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  1. Kreigg

    newbie asking about pre tier 7 or 8

    I suppose Atlanta is good for the long term but be forewarned she's really not an easy boat to sink your teeth into... But once you got a good bite on her she's worth it... I just hope your patient enough for her... She's mostly dependent on the situation you put her in... Heed seriously to @Harpoon01's video input... That stuff may save your sanity... Now if you plan to grind your way to the Missouri with the Schars and the Blys I won't stop you but remember that at T7 you'll be facing formidable opponents and you might be biting more than what you can chew... but just in case that happens take two steps back... take a deep breath and try again later... don't give up, don't scrub out...
  2. Kreigg

    newbie asking about pre tier 7 or 8

    The +/-2T MM comes into play starting from T5 and up... In fact being overtiered in an Murmansk is not as bad as say getting overtiered in a Scharnhorst. She really does hold well on her own and although the credits are as much lucrative in a T7 boat remember, sinking in a T7 tub hurts more (credit-wise) than a T5 ship... But if you're really insistent... I can personally vouch for the Scharnhorst and the Blyskawica since they are the most versatile in my experience... There are some quirks you need to watch out for... The Atlanta is one really crazy money maker but she needs a crap ton of mastery to get her to start coughing up the dough (not user-friendly at the start but be patient and you'll love her)... Tirpitz is also good too, I only play her for the lols coz she's so tanky...
  3. Kreigg

    newbie asking about pre tier 7 or 8

    The thing about premium ships is they're not "all that"... Sure they're fun but they're not dreamy as you'd expect them to be... Not all premium ships are created equal and some do work and some don't depending on your playstyle and tier... For now may I just recommend the T5 Murmansk for starters? She's a good boat and even being at T5 she can wreak havoc to just about anyone in the right hands (Heck I've faced down T7 BBs with her and gave them all kinds of hell). She'll teach you a lot of good seamanship while being at the "Credits Safezone". She's very well rounded and punchy for a CL plus with a scout plane to boot and she's easy on the wallet too... Not bad for a first purchase... You'll also meet other T7 premiums and see how they work for you if they cater to how you play with or against For example: Like the T7 Scharny or the T8 Tirpitz, they're fun boats to have but they catch fire way too often The T7 Blyskawica is nice but with the arrival of radar ships, DDs have been having a somewhat strugglish time than before Premium ships aren't as clear cut and easy as you'd expect them to be... but they do give Good creds and EXP even on defeats Really it's all about researching on the net which is the right vessel for you since the premium boats aren't really straightfoward to play but they are fun once you understand them. There are a ton of ship reviews on youtube which should help in your choosing.
  4. When I started with this game I was aiming to get a Yammy... but boi did that dream get blown out of the water so quick... When I got sunk by the first Cleveland I encountered it was pretty clear that this game had other plans for me and I just went along with the flow with Cruisers and discovered the fun of Destroyers... When I got my first inklings of high tier battles I had high hopes but meh, low and mid tiers are much more fun with the variety of player types that populate those tiers both beginners and veterans alike... plus with the lower repair bills, all I got to worry about is the enemy ahead of me and my allies beside me... So pretty much I'm playing for the fun of it right now too... until the next big update I am pretty much content with what the game has offered
  5. Depends, but doing that in the first half of the match is just asking for it. It is a valid tactic but one requires a lot of forethought since the probability of getting flanked from both sides is most likely. I remember winning matches because I timed it just right...
  6. Kreigg

    which team do you cheer!

    Remember the saying "No matter what you do, there's always an Asian better than you??"... So Asia all the way...
  7. I'm not really much of a BB player but camping and sniping is something I really don't do much nor encourage unless if I got overtiered. . If anything I just run midline along with the cruisers and keeping targets at 15km range, keeping an eye on the minimap whilst managing the HP by either pulling out, taking cover, and repair. . Had fun in the Kongo and Fuso this way. . Honestly, Cruisers need a Big Bro (BB) when things get dicey for them. .
  8. That's not how it works OP... That's not how any of this works!!!
  9. Nah, don't feel too bad about it... You bought good ships there... It's just a matter of time until you get used to those tubs and those tiers... Unlike the Atlanta ugghhhh boi... Atlanta is a good ship, just a little wierd to play to get her to shine but once you do she becomes the Lolanta or the Mantlanta... good times... good times...
  10. Kreigg

    Having problem with keep losing? Deal with it!

    Couldn't agree more... Especially on the crappy internet I get here... Some days its good, some days not so much... I'd prefer a match too with a ton of ribbons and lose... Surprisingly more rewarding than getting a few-some and win the fight... ughhh soo embarrasing... But sometimes I go into overdive if my game sense tells me that my team is doing so well that I gotta up the ante to make the most of the battle
  11. Kreigg

    Best premium for noobs?

    Assuming that Kongo is your highest tier ship on hand... I'd recommend the Murmansk at T5 since it's very cheap but a well rounded CL to have and very user friendly, but do expect that MM might play out against you since you'll be endling up T7 matches but handled well the Murmansk can surprisngly hold out pretty well on her own if handled with good seamanship. If being overtiered is not your thing then the T4 Ishizuchi might be good but I reccommend looking at youtube review vids to get a peek at your getting into. But if you have a little more extra cash on the side the T7 Belfast and the T7 Scharnhorst are ships you can hardly go wrong with except getting into T9 matches. The T8 Tirpitz is also a heck of a tub but its somewhat expensive... heck all of the T8s are, and you have to consider if you're ready to go into high tier matches which may leave you in a state of shock... You will be facing down Yamatos, Des Moines, Minotaurs... uhhh Kolya... Remember when buying Premium ships, you have to consider the following: 1.) Actual cost : How much are you willing to spend 2.) Ship performance in-game : They all sound good but they all have their quirks/weakpoints and some are downright unorthodox to play (stares at Atlanta). So view some youtube vid reviews and check the WoWS wiki 3.) Match-making : How overtiered are you willing to go just to pilot said premium ship So yeah, that's all about I can share regarding premium ships... They're not exactly winning ships but they do make for a fun play and easy grind and credit earners
  12. OP literally made me laugh so hard... Last time I did was sooo long ago... Liked, Loved and Subbed my good man!
  13. Kreigg

    Having problem with keep losing? Deal with it!

    Why so worried about winning or losing OP? I mainly worry about the Team Scores, XP, and Credits over anything... Why? Because even on a defeat you can actually see someone on the winner's team do so worse than you actually losing... I even feel so bad if I don't make it to top 5, coz that only means I really did well for the team... anything below that meant that I was just dead weight... Don't focus on winning too much, you'll break your heart that way... Instead think about doing the most you can do to help the team in terms of Damage, Smoke laying, Spotting, and Capping... next thing you know your DD game will be stronk! Win or Lose...
  14. Kreigg

    Too many BBs in random battles?

    Ahahahaha... his reaction... checkers vs 4d chess... If it not for the CVs in this battle... This would make my DD captain pants shrink 2-3 sizes...
  15. Kreigg

    Too many BBs in random battles?

    Enough BBs there to make me an old DD captain... I only have one BB line (IJN) and two prem BBs that I take out occasionally... does that make me a good person?