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  1. Looks like I am not sending enough political dissident to gulag, I will send more brb.
  2. Sucks? Dude, Stalingrad shells is guided by the Stalin himself from the depth of the hell itself!
  3. Man, I cant believe you guys arguing over some pixel bote that never existed. Papa Stalin is proud of you guys wanting the glorious ruski bote!
  4. Update 0.6.10 Feedback

    Pros: + The navy's here! (RN BBs line ofc, more ships to BBQ) + Clearer number on how many people target you also + More in-game premium ships + Detonation explosion is better Cons: - "Detected" indicator are broken, pretty sure its a bug. Will write that later on. - New detection algorithm is confusing, give us back the old detection algorithm. Example below. I also had a game where the plane is 2km from me and ships 4km and it shows "Plane Detected" its quite severe. Suggestion: - Since the new hydro icon is different than old hydro icon, can we get old hydro icon as radar icon? Make hydro/radar different. Will update from time to time.
  5. ASIA Q&A, round 2

    Hey Sub, thanks for another Q&A! 1. Is there any new game mode in works? Is Bastion will be back? I remembered there are coop mode which got 7 vs 14, are they canceled? Because I forgot. Looks like I am late to party, didnt knew about the Technical Test. 2. Can we just got 1 vs 1 CV game? Because T5 CV could meet T6 CV, and T6s could use alt-action. Its worrying. 3. Will there be more ships that can be obtain with Free EXP? I really liked the idea, I hope we can get it for lower and mid tier. Maybe? 4. Good job on the new campaign, I hope we can get Pacific-based campaign next? Or Mediterranean?
  6. ASIA Q&A, round 1

    Hello, Sub. I have a few question for you sir. UI 1. Can we get a real-time aircraft destroyed beside the ships destroyed score tab? 2. Can the UI team put how many exactly the Fighter/Torpedo Bomber/Dive Bomber beside the "Hangar Capacity" tab in port? Not knowing them makes me wondering about my battle decision. Ships balancing 1. Is any plan to remove Saipan's immunity in dogfighting? And I dont want hear the "Hangar size is small" as excuse because it packing a Tier9 planes as its weapon. Give us a really solid answer or remove Saipan's immunity. 2. Regrading of this. Can Ibuki gets Zao's shells? Other Tier 9's cruiser got the Tier 10's shells as an upgrade, of course it comes with either the nerfed turret speed, RoF or number of guns. Even in official wiki says Ibuki "Basically a more pudgy tier 9 Mogami" and "Shell speed is slightly slower than predecessor despite both ships carrying the same gun". Make the Ibuki bit more comfortable to play. 3. Any plans to remove "Hull C" for Mogami and Myoko? Having to grind more exps than "Hull B" just for a slight AA improvement is kinda pointless. Or perhaps reduce the exps required? Thanks for visiting us Sub!
  7. I thought Trump on team fire because they just finished bombing. Hmm..
  8. Disgusting WG Asia... utter disgusting. How do you even offset 5000 wins, 2000 ship destroyed and 6 freaking million base exps within a few hours...
  9. Only one time offer!

    I wish I got that offer.
  10. Haifuri is coming

    Playground bit, I was referring to "having animu those ships" not the game in total. They never are, since there will be always "that guy started world war 3".
  11. Haifuri is coming

    >We like our small playground >Suddenly one rude-[bleep] walks to our playground saying it sucks and wanna pick a fight >Says us not maturated for having different taste in playground design >The playground is not for him to enjoy at the first place >Continues to shit-talks our playground