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  1. sunlo2013

    CV Rework - Midway Performance

    I think WG need to watch some WWII documentary on how CV, fight in battle. Battle of Midway is classic example of how they manage/ or mismanaged their scout plane, strike plane and fighter defenses. At the moment, it is better than RTS but still need a lot of work to make it more dynamic in overall game play.
  2. sunlo2013

    CV Rework (SEA)

    I think iChase gives a very good review on current iteration of CV rework.
  3. sunlo2013

    Technical issues found.

    Random crash occur to me, just checking few thing in port, and then it crash. btw, still need multiple attempts to login.
  4. sunlo2013

    Technical issues found.

    I have the problem as well, need to retry 2-3 times, eventually able to login.
  5. sunlo2013


    Please excuse my weeb bias😅
  6. It is still super testing right? But anyway, it not change much how BB play, because AP shell is still better option against DD. However, it will affect how DD play in term of evading shell, or in some case DD would be more likely to yolo rush an isolated BB.
  7. sunlo2013


    That is just not true. Yamato vs Montana, Yamato is likely to win, given that two players are on same skill level. What OP described is most likely good angling by Montana, and all of your teammates hitting wrong part of the ship. Moreover, USN BB have super heavy shell and improved bounce angle, so if try to use full broadside gun, Montana can easily punish you. Aimbot can help someone aim better, but it can not improve someone positioning and angling skill.
  8. sunlo2013

    How does one get to targets as a torpedoboat?

    Well to be honest, my experience is quite different from you. I see good team work from random players occasionally. Not all the time, but I can tell you that player with 55% win rate usually already very capable of working as a team. You can't see it, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Why your enemy team always team up push your position? but not your own team? there are team work involved, just not on your side. Have it ever come across your mind that may be you are the problem? DD is the most important class to make team work happen. Do you realize a lot of team work moves are initiated and facilitated by DD. Your mentality basically hugely reduced the chance other team member to work as a team. On the other hand, the thing that you desperately wanted is good team work to help you success. How ironic.....
  9. sunlo2013

    How does one get to targets as a torpedoboat?

    Even in Asia server, I don't believe anyone will ask a single DD to defense a cap while multiple enemies pushing. You keep complaining that while you defending the cap no one around. Maybe people just move on the next objective? DD is the most maneuverable class, it is only yourself to decide when and where to position yourself and the term of engagement. Because if big ship focusing on other objective or behind island or angling against enemy. Their guns will not be able to face some direction. If you engage in wrong area or position then no one can help you even if their wanted to. For DD situation awareness and positioning is key to survival. Since you have such strong opinion, I can't resist to look at your stats. Please I am not judging you win rate or anything like this. Just wanted to analysis why you came to this strong conclusion. I only look at your recent 8 days stats. Mostly you play T5-T8 DD, so radar shouldn't be too big of a problem playing DD below T7. I found that your survival rate is quite low while you will not take those high risk advice from other ship class as said. Your torps hit % is extreme low, show that you are not very good at anticipate ship movement. Your kill/ dead ratio is extremely low, shows that you did not pick the right moment the engage and finish off targets. However, you perform relatively better in gun boats rather than torp boats. I think fundamentally, you may have problem anticipate development of a battle situation and also ships movement and intention.So that sometime you will found yourself in the situation that was isolated and also you may sent torp in wrong position and wrong timing. For your own improve, I would suggest watch Youtuber flambass video. He is a very DD player and I learn my basic DD technique from him. If you speak Chinese I can recommend another streamer, who is even better and a dedicated DD player. Also, I suggest you to train your torp run with T4 ships, just to avoid more complicated battle situation. Just keep practice torp run. Why T4? their reload is quick and range is short, so you can practice more and force you to get closer. I recommend Shengyang as your training ship because it's torp is hard to dodge, and barely can stealth torp, make it good training ship for anticipate ship movement. Try to make completely stealth torp run in that ship, consider yourself fail if you didn't control distance correctly and detected by target while torp run. Shengyang also have great guns to protect yourself or finish of targets. Sometime, my friend will sent replay to me and ask for advice. So, if you willing, you can also post replay here and ask question why certain situation happen to you repeatedly and any better way to approach certain situations. I am not very good at DD, but I am sure many strong DD players willing to help, if yourself willing to learn to begin with.
  10. sunlo2013

    How does one get to targets as a torpedoboat?

    I always consider myself noob DD, only T10 DD I have is harugumo. My DD stats really not worth mentioning.
  11. sunlo2013

    How does one get to targets as a torpedoboat?

    You don't trust anybody that why as DD player, never go all in, I would never shoot my gun first when I spotted enemies DD not until I saw my team start focusing fire, then I will try to pick the fight at right moment. As I said, damage means nothing to me as a DD, if I can spot the enemies to death without fire a shot I would laugh my ass off. I think as most people pointed out as a DD you need to always prepared to escape. Always have idea how closer enemies BB and CA are. Try to approach a position as safe as possible, have escape route planned in advance. Always keep count where are radar ships and their distance, if you didn't see one, expect radar ships is just behind the island ready to radar you. Most DD's mistake come from bad positioning and poor situation awareness, aiming and shooting is not as important. However, reading the game and decision making is much more difficult to master compared to other classes. And DD bear tremendous responsibility in controlling objective thus winning the game for the team. That's why I didn't touch DD until I reach 3000 games. I am just not confident enough to do well in DD. As I said before, if you don't have the mentality for it, then why not play other class? You can play CA or BB and farm xp while other people spot for you.
  12. sunlo2013

    How does one get to targets as a torpedoboat?

    Do you know what you talking about?
  13. No one force you the play DD, you always have freedom to choose other classes. If you don't want to cap play BB. Hold on a minute, I have a few solo cap in BB recently, guess why? DD refuses to cap when it is completely safe, so I drove my BB in and solo cap it.
  14. sunlo2013

    How does one get to targets as a torpedoboat?

    Mechfori dude, if you thought this way, maybe you should not play DD at all. Scouting and spot is very safe job for DD. Contest cap will take a bit little more risk. The riskiest job is to push and take out enemy DD. Most of other class only will request you you scout and maybe contest cap if DD is in equal strength on that cap. They will never want to see any friendly DD got kill for nothing. In fact most hated DD is those reckless DD got caught and killed when contesting cap in a unsafe situation, usually because bad positioning. If you have problems with scouting while others farm damage, please for god sake play other classes. When I play DD, I never measured my contribution by exp or damage dealt. When I played BB, I would measure my contribution by damaging dealt and number of citadel hits. Every class has it's own metrics of success, and that's why they were expect to do certain job, and for a good reason. As far as, I can see your mentality will hinder your success in DD.
  15. sunlo2013

    New Ranked Season

    Maybe a little bit of steels? I mean you can get 1200+ steels by reaching rank10 in normal rank, which is minimal effort. 5000 coals just too little of reward. As said, It meant to be junior rank, WG probably balanz it by shitty reward.