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  1. MissMeMiss

    What happening with everything ?

    Ok, cuz Idk what to do anymore. When in launcher try to install WoWs, it's just try to connect to server, but then just off and nothing happening (no download or installing progress). So can you a little bit more detail what must I providing before I'm reporting, so I don't need to back&forth with the support team ?
  2. MissMeMiss

    What happening with everything ?

    First my update freeze at some point. My download speed is 1mbps, 1 gb update won't pass 1 hours downloading. But I leave for 6 hours and update not yet finished. Then I tried to stop it, but the launcher won't comply to any order. Forcing closing it down with task manager. Re-Launch the launcher, the launcher think WoWs already update, which is not. Then I try to launch WoWs, again, launcher won't comply to any order. So I make drastic move, uninstall WoWs. Then when try to re-install the game, again, launcher won't comply to any order. I click Install ... nothing happen. Then I make another drastic move, uninstall the launcher ... now no element in my PC from Wargaming. Re-download the launcher from the site, install it. After that, I want to re-install WoWs ... on Install page in the launcher, I click INSTALL ... again, launcher won't comply to any order. [content removed] it ... the fate tell me and force me not to reinstall the game ... then okay. Goodbye WoWs ! ... it's not me, it's your shit goddamn buggy af. Profanity. Post edited. ~Beaufighter
  3. I'm curious what people gonna do when they got mental breakdown over a game, especially this game. I've done somepoints from the polls. Depends on my mood. Some won't be repeated in the future because I'm 'man up' and suck the pain.
  4. For me, personally ... if your battle's counts more than me (currently 3,561 battles), I expect you to play better than me. Don't care bout badge or WR or any stat. People come & go, so shooting skill or WR might decreasing. But those battles counts, you won't forget it just like that. > That time when your BBfoolishly comes to enemy DD trap, got torpedoed and sink instantly while still on full HP. > That time when you're not using main gun when on DD vs DD, and try to sink them with torpedo and missed. > That time when you're so close to get dreadnought achievement, but your CA stuck by and Island, exposed your broadside to a critical enemy BB. > and more so ... shitty situation ... That I've expect from a players. It's impossible to create teamwork in Random Battle. But when your battle counts so high and your teammate also have high counts, when you perform, you can guess each other where you wanna go. And sometime, you only have to type in chat "Left" ... and the other player already knew what you mean and follow the strategy without asking more. Sometime it's succeed sometime we sank. Because we both understand our ships aren't immortal but we understood each others. We both end by chat "GG". Sadly, I forgot those people names and add them as friends. There's many, but not much.
  5. MissMeMiss

    bElfAsT iS FaiR ANd BaLAnCEd

    I don't treat this game very seriously. Like when playing fighting games or soccer games like Pro Evolution Soccer. When you get bored or losing, you're not uninstall the game, right ? Just go quit and do something else. Go back, play a match, if it fun, go on, if not, exit and play something else. Only uninstall if you seen zero value to play this game anymore. Why I care to reply ? ... because if you're quiting, mean we're lost another good player. Because shitty player won't care at all to discussing the game in the forum. And good player always try to brag his skillz in the forum.
  6. MissMeMiss

    bElfAsT iS FaiR ANd BaLAnCEd

    When WG start selling premium jet, tank and ship with it's own special stat ... it is turn to pay2win. Stay on making unique skin with on personal stat gain, like +XP% +Credit. When they make extra stats for thicker armor, burning or penetration success rate and quicker item reload ... good bye fair & balance. It won't stop, games already reach the peak at 2017, imo, now the user trends is on falling. WG need all the money they can get. Moar & MOAR new premium ships on da wey.
  7. MissMeMiss

    ASIA Server Went KO...Again?

    Yay, smell like free premium account for tomorrow.
  8. MissMeMiss

    This is cruel reward

    After playing 7 hours, before exit the game and goes to sleep, I'm opening containers and get 1 premium account day. You are very cruel, WG. Suggest reward premium account day in a form as special card or something, that you need to manually activating it.
  9. MissMeMiss

    Free XP savage battle scam

    Where it say for Free XP ? ... maybe what you meant is the Commander Reserve XP, that you can use to retrain captain skill, instead paying with doubloon. When you play a captain with maxed 19 skills, their XP direct to commander reserve xp pool to be use for retraining currency.
  10. MissMeMiss

    Can't handle the grind

    Personally, savage battle is fun, I've got all the 3 Stars ships. Sadly, when using 3 stars ship, the maintenance average is 150k~170k. You'll get like -50k ~100k per match, depends on your performance. For veterans (+7,5k battle record) who don't care about credits anymore, you should play Savage battle. Sadly for me, with only 3,5k battle record, credits is really important for me, since my 18 ships are on tier 7 & 8 and need some upgrade modules or buy next tier ship.
  11. MissMeMiss

    MM is Balenz

    If you play between UTC+7 3AM ~ 11AM (Adjust it with your time zone), only about 800~3000 players online. Once I login with only 700 players online, I've got T6-T10 match. Of course the T6 wipe out in a second. Avoid playing when players number are super low, else you'll see and getting nonsense matchmaking. Because once again, WG priority fast MM than balancing. For WG, waiting MM for 1 minutes or 2, already a great sin for them. For me, I don't mind, even unbalance. I prefer quick match with sh*tty balance, than sitting 5 minutes waiting for an ideal MM.
  12. MissMeMiss

    I'm Quitting guys due to depression and anger

    Been there, done that, back again, here I am. If you're tired of this game, just don't login everyday. No one force you to play this game. I've been a week leaving WoWs. Playing Yakuza Kiwami, Total War Three Kingdom and Earth Defense Force 5. Might login for a day or two, until another mental breakdown then stay away for some days. Yes, too many issue with MM, balancing and KM tree lines. But for things like T8 vs T10, WG has applied XP buff for under tier ship. You often play like a champ against T8 vs T8, but the rewards is mediocre. Idk the exact multiplier, it just example ... When you're T8 vs T8 or below. Let say you got 80.000 damage cause, you get like 150k credits. But when you're get the same 80.000 pts but versus T10 with T8 ship, it might get you +250k credits. It's also affect XP gain. It's a win-win situation, else T10 players won't get any match at all. That's why now I love playing against T10 with my T8 ship. I don't need work too hard and get easy credits. Spam torps or HE, get 100k damage, cling-cling blink-blink. Don't care of win & lose.
  13. MissMeMiss


    The Flag is useless. Without the flag, it's still rarely happening. Maybe in a match, Detonation might happen to 1 or 2 or even 3 ships got it. But let's be fair, it's rarely happen to individual. Count how many times you get this in a week. But when it's happening, especially when your HP still above 75%, it's like rotten your heart to the core.
  14. MissMeMiss


    case closed.