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    I always watch anime. Especially Arpeggio of Blue steel which inspired me to play WoWs.
  1. Thanks for all the advice, I'll adapt as best as I can Is it just me or I have WoT syndrome
  2. I have a problem here and that problem is my stat have a 42.50% victory on most battle and on them Iam mostly alive and have kills but still my teammates wont do any good and just troll around like dora (Island hopping). And that could pose a problem and put up a difficulty if you want to join a specific clan based on stats.
  3. The_Ace_MaN

    I need friends

    Not here in the Philippines, if you have neighbors or friends here you can just add them up if they play too. Add me my IGN is The_Ace_Man Iam new to WoWs but i can dive with you so if you need any time just ask me. Btw I only have Tier IV as my highest (USS Wyoming)
  4. The_Ace_MaN

    Philippines WoWs Community

    IGN:The_Ace_MaN Loc: San Pablo City Laguna
  5. The_Ace_MaN

    [PH] WOW's computer shop

    Cybercraft, they have WoW's there and they have pretty good pc's about the 2013-16 standard, I know they have many branch but i can only tell that we have one here in San Pablo city Laguna.
  6. The_Ace_MaN

    Torpedo hit rate 4%

    For me its average % if i set them out in volley, but still the trick to have a high hit rate is to calculate the distance and time and firing it in advance. That will guarantee you a hit.
  7. The_Ace_MaN

    Rise "Philippine Guardians of the Sea" !

    Thanks for the reply and consideration, Mabuhay!
  8. The_Ace_MaN

    Rise "Philippine Guardians of the Sea" !

    Im interested to join the team but I only have tier IV as my highest class ship which is USS wyoming the other ships, well are 3 below.
  9. The_Ace_MaN


    thanks for the greetings also Im only in Tier IV so no need to sunk me.
  10. The_Ace_MaN


    Hello, my name is Ace and Iam the new guy around here. Nice meeting you all!!. Btw I also play WoWs,WoT