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  1. MissMeMiss

    Most DD players are bad

    Because enemy Radar are wider than DD concealment. 1~3km try to escape the radar detection is like seeing a Lion in a Zoo and suddenly the glass cage are gone *poof. Not to mention it's T10 matches, where almost everybody got top skilled shoot accuracy and some CA have fast reload skill.
  2. MissMeMiss

    Tactics and Strats for SEA Server

    Never play on another server, born and raised in Asian server. From my own experience, my own finding, my own guide book ... the more you know about all type of ships of all faction, the more you play better at this game. I never passed Tier 7 yet because I plan to level up all faction ships to Tier 7 first (only have 1 tier 8 ship, Cleveland because update), before start enter the T8~T10 matches. Knowledge & Common Sense are the 1st 2 things on any competitive online games, the more you know Pros & Cons of the Arsenal/Ship-type of your choosing and against for, the more better you're gonna play. I've checked many players profile before, they have 800-2000'ish matches experience and only own 2~3 ships. For me, this make them disadvantage because lacking information of each ships stats. \\\ I've seen teammate Soviet DD afraid fighting Pan Asia DD (of the same tier). When Pan Asia DD launch torpedo, the Soviet DD try to avoid it. He should know that the torp won't hit him and can focus shooting with main cannon. He died and rage chat how bad Soviet DD is. \\ My German DD won against enemy CA because he keep open his broadside, lacking info that my AP shells can penetrate her citadel. He thought I'm cheating. \\\ With knowledge, you have the confidence to attack or to retreat based on situation. No good reason when either to charge or to retreat usually disadvantage your team. Lastly, If only they understand completely that if losing, mean you have to grind for x2~3 times more than what you can gain in 1 win. Got destroyed but win is better than became no.1 in the losing side.
  3. MissMeMiss

    Do you remember......?

    2 things I remember ... Hot discussion how OP IJN Torpedo vs how OP USN cannon. Since that time was only 2 factions.
  4. Lately only getting 15k coals. In the past, my best SC is 1000 doubs and 30 Days of Premium.
  5. MissMeMiss

    Hurray, CV Rework!

    Have you play Soviet DD ? ... short torpedo range that risking your neck if try to kill with it ? ... pea shooter cannon with high burning chance ? ... the prototype surely mirror of Soviet's DD with torpedo bomber, dive & rockets bomber. The different are, they just fly with a spawner mothership somewhere.
  6. MissMeMiss

    Hurray, CV Rework!

    So, when I play CV, I play it to control the flow of battle. Dividing my squadron to attack any fronts - right & left to scare enemies from getting advantage or advancing. I'm not playing to kill or focus making damage ... but if you play smart in the end, 100k damage is minimum per match. But the new prototype will annul my CV's play style. It's basically became ... a Flying DD ! a Flying DD !! a Flying DD !!! a Flying DD !!!! a FLYING DD !!!!! R.I.P. CV's RTS, press F to pay respect.
  7. MissMeMiss

    Topic Redacted

  8. AIRFIELD BASE : Pros : 1. Bigger air plane to bring bigger bombs (damage) or more bombs (more bombing hits) 2. Start from propeller air plane in Tier 1, end in T10 with Jet plane. Bigger HP, Durability & Speed. 3. More Air plane counts. 4. Because on Land, can't be attack by Torpedo. 5. Player choose it's hangar location to park it's airplane. Each type (fighter & bomber) has it own hangar. 6. No Hit Point (or Weak), but based on Hangar mechanic. For total destruction, enemy must destroy all hangars. For example, Fighter-1's Hangar got destroyed, another unit still can flight. 7. Strong Anti Air Gun. Cons : 1. Long Reload timing. 2. Cannot play simultaneously with CV and Artillery Base (suggestion 2) 3. Fix location, each on the edge of the map. Easy target for Rush tactic and/or Long Range Cannon. 4. Not close to base, so each team must divide between protecting Spawn Base or Airfield Base in normal mode. 5. Hangar is easy to be destroy. 6. Fixed location, easily targeted and no concealment (always detected). 7. Have 2nd Battery to defend against incoming enemy ship, but weak and short range. ARTILLERY BASE : Pros : 1. Artillery Battery Cannon spread across the main land. For total destruction, enemy must destroy all batteries. 2. Bigger Cannons (better damage) than usual ship even from Tier 1. 3. Long Range cannon able to target all map sectors. 4. Because on Land, can't be attack by Torpedo. 5. Lethal against ship at close range. Cons : 1. Spread location, unable focus shot on 1 target. Player can only control 1 cannon at a time, must switch via hotkey to control each cannon. 2. Weak against ship at long range due to based on the player accuracy skill. 3. Fixed location, easily targeted and no concealment (always detected). 4. Cannot play simultaneously with Airfield Base (suggestion 1) 5. Lack of Anti Air Gun power (none or minimum) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I know it's World of Warship, it's all about sea battle. It just suggestion though, so if it stupid suggestion, then ignore it. I just felt it's cool though if adding more crazy element/idea/immersion into this game. I know a lot of people (maybe all people?) have a lot discontent about current balancing, so no need to address it in here. Airfield Base & Artillery Base aren't available to all map. Have to be on a new map or selective placing on current map. Maybe not start from Tier 1. Could be start on T6+ or T8+ when the map way more bigger size.
  9. MissMeMiss

    Topic Redacted

    World War 2's BB with the technology of World War 3's BB in matter of Anti-Air Gun. World War 2's CA with the technology of World War 3's CA in matter of Main Battery rotation speed. World War 2's DD with the technology of World War 3's DD in matter of Torpedo reload speed. World War 2's CV with the technology of World War 3's CV in matter of AP's Bombers. But again, it's not simulation games. Also WG heavily rely on Feedback as both developers & super tester just a bunch of guys vs the whole players to feel the game's balancing. Just keep spamming thread & post until they notice our objection towards something. In my suggestion to Radar's debacle ... isn't in real life, whenever using Long Radar Detection, it's exposing the ship own location ? That's why this tactic in real life aren't use occasionally. Also, I want WG to work their ass to make AA not shooting through mountain and Island or covers. It's really stupid when try to ambush enemy ship with bomber from behind Island cover, they already dead before reach the target bombing. My friend said it's because AA mechanic is using Bubble/Round/Ball AoE, so Island wasn't calculated as an obstacle object.
  10. MissMeMiss

    Hurray, CV Rework!

    Maybe I've been team up with idiot Saipan players, or maybe I could be wrong ? ... the ninja nerf already implemented in latest version. 5 random times in this week, I play with Saipan and our team is lost. Not because solely on Saipan of course, but the Saipan didn't do wonders as the other Saipan owner whom I'm played with in the past. These Saipan players losing their fighters & bombers rather quickly to both opposition fighters non-premium's CV and Ship's AA. Usually their bombers can go unharmed when in assaulting, but now, it's bleed 1 or 2 airplane each doing the bombing run.
  11. MissMeMiss

    WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    Just team up with super idiot Hiryu, IJN CV T7. Never try to defending the sky from enemy bomber, even when the enemy CV literally using the same route to bombing our ships. The Fighter plane only used to covering his own bombers. I'm checked his profile ... He's had 4900s battle experience plus Yamato ... even had Shokaku (IJN CV T8) already. I can't believe he would play so bad at that level, so probably players who don't want to grind credits with normal ways and using bots.
  12. MissMeMiss

    Royal Navy Capt. Dasha.

    Yeah, it's not hard to make 2nd option for Dasha to speak English. Dasha (RU) Dasha (EN) Unless Dasha asking $1.000.000 for the job.
  13. Keep using my doubloon instead in-game credits or reserve. Many ship, I've used auto resupply function for the flag, camo & 2nd Tier consumable. I've many reserve for that so in confident use the auto resupply function. For any reserve flag, camo or consumable lower than 10, I turn of the auto resupply so I won't making mistake using doubs. FYI, not all flag & camo can be bought with in game credits. For example, the "ECONOMIC" flag can be bought with doubloons for 4~16 coin. While 2nd Tier consumable like Damage control party II can be bought with 22,5k credits or 15 doubloons. so, why it keep using doubloons ? I've been having this problem in the past. Sometime it's okay, it use reserve or in-game credits, but for rare time, it use doubloons. EDIT : MY SUGGESTION : 1st, you can only pick one, cannot be combined with another option. 2nd, if the items not able to resupply by credits or doubloon or both, the option is it's grey out (can't be selected).
  14. MissMeMiss

    Border humping not punished enough

    Why not WG make this instead ? ... Border humping will 100% gone for sure !!!
  15. MissMeMiss

    Border humping not punished enough

    But ... but ... but my BB need a sharp turn ! Similar trick when I need a quick full stop, I just ram and Island and instant reverse/forward engine. But I suggest WG to add another penalty to anyone touch the border for more than 30second~1minute : 1. Main Cannon, 2nd Battery & AA damage -50% 2. Chance of causing Fire on Target -100% 3. Risk of Fire +100% 4. Armor modifier -50% 5. Range Detection & visibility reduce by 75% (aka similar to storm condition) I believe this penalty would make people think twice to touch the border without magically drain the ship HP.