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  1. Statubro

    WoWS Update 0.7.10

    login issue is worse for me and the download check thingy did nothing to help me still cant play
  2. well I wish I could even log into game to be frozen, mu login just keeps spinning and they cant fix it, so I guess my time here is ending
  3. Statubro

    Idea about CV rework and AA balance

    as a full time cv player spending so much time to get to level ten cv, I hope the changes are not to complicated , sounds like now ill have to work hard to play planes, hope changes don't kill cv play out of game
  4. Statubro

    Hmas higher tier

    Ok we have HMAS Vampire and Perth, it would be real nice if you excellent game developers could add HMAS , Australia and Canberra both from Australia,s world war 2 fleet. Thanks for considering this.
  5. me too, I'm happy with all the extra game play afforded by the changes , its a very exciting time in wows
  6. sold a lot of battleships to buy aircraft carriers
  7. Statubro

    Help me name my drone

  8. Statubro

    Old players are leaving the game.

    im 55, i thought i would leave because i couldnt see the game so well, so i brought a new computer with a clean screen , i,ll proberly stay another 5 years now
  9. Statubro

    High tier captains are absolutely shit

    i just climb into my grumman bombers and kill from above, its so cool
  10. Statubro

    Ships worth keeping

    i fully agree the Leander is a dynamic gutsy hard hitting tub of glory
  11. Statubro


    I am just happy to be alive and have the freedom and patience to wait happily, enjoying seeing my new USS Ranger moored peacefully in my port raising flags prior to battle.
  12. Statubro


    i am happy to being buy flag bundles every few days, as long as they are varied of all types and not all the same , i should be able to, thats why im hapopy to be a premium member, so i can get more special stuff, come on wowship sell me more please.
  13. Statubro

    any aussies playing?

    just came back, been else where for some time , Southern Cross, between Perth and Kalgoorlie , out western Australia
  14. last works before I sunk, "WHERE THE HELL DO THOSE TORPEDOS KEEP COMING FROM ???????????????????????????????????????????"