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  1. MrPlow

    Ranked 1 vs 1 - my Atago is OP

    Also the vast majority have ranked out already so the remainder are not really a good indication of the playerbase.
  2. MrPlow

    Sound patch... it’s ruined it

    Took haku out today and omg the engine boost noise is so dumb. Just childish and arcadey.
  3. MrPlow

    Sound tearing issue

    I also had this, had a moment where the volume was super loud and sound went distorted, thought my speakers were about to blow... only in WOWs did that happen. Not cool.
  4. MrPlow

    6 inches of pain.

    Nice find
  5. Radar is the counter to z52. Used to love mine now it's useless due to radar spam. But don't worry WG will soon be buffing all radar ships to fix this... Oh wait.
  6. MrPlow

    How to Fix CVs and AA in 0.8

    Nice post OP. You've clearly put more thought into this in a few days than wargaming did in 6+ months.
  7. So i don't actually own Ranger anymore, but have Indi, Lex, Essex etc. I've played through it and unlocked all the modules in the past... Just not in port. So do I still get the FXP for her? Or should i quickly re-buy it which will have them already unlocked? What will happen to aircraft carriers of uneven tiers? All accumulated XP will be transferred to an aircraft carrier one tier lower. All XP spent on unlocking modules is compensated for by an equal amount of Free XP, as well as the full cost in credits if the module was available on the account.
  8. MrPlow

    technical problem

    That's desync. I used to have it bad, packet loss not high ping causes it. But I also had it when my cpu got too hot in my old rig. Use a cable rather than wifi etc and see if you can fix it.
  9. MrPlow


    with the amount of bots WG wont do anything about, it doesnt really matter anymore to be honest.
  10. MrPlow

    Banzai bonsai to 4th year

    Well the forum lists battles next to your name under each post... so I guess that's the figure used. And I can see my randoms are under 11K, but forum says a hair over 11K so hopefully i get another 5X each flag! Edit - Aaaaand just after writing this the in game gave me 10 of each so guess it does not count others. (not that im complaining thats still awesome)
  11. MrPlow

    Banzai bonsai to 4th year

    15 tier X so this could be fun...
  12. MrPlow

    100% WG Made up

    Doesn't bother me in the slightest
  13. MrPlow

    WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    I tried a few games early before work and 3 in a row were dominated by bots... very obvious by all no camo, no flags, all to the edge etc.. On both teams mind you. only 2-3 humans per side each game. This is ridiculous. Ill be voting with my wallet and not renewing premium for a while until its fixed. Happily play a few night games still and i have enough $$$ not to worry about it but no way im giving WG any further funds for this poor experience. Suggest others do the same. (i know they say they're doing things about it but im yet to see any results so they can try harder IMO)
  14. MrPlow

    what happens after 75 loyalty

    Agree with this. The whole concept does not really make any sense and is a pretty badly thought out event. One team is massively outnumbered by the other, i have no incentive at all to care about the daily points as an eagle. And its geared to swap teams for some reason... ill take the free camo and quickly forget it ever happened.