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  1. Clement34

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    most of the japanese commander i have are ARP, all for free. It's like 300$ worth of ships and commanders, right?
  2. Clement34


    i still have iona for i-401, cant wait to put her on the sub.
  3. Clement34

    The “Victory” Event. Who’s Got Vladivostok?

    is this ship going to last in armory until end of next month?
  4. Clement34

    April Combat Missions

    Time to replenish my elite commander exp
  5. Clement34

    March Combat Missions: British Power

    I'm very sure the fourth stage is not doable for most of the players, consider getting an achievement isn't easy at all.
  6. Clement34

    Make Your Stand – Earn Exeter FREE!

    Anything but that 7 achievements and 100k fire damge.
  7. Well, BB's are laughing louder than ever, thanks WG (*Says a 3 T10 BB player*)
  8. Clement34

    Frequent Disconnections

    Started getting this issue yesterday but things get worse until the point that i can't play anymore today after the patch. I thought it might be my driver issue but the result indicates that the game client is the problem.
  9. Clement34

    ARP Ships

    (Edited) Non-Constructive, Post Edited, User Warned ~lengxv6
  10. Clement34

    ARP Ships

    i saw them under the portrait folder now, the ? portrait doesn't really have to be Takao, but one is sure.....Kirishima Teddy Bear form. And i'm very excited about the upcoming student council members.
  11. Clement34

    Unfair advantage in the Strait map

    use the concealment camo, i always use it on BBs, just in case of maps of mustard seeds.
  12. not really funny when you got screwed by fire caused by a Soviet DD in a BB, that's the stupidest way of death i can ever imagine.
  13. Clement34

    ARP Kongo Mission 2 (Help needed)

    i finished this quest with Fuso, the enemy CV usually point their planes on me aggressively that i have to dodge all the torps but the outcome of plane kills is awesome.
  14. Clement34

    Game hacks

    Not quite like hack tho, i killed a cleveland from 20 km away with a single ap round hit from fuso at the 1st minute of the game.