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  1. MissMeMiss

    This one need to be banned

    I don't know the real meaning of Ching Chong, but to my understanding, it's like 'you're talking too much, empty words'. I've use this when a Chinese friend too much talking trash theory about getting a girl, then I'm just saying "Stop Ching Chong, go there, ask her number.". On the other side, me as Java native also have racial slur to be used by others. Here in Indonesia, we have so many races, that racial slur it's a daily consumption & normal. People don't care that much and using it as banters when trading words. It become problem when you're label a guy with it, like become a routine words to call a Chinese, like "Hey Ching Chong, how's going ?" ... we don't really care about the words itself, but what we really care are the intention.
  2. Can we have random battle without any ship capable using radar ? I want to get situation where my DD can spam torpedoes with ease. I don't like to be punish by the soviet just because I want to troll those BB.
  3. MissMeMiss

    4 DD against to 6 BB. Stupid matchmaking system

    Complain about matchmaking in 4~6 AM, where only less than 1500 people playing. If you want normal matchmaking, play around 00~12 PM (midday to midnight), where 20000 players online. No one dispute MM are far from perfect, but ... if you're complain MM when you're playing it in the morning, your statement are invalid.
  4. MissMeMiss

    So much for collabs, Whats Next?

    It seem WG will continue to collaborated with anything had Lolicon theme, it's sells. A lot of wallet warriors seem loving it. I'm surprise WG not collabs with Belle Delphine yet.
  5. Sometime, DD user forgot that they have freedom of movement that no other class do. CV feel OP, until they're spotted & all shells directed to them, also can't do proper job when enemy keep close formation & uniting their AA. BB looks strong, until they got spammed by HE & marked by DD torps, plus RNGeesus not in your side, all AP shell are overpen or ricochet. CA enjoy burning ships, until they driven out from their hiding spot. DD enjoy freedom of movement, until radar got them or Air Units spot & destroy them. Each ships & class has pros & cons. If you want to complain, at least comparison between DD class, or CA with another CA, BB with another BB. Like comparing between Pan Asia DD vs IJN DD, US CA vs British CA, German BB vs Soviet BB. What I'm truly afraid for DD is when Sub introduced to main database. Their concealment become absolutely useless. A sub just stay in the open, backed by cruiser. DD forced to retreat or charging with intent to depth charge the Sub, which both risk getting flattened by shells.
  6. MissMeMiss


    I don't think play rank is good for newbies. Each ship has it own Pros & Cons, learn how to exploit the pros & minimize the con's effect. Understand that getting hit is inevitable, so calculate before making any risky maneuver. Don't be like those cowards that doesn't want to get hit at all cost, even sacrifice the whole play. But also don't be suicidal, because if you keep living, it will open chance to your team ... somehow. Sometime you have to block enemy at one side, while your teammate making a break through on the other side. Be Leonidas !
  7. MissMeMiss

    New idea

    Well, after passing 3000 matches, my average kill rate probably still 0,5 and only like below 50k damage per match. Some people probably have slow learning curve, like myself. A few others, have crazy intelligence that under 2000 match able to maintain +2 kill rate with +80k damage per match. All of my circle buddy's stat are above me and they just start playing from a couple years ago. Nonetheless, here's my contribution, correct me if your experience tell difference. Devonshire (T6 CA UK) is a slow ship both in speed & turning. Her main shell is HE & able to hurt high even T8 ships of all type. Her concealment is good if compared to another T6 CA. Never use this ship in the frontline. Keep close to teammate BB & watch any attack by enemy. Armor quite good but don't push it too far, it's still a cruiser. Sadly with only 14km cannon distance (after upgrade), you have to find a good place to start shooting comfortably. Guepard (T6 DD France) is a beast in the front line, a good gun boat DD. While she doesn't have smoke, it has Main Battery Reload Booster (your cannon reload rate, so you can have rapid fire for a short time). If you meet even T8 DD, you have good chance to win the duel with that skill, or at least shock them with your rapid fire skill. Her torpedoes is 2x3 tubes, range 8km with speed of 68 knots & around 14k damage per torpedo, so able to destroy any BB at close range, but don't use the torpedo as main playing style as her concealment is around 6.8km (already with Captain's Concealment Expert skill), so not really great. But it design to aggressively hunt DD & harassing other ships class. It sound not promising, but I have really good result with this ship, like +50k damage per match & killing a lot of DD & BB. Trento (T6 CA Italy) is a fast ship with good turning capability. Her main shell is SAP (Semi AP) & AP, so it has lower chance to burn it's target & land critical hit. Shooting with SAP looks awful at first, but it has guarantee making small damage. Good thing after upgrade, it's allow to shoot up to 16km with easy to use low trajectory, so you have a lot option on combat. She have slow torpedoes with 51 knots, range as 12 km and 12k damage per torps, so make sure to spam it but don't use as main playstyle. While it can dance very well, her armor is thin as paper. If you shot by AP on the broadside, pretty sure it's a bye bye situation. Same as Guepard, it's look like bad, but I have good result with this ship. Vasteras (T6 DD Europe) is a recon DD if I may say it. It's prowess rely on her speed & agility, yet her attacking skill aren't satisfying. The main battery/cannon are weak, with average reloading speed. Said to be DD hunter, but rarely I'm able to kill 1 enemy DD in one encounter. No smoke but have engine boost & repair party, so be watchful of enemy CV bomber movement. Her torpedoes is 2x3 tubes, have speed of 65 knots & can travel for 10km, but the damage only 7k. She's like a Malaria Mosquito, fast & deadly, but one successful slap, she dead. Use hit & run tactic when playing this ship. It's a good way to repel enemy movement. BB will get shook & turning away most of the time I play this ship, enemy cruiser will get frustrated trying to hit you because she small & dance very well.
  8. MissMeMiss


    Ouw ... why there's always someone in the internet who can't take a joke or realize one.
  9. MissMeMiss


    I know it's the useless recommendation thing I've ever post ... WG ... can you segregation the match between Premium Ship & Normal Ship ? Let those [content removed] wallet warrior against their own kind. Let honest freeloader player like me versus my own kind. [content removed] Insults. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  10. MissMeMiss

    Radar edinbugh?

    It's not the same thing, but I'm using Kagero (IJN T8 DD) with Torpedo Reload Booster instead of smoke. I've seen a lot of Kagero user who prefer smoke instead the booster. For me, I deal more massive damage with the reload booster than using smoke, since Kagero concealment already the best on the tier. But beware on annoying CV who have obsession to sink 1 target at a time than doing teamwork. So what I want to say is, there's no wrong answer in here. If you do better with Radar, then stick with it. If your result with smoke is better, then keep using it. If you say it's situational, then go for it. This game everyone enemies are the Premium Ships & RNGeesus, not the ship combat style, it's always had a trade off.
  11. MissMeMiss

    Where is players ?

    It's not important information, even useful to you. Just want to fill your brain with useless information. 6 AM ~ 1 PM = Sleep 1 PM ~ 8 PM = Useless activities. (looking for IRL credits, put solid nutrition in my mouth, slaved by a domina in the house) 8 PM ~ 12 PM = Play WoWs ... if rage quit, play other games. 12 PM ~ 6 AM = Useless activities, again. So yeah, I don't play this game in the morning.
  12. MissMeMiss

    server overload message

    Just spam BATTLE (start a match), eventually you'll get in.
  13. MissMeMiss

    server overload message

    It's been happening since v0.9.6 ... In v0.9.5 ... I got daily ping 300ms. Suddenly, in v0.9.6, it's return back to 30ms, but then, Server Overload happening. So I guess, WG have done something to their servers. Maybe put off the bad one, but increase workload to the good one.
  14. I do get it in 2 matches while using DD & it's happening when I'm on 7km surrounded by enemies in frontlines. Thank god I'm using DD with 50sec Smoke, so when the game got a bit stabilize for a moment, I manage to make some distant. But then it's kill my mood to play DD, where I need it to finish some combat directives.
  15. MissMeMiss


    Once I'm sink after duel with enemy BB. He got like 5k HP left and on HP regenerating. Tell the chat to kill it since 2 teammate have sight & range. Then repeat for once more when none want to finish the job. Third time try to warn the guys about it, someone shun me with "Don't you dare to back seat managing me!" ... I'm not sure what it is, but probably saying like "the dead don't speak, stfu". It's pointless using chat other than spam Captain Command, people in this game has ego the same as Achmed the Dead Terrorist.