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  1. sunlo2013

    Midway is weak

    CV rework still at its infancy, every buff and nerf can certainly tip the balance. Since, nerf of enlighten DB drop, I would say IJN line is better than USN line. I would also argue the same applies to competitive. People without knowledge about CV always magnify enlighten drop against DD. However, it is real strength is the precision against all target from any angle of attack and with least amount of time under AA. With enlighten drop Midway is slightly better than Hakuryu, without it Hakuryu definitely have more impact.
  2. Obviously RNGesus suggested a career path change...
  3. sunlo2013

    iChase CV refinement suggestion

    I think when people complaint about die by thousands cut. That is because there no adequate CV to CV interactions. When CV can not at least interrupt other CV then of course you will continuously harass by CV. I think my fighter propose above should solve part of the problem. If we increase alpha damage in exchange for less number of strike then the problem will be. 1 increase CV skill gap dramatically. 2 DD will still suffer the most because the potential one shot kill capability may return. I think one of the successes element of new CV is that constant action and involve in front line combat and strikes. I prefer to keep it that way and simply work on a better fighter system and AA balance for now.
  4. sunlo2013

    iChase CV refinement suggestion

    I think what he mean by (DFAA) focus AA cone is further enhanced the sector system. so may be on top of 180 degrees for sector you can set another layer of focus AA sector. You can set this sector using torpedo tube like interface. Now you can have 3 level of intensity of AA and you can point to enemies squadron with mouse or simply maneuver your ship. That will be simple enough to operate. And give isolated ship's AA a bit more teeth. In fact when use correctly or combine few ships probably too powerful.
  5. sunlo2013

    iChase CV refinement suggestion

    I think the fighter will not be effective if they are in form of consumables and AI control. If you want fighter to be able to contribute more on team play they have to be player control and separate from squadron. I am thinking if you can control and direct fighter on tactical map and mini map, just like RTS mode (but without manual strafe) and like how we control hull now. And make it that fighter will not spotted surface ship at all but can only spot plane. Then there we have a more dynamic system for air to air defense. What these fighter can do in old day is, 1. you can set way points for them to patrol area 2. you can set fighter to follow and protect a particular ship. 3. you can direct fighter to chase an enemy squad. 4. you can direct fighter escort you strike squadron This will provide simple enough control for CV player but functional enough fighter capability to protect friendly. At the same time it will not shut down other CV completely like old days. I think some basic fighter support is most people missed from the old RTS mode.
  6. sunlo2013

    iChase CV refinement suggestion

    Yes, it is typo cos I was using my phone to post and didnt prove read
  7. As usually, I don't how viable all these suggestions would be. I will just leave his suggestion here so people can think about it and start discussion. 1. Refine fighter: remove ability to spot ships, make it unlimited charge with timer (typo earlier) and make it rocket plane only consumables. 2. Give DFAA to all ship, and make DFAA effects as ability to focus all flaks in a narrow cone area. 3. Put rearming timer on squadron so that CV will have more down time in between attacks. To compensate this down time, CV alpha damage will need to increase. His suggestion obviously still has some problems and I would say 1 and 3 points is a little contradicting themselves, which I will elaborate my concerns in further discussion.
  8. sunlo2013

    Musashi Krond Affect

    A single video that someone seemingly did amazing thing doesn't represent the whole picture. I also watch Flambass plays old Graf Zeppelin one shot enemy CV and then roflstromp enemy team a long time ago. In modern day with the technology on hand, we can easily debunk the myth that you spreading. Can Flambass play CV to gain enough advantage to win more game than surface ship? Let's look at his CV stats and compare to his surface ship stats: His 21 day stats, shows that CV is pretty much in line with other ship type's performance, except DD appear to be significant lower. I know he is DD main, so this might indicate even flambass have difficult perform in DD. His T10 CV stats shows that his CV win rate are lower than surface ship average. His midway average damage is not particular impressive. Conclusion, He may have that one video impressed you, but if you judge the whole class by a few video without tried high tier CV yourself. You judgement will always be biased. Everything competitive type games involve tactics and strategy. You can't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but maybe due to your ignorance.
  9. sunlo2013

    Thank You

    All the money talks about how stop paying money can make CV goes away, is very out of touch. One single CV worth more than half years of premium, a 20x loot boxes worth almost 1 year of premium time. Those people who brought CV or boxes may also extend their premium time. New players without prejudice may find themselves enjoying all 4 classes. Many people here projecting their own prejudice to everyone else and assume the game won't improve any further. Beside, you are not really leaving the game because you are still care and waste your time posting on forum. I stop playing some games in the past, my experience told me that you are not really stop playing until you stop care and didn't look back. So, please don't talk the talk but walk the walk.
  10. sunlo2013

    Thank You

    More WOW if you dig deeper...
  11. 1) I think I would prefer cyclone or radar spotting rather than reduce air spotting range any further, at least CV can protect themselves if DD got close to snipe them. However, downside is that mean further reduce CV interaction with own team thus even less team work from CV. Up side is no one will ask me to spot this or spot that. :) 2) +/-1 MM for CV would help with balancing, but I don't think it is possible as of now due to players number. Also we only have even tiers, it might be viable if we have a introduce odd tier, a full line should allow more option and variety in ship tiers combination. Downside would be possible CV anchoring ie 677 788 division, but given capability of new CV, these division probably won't be as game breaking as old CV.
  12. If with fighters to spot, if DD have very small air detection range, it can get out the fighter spot very quickly. Every pass take time to turn around and lineup. So, in optimal situation fighter plane will grant you one attack, after that it rocket will be unusable. I am talking competent CV player here, now imagine average CV players. I will also argue that DB will not be able to line up first attack neither for some high concealment DD. DB in general need 3km range to line up proper attack when ship coming toward you and need 1.5 km if ship going away, so those DD just need to turn toward DB or slow down as soon as spot to cause fail drop. Of course planes can release payload as soon as recticule turn green, so technically they can drop with less distant but the chance of hit small target like DD is very slim. You are right about Mino and Worcester, I forgot about cruiser's air detection was tie to their AA range. However, people will still complain about being spotting, oppress and can't not flank because of it, as mention above these are psychological perception not based on reasoning. On CV point of view, increase slight AA damage probably wont matter much if the ship is too isolated or poorly positioned. Nevertheless, this is up to player's choice to suit their play style. So I have nothing against it.
  13. Very good analysis, I came to same conclusion that CV rework has reduce skill gaps for CV player but widen skill gap for surface ship players. I had a conversation with a member here 10 days ago. Yuro at some point point also said that the CV rework is not about the CV but it is playerbase rework. He probably joking at that point however that comment actually hold some truth, maybe a hunch some of us felt along the way. But people just would not accept the fact that their own success in game or their level of enjoyment, are their own responsibility, to a certain large degree. As I said many times in forum, I can do well in multiple CV games. Probably even better than pre CV rework, because when most people don't have the understanding of how CV operates. It open up even more opportunities for those people who knows. I can still play aggressive, I can still play flanking to an extend. Well not in the sense of complete isolation but just effective enough crossfire is still possible in multiple CV games. The problem is you need to know squadron's characteristics, their attack angle, pattern, rhythm etc. And the only way to know all that is you also have to be a competent CV player. As for the suggestion that you propose. I think if you reduce DD air spotting range by 20% it will be not be realistic to counter DD at all, what if DD decide to hunt for CV? Some DD will be into sub 2km range which is even less than proximity spotting. For CL, if some AA ship ie mino and Worcester taking those skills, they will murder planes before they got spotted, which is the situation before 0.8.1 I think AA in general need to rework. To give isolated ship a bit more capability or teeth to defend themself, but overall level of AA remains similar. That mean some ship will get buff and some will get nerf to level them out. And also skill base AA also can be consider. Btw, people think spotting is oppressive, that stop people flanking or move up. I think that is only psychological. I mean I don't care if I spot in first 30 sec near spawn, those are low risk spotting, however if I making a move on the flank, or in front-line approach cap etc. I will pay extra attention on CV squadrons.If I don't think I can make it to objective, then I will just abort and wait for next opportunity. Be patient and vigilant, and it will pay off.
  14. sunlo2013

    Losing Streak

    It happens to all of us at some point, and CV have absolutely no way to play objective. Unlike some people's misconceptions. It can only rely on teammates to play objective correctly. So, only thing that you can do is try to deal as much damage to enemies team as possible and hopefully you out damage their CV to increase the odds of winning. If you can div with someone who can play objective, you will also increase the odds of winning dramatically.