. Of course I purchased Perth day she became available. Would like to see other Oz ships, say QE class Battlecruiser Australia or possibly WW2 heavy cruisers,
  2. HMAS_Currimundi

    One reason why I prefer to stay in Asia is....

    I have decided, belatedly, to move across to NA. In the grand scheme of things a change that matters less than one iota. The primary drivers of my decision are: 1. A more, reportedly, active gameplay style, ie less sitting behind islands 2. Being able to understand the chat, although when I see 'DD ************* *******' I do tend assume that the English translation is 'DD, what a fine and most excellent player thou art, the universe is in awe at thy skillz' . OF course I could be wrong about that. Someone once said that hell is other people, MMOs tend to reinforce that concept.
  3. I think for me it was two Bismarcks hiding behind an island for an entire match. Went from regular player to very occasional.
  4. I understand the original posters concerns. However, given the technological superiority of allied vessels during WW2, nothing else would be played. Very boring. I remember when Cleveland was first introduced, its gun specs muzzle velocity etc were accurately modeled as per historical performance. It melted everything in its path. I accept the need for balance and entertainment but still struggle with a ship model having a radar dish turning away but no radar consumable . There are a multitude of games out there, play those you enjoy: ie vote with your feet
  5. HMAS_Currimundi

    Soliloquy of a DD Captain

    Sometimes, rarely, it goes well. I was in Kagero, had a cruiser following 6k behind, spotted enemy BB, he sets on fire, I drop torps, dead BB. Rinse and repeat down that flank to cap. No chat required, just a couple of players in sync. Compliments at match end. The 90% of absolutely appalling play, the AFK, the obvious farmers is sometimes balanced by good matches. I have spent approx two three weeks away, If you are not enjoying the game take a break and see if the interest rekindled.
  6. HMAS_Currimundi

    Price discrimination of Friesland

    The car post may provide a clue, vehicles much more expensive in Aus due to state and federal tax, difference in Friesland may be due in part to different tax treatment in different jurisdictions. Not everything is a conspiracy (carefully readjusts tin foil hat)
  7. HMAS_Currimundi

    Can't handle the grind

    One more daily mission to go, finish in sight, portcullis comes down, bereft...
  8. HMAS_Currimundi


    Today I had a ranked 1 clan player in a Nelson move immediately to the rear boundary and stay there for the entire match. I believe he was upset at his T7 being in a T9 match, meanwhile in my T7 Sims I'm trying to hold the flank he abandoned. Being a jerk is not restricted to new or inexperienced players.
  9. HMAS_Currimundi

    Worst. Newport. Ever.

    I feel your pain, On one occasion the Kuma from the first four opfor cruisers made it to the base, things went downhill quickly from there. And none seem to care about saving poor old Romeo, still this to shall pass,
  10. HMAS_Currimundi

    My lucky charm

    So you were on the other team for my last 16 matches, called balance I believe , Congrats,
  11. HMAS_Currimundi

    No need to introduce NTC if WG need more active human players

    I agree with the concept of more improved PvE, randoms are a swamp
  12. HMAS_Currimundi

    Benham grind is beyond stupid

    And the Savage battle mode is not enjoyable, at least for me, so I suspect I will pass. Shame given the reward is a real as opposed to paper ship.
  13. HMAS_Currimundi

    Noob modding question

    With the smoke of battle clearing Over graves in waves defiled, Farewell Thunderchild (aka Thunderer)
  14. HMAS_Currimundi

    So discouraging to play Ranking...

    This is a game, don't enjoy ranked, don't play ranked. As far as rental ships giving people who haven't ground ( past tense of grind) to T10 an opportunity to participate this is probably not a bad thing. In theory after a couple of matches they would pass as well. Regardless of what WG do in ranked there will always be complaints, I remember the T6 season, similar compliant. Napoleon once made the observation that it was amazing the things a soldier would do to earn piece of ribbon and shiny tin. The same observation applies to those who grind for pixels.
  15. HMAS_Currimundi

    On The Topic of Rebalancing Premium Ships

    A premium ship should be better than its nominal teir otherwise premium term is meaningless. The question is how much higher should a premium be, generally premiums appear to be one teir lower than equivalent tech tree vessels, eg Musashi vs Yamoto, or Belfast vs Edinburgh. In my view if a person spends cash or time to earn those premiums they have earned a tactical advantage. A ship is only truly overpowered if there is no defensive counter to it in game. Even Belfast, I don't know how often I've earned citadels by firing at Belfast smoke, has its vulnerabilities. Kamikaze R just get close, keep changing course and keep it spotted. An OP ship is a challenge and an opportunity to create new tactcs to defeat it. For the record, two purchased premiums, Perth (aussie), Prinz EF(for steel missions), Out of supercontainers, coal, mission chains, Befast, Nelson, Scharnhorst, etcetc (