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  1. Arson award unreachable now??

    I skip/avoid/do-later almost all of Heroic & Honorable achievement quest. It's need some luck and a lot of trial & error to achieve them. But the closest thing you can achieve of that skill is just shot HE to any random ship, then after they burn 1 or 2 burning status, I switch to other target and repeat the routine. Do not keep shooting the enemy ship you just burn, just give the DPS burning status do the damaging job. The requirement of Arsonist if 40% damage came from the burning status, not HE shell damage. After it reach 40% damage cause by burning of the same ship, then you can destroy it with any way you want, HE AP or another burning. Of course those burning damage must cause by you, not by the other teammate burn. 2 things that help achieve this status are, use CV with alot of Dive Bombers and/or target the most cowards BB in the back so you won't share damage with other teammate. People in here tend to advice you with ship T8~T10 which had good armament to burning ship, but that advice is void since it doesn't help anything to lower level player like me & you who still far away obtain T8-T10. So my advice is the closest thing for lower level players to achieve those Heroic & Honorable achievement. Again, it's need luck and a lot of trial & error. You can achieve it on the next match or need 50 match finally get it.
  2. Last week, I decide to continue US CV & play my Ranger. At first, meet another Ranger & Japan Hiryu & Kaga (Premium). My Ranger had 50-50 chance. If I screw up, enemy wins. If enemy CV screw up, I win. Both fight hard, stalemate ... in short, skill became sole factor. Nothing weird until I met Saipan (US CV Premium). I can't win fighting this ship, it just too OP. Multiple time I play my best, just impossible. I cannot fight Saipan head to head neither able to support teammate. All I can do is to watch my teammate get bombed or getting torpedo by Saipan. Because my only 1 fighter cannot able to fight off Saipan's fighter. Both Saipan setting, 2 Fighters (@3plane) + 2 Torpedo Bombers (@3plane) OR 3 Fighters (@3plane) + 1 Dive Bomber (@7plane), I cannot beat the Fighters. Even worst if the Saipan Commander had Air Supremacy skill, became 4 plane in AirFighter units. The only chance I can even this if the Saipan's player are pure idiot, which hardly it can be happening. So, this is just absolutely broken. Due note, my Ranger Admiral already had any necessary commander skills for CV & upgrade ship to maximize fighter combat prowess.
  3. What's wrong with MM these days?

    Just getting 12 matches lost from 2 days. Last week was the golden days for me (probably I get the good side), now I get 12 straight lost. 7 (or 8) matches using CV Ranger. 5 matches of it, able to nihil enemy Torpedo & Dive bombers and even score +75.000 per match. But of the last 12 matches, always team up with super potato team, I'm not exaggerate, I mean it. They just super awful. Before 5 minutes reach, usually 2 or 3 ship of my team already sinking. Before 10, 8 dies. Before 15 min, match end with enemy's superb victory. Why I said superb, because usually they only lost max 5 ships. sometime only 3, sometime only 1. My 2 Days 12 matches are really far from enjoyable, because the losing progress are to easy & quick. They aren't keen to capture too in domination mode. They have no tactical awareness as well as low accuracy even at close range. These aren't NOOBS, these are new players with high tier ships. I even found this from 4 days ago & save the pic. Owning PAN-ASIA premium ship T6 DD Anshan. Play in T6~T8 matches, with less 50 winning matches record. The Wallet Warriors + The Weekend Warriors + The Holiday Warriors ... nothing we can do about this.
  4. Stop abusing DD's

    The example that I go behind enemy line is not Domination mode, it's the free mode (no capture but each side base). So I make bold move like that. For domination capture zone, I've been a few times play in big map for T8-T9 map. The capture zone is quite big, so your DD can test for capturing without compromise it's concealment. But I don't own +T8 ship yet (but the Cleveland). Many map of T7 matches had smaller capture zone, you cannot test if it's contested or not because DD concealment is bigger than the zone itself. So even before enter the cap zone, the lesser concealment already spotted by the opposite DD. So it's quite harder to make the right job for DD players. I've been in many situation that BB & CA accuse me for being a chicken ... but they didn't see the situation, as well as what kind of DD I've used at that time. If I using Mahan, I dare to charge, if no enemy CA supporting near cap zone. But if I'm Akatsuki (T7 IJN DD) + see enemy DD list is gun boat type, I dare not. But a few people didn't care but assume me being a coward. The reason I'm not advance my T7 ship is because I want to own every (non premium) ship of each class, which I did. So I can understand each ship weakness & prowess. In this case is DD, I need to know each ship capability if I use it or if enemy use it versus mine. It's really hard to appealing CA & BB players when they didn't have knowledge about DD of each type.
  5. . . . TRAITOR . . . ! ! ! THIS IS BLASPHEMY . . . ! ! !
  6. Detonations should be skilled based

    If it skill based, instead remove RNG, you just double it. Why ? Because now you rely on Cannon Spread RNG & your own luck RNG stat.
  7. T6 in T8 match, please stop !

    I know, been done that like hundreds of matches with all kind of ships. But like I said, it's a pointless & less enjoyable matches. A match is full of random possibilities. 1.Your start point determined your decision to take position. 2. Different map, different strategy. As well as different mission, different approach. 3. Team composition (# of BB, CA & DD) changing teamwork play. 4. Your ship class define your own roles. 5. Match progression will create unlimited scenario. These are pointless when you're BB cannot event help anyone, especially in dire situation, just because it outclass & outgunned. I can compromise 1 Tier different, or T8 in T10 matches, because these ship still can fight back. But this is really special case as T6 ship is basically equivalent to T5, rather than near to T7 level. While T7 to T8 gap are doubled, because T8 have been buffed to add them small comfort in being slaughtered in the T10 matches. What I say is not "Impossible" ... but when play T6 in T8 matches, knowing all you get is low score + quick death, or just survive with low score ... this what I'm saying it's pointless. I don't Yolo & watch the minimap ... but all you can in this match is more watching than action. When T8 vs T8 fighting, you cannot help them as your cannon is short. So you want to help the team by reposition yourself in under shooting distance. But by doing that, high chance exposing yourself. Instead helping teammate, you just became a short temporary baits that die quickly. And as I said, you don't even score big, so what's the point wasting your time in this matches ? There are 2 choice of my suggestion for this problem. 1. Get rid T6 in T8 matches Match-making completely, or ... 2. T6 in T8 matches had better scoring calculation. (Or any tier difference, the lower get better scoring & the higher get less scoring calculation) Just for example, T6 generate 2x score calculation when damaging T8 ship, while T7 generate x1,5 score calculation when damaging T8 ship. Also, T8 generate x0,75 score against T7 and generate x0,5 score against T6. So there's less glory for T8 for killing less tier level ship as they are far more superior in the first place. And there's a lot of glory for T6 able to score versus higher tier ship as they are disadvantage in the first place. I mean, it's really ridiculous & disgusting when T8 ships get higher score for killing a ship less powerful than they are. Also no additional reward at all when T6 able to score big against T8 ships is just outrageous.
  8. CV is so broken

    I think you being unfair in here. - If you meet CA, they can spam HE & burning you all the time, far more superior than Dive Bomber. - Dive Bomber need like 1~3 minutes attack interval to the same target. While a CA or DD can give you far more night mare with burning status. - CA & DD cannon can keep shooting all the time, it can be damaged, but can recover in a short time. - Dive bomber always risk themself & in time will be depleted, not to mention rekt by opposition air striker. So if Dive Bomber RNG burning status far more superior than a ship HE shells, it can be understandable. Else, how the hell CV can scoring damage ? Dive Bomber base damage is small, so it's rely on DPS burning status. Torpedo Bomber base damage is medium and rely on it's DPS Drowning status. I think the problem here is, you're ship are sailing alone, so you became a soft target for enemy CV. Not to mention your teammate CV isn't doing the best to protecting their teammate from air combat units.
  9. Stop abusing DD's

    "DD CAP !!! ... DD SPOT !!!" The one who say it is 15 km apart or hide behind rocky island. I don't cap anymore, I don't care getting reported or people talking about me when play DD. If there's a decent amount of support, then I will capture. Or when enemy already leaving the area to work another capture point, then I will capture. Spotting also situational. There's no point spotting when there's no teammate able to shoot the area of spot. I've been in a situation where I sail deep into enemy territory & spot them behind their cover. I intent to spam them with torpedoes, so they came out from their hiding place, so my teammate can start shooting them. Well, it works, enemy start guessing my position, leaving their hiding place. When Enemies start pressing my position, do you know what happen next ? ... Instead start shooting enemies who leave their hiding place, my teammate start sailing (running) backwards because they feel the enemy start attacking. So in the end, the enemy found me & I'm dead short after, while my teammate was successfully reposition themself to a better covers in a way more far then ever. them all, I care not of teamwork as they are none existent anyway these days.
  10. I bet WG had some AI in the data storage. When someone is frequently getting pink'ed ... the player then will be monitored for it. Thousand players, millions of accidents, don't worry too much.
  11. Admin, you can delete these post if it's against rule, but I just write these as an example of someone using these words when he's on rage mode after die in agony. "You piece of Fakin shiet ! , fakin cowards. I need my support to cap but you just hiding and do nothing. You're shiity fakin ass" ... apparently "ass" isn't blocked.
  12. T6 in T8 match, please stop !

    Playing T6 BB, CA & DD in T8 matches is like sleeping in a cactus bed. I'm in grinding my GM BB T6 ... her cannon is 14km (or 15km) ... versus T8 CA & BB with +17km. When I'm charging through & finally under my shoot distance, 7/8 my HP is already gone and with 3 fire status, so you know what happen next. Each of CA T8 shooting with HE, the shells can damage 1/8 hp of my ship, let alone leaving burning status. Each of BB T8 shooting with HE or AP, the shell can damage 2/8 hp and even worst when hitting port side. This apply too to BB T6 UK as her cannon distance also short. FRA quite lucky as she had 18km cannon. What I'm asking is to prohibited T6 match making to matched with T8 ships, even when population is low. There's hardly any point to play it at all. You either dead or score low. It is also had no fun points at all. Of course someone gonna say he can be the No.1 in these match, but I believe majority would feel like I do. Yes, I was able to reach no.1 before with T6 DD, but that one time, I was lucky not to meet T8 DD. If I met one, guarantee dead. Those kind of matches are only for Sadomasochist lover & challenger freaks. They Like to be tortured without able to fight back, hell even accepting to be tortured. Or for people who enjoy challenge with 0,0001% of winning/survive chance.
  13. World of cleverland 🍀

    The Noobs who didn't taste the grinding of T6 (30.000~50.000xp) + T7 (100.000~125.000xp), now suddenly play in high tier battle. Damn, why I didn't see this coming & I was with the people who hype about this. T9 & T10 can enjoy this, but T6 & T7 players are screwed, especially DDs, since now all match making always result a match with T8, because they overpopulated.
  14. Because everybody buy Cleveland, now everyone had T8 Ship & want to try their new ships who had "RADAR", awesome ... ! But because of these, probably 50% of players Match Making with Cleveland, 25% players match making with other +T8 ships. Result, nearly all match makings, T8 became the center point. All T6 ~ T10 Match Making, always include T8 ships. Because T8 overpopulated the Match Making. How the hell I can enjoy grinding my T6 ships when I always in match with the T8, I'm talking I'm the minority here. From 12 players, 8 of them are T8, the last 4 are mixed between T6 & T7. And this is like 99% guarantee happening. And my T6 DD are even more screwed up, because Cleveland had Radar. Now I have to fight a lot of T8 CA with Radar skill. Crazy day, I dunno when it's will back to normal ... since noobs thinking grinding T8 generate more credits.
  15. Can't seem to land hits with Fuso

    I often get triggered when someone use IJN BB and play in safe distance. Knowing already the ship won't contribute much in that way. Sure 1/100 match will get nice result where all long 20km shoot hit target, but the rest 99 matches are lurking in the bottom 5 of match report.