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  1. wookielord

    Nikolai WTF cant get citadels

  2. Question has a change been made to the Russian Nikolai ?? since the last update i have been struggling to hit citadels no matter a bb or crz or dd, whether it is a 3 klm broadside or a 12 klm broadside my shells just over penertrate for little damage now??. Has a change to ballistics happened or has the Nikolai been NERFED???? this ship once destroyed, broadside crz with a single salvo when given a perfect shot,, now they over penertrate or deflect of armour???? Also when firing a full salvo, one at a time, if at the third turret you lose detection of that ship, the 4th 5th 6th turret will not fire at the same place or distance.. the 1st 2nd or 3rd turrets will fire at the ships position but the rest at a different trjectory????often landing very short?? and it happens a lot...cheers i hope my Nikolai has not been Nerfed....
  3. wookielord

    Planes trps attacks from island side

    No one expects reallity but ,,But it is a tactics game and plane have physics and just the plain impossible. Its no Excuse
  4. wookielord

    why dont we have server equality

    Agreed with with a big affirmative.. Also as an aussie in prem shop. for every 10.00 i paid for an item ,i have to pay 2.50 on top because of the usa oz exchange rate .. cost should be equal world wide. If i buy 50.00 dollars item in usa rates i pay 62.00 for that item oz rates.,.Would like to see this change...
  5. wookielord

    Planes trps attacks from island side

    A game agreed ok,, But just how much advantage do the cv need .. they are allready deadly?? And it stops your tactic of trying to force an attack from only one direction.. Thus giving the advantage to the cv again when you are playing smart tactically.. Cheers
  6. wookielord

    Planes trps attacks from island side

    No sorry i am computer illiterate i play games thats all my knowledge on what i can do with my pc .. let alone know how to take screen shots.. Imagine an island, your ship is 20 meter to the west side of that island and also a rock face next you.. PLANES come from the east over the island and are able to drop trps in that 20 meters of water, and over the rock face? that cant happen... Or also from a beach,,instead of landing on the beach in the surf and not working,, they somehow still continue tracking in less than 1 meters of water????Cheers hope this helps
  7. How How are trp planes able to do a trp run on a ship that is 20 meters away from the beach or island rock face,, from the direrction of that beach or rock face.. IT should be impossible for them to do an attack with the beach or rock face so close?? HOW.... If done from a beach the trps should hit the ground.. and no plane can dive down at 45 degree angles over a rock island and let there trps fly .. its is bollocks and crap and i am so sick of cv players able to do this .. they allready have manual flight control over there planes what more do they need, let alone the advantage they have if they work together..The damage can be devastating if 5 flight attack you at once..Now they can set up a trp run from any direction no matter what the obstructions.. Sorry that is just not fair{ especially if you place your ship close, so the only directions they should be able to attack, are on one side but this is not the case in game}.....WHAT THE please explain.....cheers
  8. wookielord

    Smoke is not our friend

    Cheers i understand this ..
  9. wookielord

    Smoke is not our friend

    OK but do you think that was how smoke was used in real navy actions ????????Not sure.. smoke was used to hide ships from the enemy but it allowed your fleet to still see the enemy and engage.. at least that is my understanding of naval tactics>>>>..cheers
  10. wookielord

    Smoke is not our friend

    Me too i try really hard to assist all players i can,and allways try to work as a team ,, max fire ect cheers ...
  11. wookielord

    Smoke is not our friend

    Prob right about radar.. BUT my point still valid destroyers and the use of smoke are not feeling the luv lately.Any advantage we have is and has been wittled down to next to none.
  12. wookielord

    Cant get a win.

    I agree also have notice a major change when i am in my fav battleship the nikolai imperator, And in ranked battles i seem to be often on the side with pink or low skilled players,,Eg players who dont spot with cvs ..And players seeking hero points for themselves and not cooperating to win,, Eg not supporting dds in flag zones..Best rank i have done is 5 or 4 then i just gave up, its too reliant on a team working together.. get one person who plays there own game or a player whos lag is so bad that they dont get into the game for a full min, and its all over regardless of your own efforts......
  13. wookielord

    Smoke is not our friend

    Smoke is not your friend dds, Just had a t8 battle where i was in my smoke, yet a dd and a bb were able to get detection of me , but i had no detection of them??? At a range of 4 klm for dd ,, 5 klm for bb .How is this possible????.It seem that the balance against destroyers has just ,well there is none, its all bb and cvs now. If the dds cant at least have the advantage with smoke then where is there advantage ????Plus it is much easier seeing out of smoke then trying to see in..Simple fact..........Our trps are detected easily now, smoke is not our friend,and we incapacitate easily..Is there going to be a change to this as it is more than frustrating setting up an ambush only to have it go there way because of what is happening within the smoke that you have saved and tried to use to your advantage....... would be grateful for advice and also others who think this way to respond...CHEERS ALL
  14. wookielord

    What is going on with bb targeting?

    Cheers thanks will look for you, lol meet my nikolai...
  15. wookielord

    Smoke ?WHY am losing detection and visual

    Thankyou now i know for sure.. seemed to be a lot false claims cheers