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  1. Thanks. Was worried it might not work because I'm copying it from a 32bit machine to a 64.
  2. Will it work fine if I just copy the entire WOWS folder and transfer to another computer so I wouldn't have to re download the entire game from scratch?
  3. KirstieBeau

    These things on the turrets

    Just want to know what are those squares on the turrets. Curiously this seems exclusive to American cruisers and are not present on IJN ones or even the American BB turrets.
  4. KirstieBeau

    Premium Ship Suggestion

    yep the campy meta sure is an issue plus cruisers will love shooting this. So i suggest these base stats for starters: Tier 6 HP : 44000 Armor: 19 mm bow and stern Deck Armor/ Aft deck/ Bow deck: 38mm Range: 13 km Reload: 3 seconds Speed : 21 knots Turning: 550m Rudder: 12 sec Concealment base: 12 km Consumables: Cruiser DamCon, Def AA, Standard Heal (maybe Missouri Radar as this is a niche ship), Special Speed boost 20% Enhanced acceleration for supermaneuverability. Looks arcadey but a potential fun ship.
  5. KirstieBeau

    Premium Ship Suggestion

    USS Wyoming 1944 refit for training purposes. Wouldn't this be nice as a premium ship. Although it may cause Khaba-like matchmaking issues due to getting a BB slot but lacks BB firepower plus it's easy prey for cruisers. 10 5-inch 38 guns. Rate of fire around 20rpm. Atlanta-ish AA. As you can see, it has a 10-gun starboard broadside, but only a 6-gun port broadside.
  6. KirstieBeau

    Anyone got stuck on the loading screen ?

    memory leaks on mine. Ping is good but game lags every time I press the quick commands. After 7 games, the game just froze in the post-battle results screen.
  7. KirstieBeau

    Missouri/Iowa dispersion rumors

    just equipped the reload upgrade today. Strange but accuracy seems much better to me.
  8. Are the rumors about Missouri accuracy upgrade glitch true? Does it also affect both the Iowa and Montana? Because somehow my newly unlocked Iowa doesn't have the famed accuracy I'm seeing on a lot of Iowa/Missouri/Montana games I've watched in the past.
  9. KirstieBeau

    How to Algerie

    yeah I'm used to the high dpm soviets so I struggle with the slow shell speed of the french. Long range I struggle to hit cruisers. And because its long reload, I can't support the DD like I do with my Chappy. Looks like farming BB is the only thing Algerie is good at I suppose.
  10. KirstieBeau

    How to Algerie

    I feel that I'm sailing the Algerie the wrong way. I play it like how I play Shchors and Chapayev which is long-range kiting. Somehow I could not make it work as my winrate is pitiful on the Algerie compared to the Shchors. Some tips and pointers are highly appreciated.
  11. KirstieBeau

    Moskva Captain Skills

    Hi again. Just a few more battles and I will be able to get my second T10 ship which is the Moskva. Now I know I will need to drop IFHE on my CO so I'm asking what would be best substitute for IFHE? My current skills for the Donskoi are as follow: PT, AR, DE, SI, CE and IFHE. It's a 17pt captain. Is FP good for the Moskva? And about DE, I'm also considering speccing out of it since Moskva AP is good and I will be using 50/50 AP/HE on it. Any suggestions before I respec?
  12. KirstieBeau

    Donskoi vs Chapayev

    I'm enjoying russian cruisers recently especially the Shchors so I decided to keep it. This week I just got Chapayev fully upgraded with concealment build and its such a troll to DD with its 10.2km detection and 11.7km radar. I really enjoyed the slight difference in playstyle to the shchors as you're not tied anymore to long-distance HE spam as you can close-in to a cap and support my DD. Problem is I only have 2 relevant Soviet captains: a 14pt for the Chapayev and a 12pt for my Shchors. In a few days I will be unlocking the Donskoi. Any Donskoi captains here can say if it's a fun ship to have as the chappy and is it worth it for my Chappy captain to move to the Donskoi? Or will I stop at Chappy?
  13. KirstieBeau

    Benson build post smoke nerf.

    Personally I would suggest you get AR first as it gives you the benefit of what TAE and BFT gives. For your 15pt, its up to you to choose between TAE or SI. Go SI for teamplay. Go TAE for damage.
  14. KirstieBeau


    You might get lucky with flooding though just like me.