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  1. MissMeMiss

    DD happiness

    I've discussed before about this on older thread. When you playing BB, from T4~T10 ... nothing is change, playing style are the same. The only difference are how you position yourself. In lower tier it's 10~18km distance between you & enemy, in T10 it's extended into 15~25km. Same as playing CA, always extra care your broadside to avoid getting citadel or critical hit, find cover behind island, spam HE, then AP when you can get broadside target. In lower tier battle distance between 10km~15km, in higher tier from 15km~20km. Now DD playing in lower & higher tier are totally difference. You're trained to capture & spam torpedoes, pop some smoke if needed. But then, arrive at Tier 7 DD, all changes significantly. T8 CV have better damage & experienced at bombing, also skilled at hunting DD. T8 Cruiser had Radar to negate smoke. Sovyet Cruiser had long range radar that surpass their concealment, mean if a DD spot Sovyet Cruiser at 9km, they must quickly escape the 12 km radar. Most players in T8 also already good at shooting. If a DD spotted in open area, it is a very bad situation for them. 1 or 2 shell from either CA & BB would damage important module like steer or engine, things that you need to escape the situation. In +T8, DD are specialized. Some good for Spamming Torpedoes & high concealment yet slow. Some need extra effort like Sovyet Gunboat DD who have super short range torps with medium concealment & must play smart when shooting main battery, but possess remarkable engine to do hit & run tactics. Some in between those, with better armor or special equipment. DD play are more complex when compare to Cruiser & Battleship. Each DD, from each branch or nation, have different combat manual. You can't just play them with the same style, or bring lower tier DD's combat style into the higher tier DD. Also the problem often come with your teammate. I've experience hundreds of times, where enemy team ready to help their DD capturing by risking to sail in open sea, while my team busy finding covers behind Island. When I finally 1vs1 with their DD, shells came from anywhere, while enemy DD just sailing comfortably & focus just avoiding my shells. When I'm dead & look behind, my team have no possibility to assist me, because they are hiding behind Island that block their shooting trajectory. This is why experience players always saying "Map Awareness, Map Awareness, Map Awareness", for every time newbie complain about something. When you're about to take action, you have to consider your surrounding. The damage calculation that you will get, the damage calculation that you will create, the environment, sailing route, the enemy movement & your teammate combat readiness ... and last ... RNGeesus. Like for example "I'm Kagero (T8 IJN DD - Torp specialize), I will meet Kiev (T8 Sovyet DD - Gunboat specialize) and beat the sh*t out of him in 1vs 1!" ... no you goddamn can't. You'll be sinking while Kiev only hurt like 1/5 of her HP. Damage calculation, what will impact you & your enemy.
  2. MissMeMiss

    How I feel about T8

    T8 are my specialty because this tiers is where I stop leveling up due to T9 & T10 credit income are close to non existent without premium account & good performance. I don't play CV lot enough since overhaul. BB : Easy Difficulty = Sovyet BB Medium Difficulty = Any other nations BB Sadistic Difficulty = German BB CA : Easy Difficulty = Sovyet CA Medium Difficulty = Any other nations CA Sadistic Difficulty = American CA DD : Easy Difficulty = IJN DD Medium Difficulty = Any other nations DD Sadistic Difficulty = Sovyet DD
  3. MissMeMiss

    Who to blame... who to blame?

    When happening to someone else : When happening to me :
  4. In WG ship stat database, those +0,1 random dispersion attribute could lead into awfully spread shots. 1 degree spread from the cannon, could result over spread for 100m on target.
  5. Some hours ago, when enemy DD cap at the edge of capture zone & popping smokes, I use his own smoke circle indicators & the buoys as guideline to shooting blindly. After done like 5 shots, one of them hit it, then I kept shooting at the same location. As DD, when you get shot like this, the first thing you'll do probably try to exit the capture zone, so I try to shoot his possibility backward track, check the zone icon if the capturing progress still happening, then keep shooting. While not killing him, eventually I routed the DD for trying to capturing it.
  6. MissMeMiss

    DD players how you feeling now with DD ?

    Hm ... I don't own T9-10 ships, but own almost every normal ship in T7~T8. These are my base credibility. Sure normal radar & Sovyet radar are suck, so as CV & better concealment DD. But after hundreds of playing time, I change my mind about how I play DD. I play DD for harassing enemy ships to be able playing this game comfortably. As DD, I'm consider myself as Malaria Mosquito. You all knew the feeling when watching TV or playing games, a mosquito try to suck your legs is feel like torture ? You try to slap it, but they are agile as f*ck ? ... if you leave them alone, they will bite you & it's annoying as hell ? With DD, no chance your cannon can hurt to CA & BB, but, when they know you're there, they're become paranoid. These open possibility for teammate to exploit those situation. I've been with & against those situation, when multiple CA & BB just stop progressing, just because they wary of 1 enemy DD in the area. If my or opposition teammate "get it", they will start exploit that situation. The game has change when radar introduced, then Sovyet OP radar introduced too. Also Orkan, a prem DD that has radar. All I could do is too adapt into the new era. I changed from aggressive DD play into raiding, with all kind of DD type ... using long torp or main battery, depend on the ship. The one that I didn't change is to rely on your team heavily, then, your DD can deal higher damage than you're acting lone-fighter. Your teammate urges DD players to scout for them & you need teammate to divert their focus onto them. After seeing their cannons face your teammate, your torpedoes has better chance to hit them when enemy are busy fighting CA & BB. You also can sneak attack with main battery, but be ready to "dance", don't get ambitious. Just launch 1~5 shots, stop shooting & dance, re-conceal. This will make opposition paranoid AF, disturb them with your presence. Tbf, there's not much difference for the damage I can deal when I'm playing lone-fighter or teamwork. But lone-fighter play usually end with defeat, and teamwork play has fair share of winning. Remember, not all players in here have strong mentality, some of them just happen to have T10 ships because there's no such thing as negative progression in this game. Sure it's suck against unicums with unbreakable mentality & perfect shot accuracy, but their number aren't that much. Most of them just normal players and lots of them are cowards when they see the notification that +2 ships targeting his ship, they will abandon the formation.
  7. MissMeMiss

    Lies, lies and DAN lies...

    The "problem" with Co-op are, many players don't realize, AI are an expert marksmanship. They want to play Co-op to relax, only to find the AI citadel'ing/critical shot you all the time.
  8. MissMeMiss

    Neufert has 3.3k views

    People always triggered by hackusation, because it's a sensitive subject.
  9. MissMeMiss

    Submarine update

    Here's a suggestion to make "balanz" to sub. Submarine unable to share or receive map information with the other surface warship unless the submarine on the surface too. If a submarine spot any surface warship while underwater, the submarine's teammate should unable to see what the sub see. Submarine should be a lone fighter, not a perfect recon. If WG still done the same rule as sub battle, DD player ratio will be plummeted. I've play a lot Sub Battle, I see the pro & con from it. Like what I said on another thread, if I'm a sub player, I just sail on the open area, near my teammate. Then I'm spotting any enemy, especially enemy DD. Wait for a while for teammate destroy any DD, then I proceed to hunt enemy BB. In sub battle, DD almost the first ship to die because Submarine negate their concealment. Only way to stop it is the exposed DD to dare risking a maneuver with intent to depth charge the submarine, which expose them to opposition cruisers. Or, running away, while being shot at. Cruiser & Battleship don't affected that much by a submarine. And since OP wrote that they got depth charge too now, not much difference than before, especially BB, since they always hunted by torpedoes all the time. DD already in fear of CA's Radar & Soviet Radar. Fear of CV's bombers. Fear of other DD with better concealment or main battery. Now it's add by submarine who can spotted them from underwater.
  10. MissMeMiss

    6 years, man

    ... after public release ... this game, man ... Still has issue in server stability. In 2 of every 10 battles, there's always temmate who's disconnected. A few of them recover after some minutes. But late start always cost your team play. In 1 of every 5 battles, there's always moment where I got disconnected when I'm shooting or get shot at. In every battle, there's always moment where my screen freeze for a moment in a very dangerous situation. 4 or 5 years is the peak year of almost every online games, it's should have tackled server issue on year 1 or 2. It's only take 1 bad server failure moment to rob all the fun when playing this game, in other words, rage quit. Sailing for 5 minutes with DD to get a flanking position. When launch my 1st torpedoes, disconnected. When back online, only to witness my ship very close to enemy position & spotted, then die. Another case cruiser, start a match where I'm in the flank position with other 2 BBs. Sailing for 3 minutes before entering shooting zone, then realize 1 BB never moved. In minutes 5, my cruiser dead. In minutes 8, teammate BB dead. in minutes 10, they found the disconnected BB & destroy it. In minutes 13, the flanker enemy start shooting the other flank teammate. In minutes 15, game lost. Server stability is the most important thing of an online game. It's the core, the life, the reason of an online game. The "balanz" of this game already in question, and then losing 1 teammate due to lost connection are making it worst. This is your peak years, WG ... you need to up your game, not just focus selling premium ships & loli waifu commander.
  11. My knowledge to WW2 military equipment are close to non-existent. Is an Airplane/Airfighter have the capability to know that they've been detected by a ship radar? I was making a thread before & asking around why an enemy aircraft looks like know my DD in an empty area where I've never spotted before. Someone did tell me that the airplane have the same capability as ship, that they know when they've been detected. This make DD even more hard to play. With ship standard radar & Sovyet long range radar. In the future, if sub introduced to main module, DD play will be non existent. Who want to play this ship ? ... weak & easily spotted. In the past RTS Carrier gameplay, DD can feel more safe because a Plane can't know if they been detected, so as long as DD can avoid close contact, they can launch a surprise attack from the flank. Now they can't because as a CV, you don't need to spot an enemy DD, just make sure your plane go to empty space. If they detected, then it's only a matter of time before you'll find the hidden DD. If this a historical accurate, then I won't rise the question anymore.
  12. MissMeMiss

    This one need to be banned

    I don't know the real meaning of Ching Chong, but to my understanding, it's like 'you're talking too much, empty words'. I've use this when a Chinese friend too much talking trash theory about getting a girl, then I'm just saying "Stop Ching Chong, go there, ask her number.". On the other side, me as Java native also have racial slur to be used by others. Here in Indonesia, we have so many races, that racial slur it's a daily consumption & normal. People don't care that much and using it as banters when trading words. It become problem when you're label a guy with it, like become a routine words to call a Chinese, like "Hey Ching Chong, how's going ?" ... we don't really care about the words itself, but what we really care are the intention.
  13. Can we have random battle without any ship capable using radar ? I want to get situation where my DD can spam torpedoes with ease. I don't like to be punish by the soviet just because I want to troll those BB.
  14. MissMeMiss

    4 DD against to 6 BB. Stupid matchmaking system

    Complain about matchmaking in 4~6 AM, where only less than 1500 people playing. If you want normal matchmaking, play around 00~12 PM (midday to midnight), where 20000 players online. No one dispute MM are far from perfect, but ... if you're complain MM when you're playing it in the morning, your statement are invalid.
  15. MissMeMiss

    So much for collabs, Whats Next?

    It seem WG will continue to collaborated with anything had Lolicon theme, it's sells. A lot of wallet warriors seem loving it. I'm surprise WG not collabs with Belle Delphine yet.