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  1. sunlo2013

    NOOBS destroying ranked battles

    I had an good idea, what about you join Mechfori clan, so that you can division with him. He is a well known DD player and you are BB main. You guns can surely support his push into cap. Together you two will made a great team.
  2. sunlo2013

    NOOBS destroying ranked battles

    Most of unicum player I knew are using their first register account. Also, you can look at people recent performance and progress through stats website. https://asia.wows-numbers.com/ For myself, I quit the game last year for exactly 12 month period. Only come back in mid June this year. My stats was drop down to average player level at the beginning few weeks. 54-55% win rate, 60k average damage, less than 1 kill per game that kind of level. Took me a few weeks to return to form, and I can see my progress through statistic. So, even if you don't want to compare with others. It is a good tools to compare with yourself, and judge your own progress.
  3. sunlo2013

    APAC vs APAC

    I rather interested in the Comp for disadvantage players. Imagine a comp that only allow entry for <42% win rate players. Definitely, more entertaining than 20km camp feast.
  4. sunlo2013

    APAC vs APAC

    All your example in first post are invalid variables to skewer win rate, because good or bad players face those same variables in every game in long term. However, from my experience there are one single variable, will heavy skewer win rate, which is division. Especially, unicum division. There are other statistic metric represent more of personal skills, for examples average damage, kill per game. Kill per dead ratio is good gauge for situation awareness, etc.
  5. sunlo2013

    NOOBS destroying ranked battles

    Just curious how can people being racist against you while no one know what race you are? Do we all criticises others action in game sometimes? Yes we do, but good players never think they are perfect and then every other teammates sucks. Stats is important metric to measures ones decisions and skills in game. It is not everything that matter but an important one nonetheless. My advice to you are #1 change you mentality, improve your skill. #2Try to have fun, it is just a game, you are supposed to have fun. Disclaimer: I didn't even check your stats when writing the post. This account is my first ever account in WOWS. Quote Updated. ~ADM_dude
  6. sunlo2013

    "GuNs DoNt PuSh Up"

    Maybe that's the reason you aren't able to win 50% of your games.
  7. sunlo2013

    How to exit clan?

    Pick a fight with you clan leader, that will do.
  8. sunlo2013

    What's wrong with this game?

    People usually leaves the game because of bad gaming experience, but not unable access to certain restricted area due to inadequate experience in the game. Let newbies buy their way into inappropriate area for their level of experience, which will more likely to ruin their own game as well as 11 more players gaming experience. Just my two cents. I know WG is going to ignore.
  9. sunlo2013

    What's wrong with this game?

    What if people need to have at least a equal tier tech tree ship in order to play premium ship in random/ranked battle? For example, they need to have T6 tech tree BB or higher in order the bring a Warspite to random battle or Ranked battle, etc New player can still buy premium but without grinding tech tree ship to certain extend, they can only play it in coop or operation. How's that sounds?
  10. sunlo2013

    Advise for X tier Cruiser

    I can see that you are improving and apparently enjoying the game. That's most important, everything can be learn by ask questions in forum, watch video or div with clan mate regularly.
  11. sunlo2013

    Advise for X tier Cruiser

    Totally agree with CV_NMSL on this one. I look at your stats, Wooster and Mino probably to difficult for you. Beside, they are not that good at farming damage in Asia matter anyway. So your best bet will be Alex Nevsky, learn to operate at longer range, as you get better in controlling angling and situation awareness. Then you can try those ship that require operate at closer range. Btw, you are still very new to the game, no need to rush lines to top tier. Spend more time in mid tier with multiple lines. You will have great fun with UK and US mid cruisers. You will learn heaps more from mid tier game than high tier game for your skill level.
  12. Left the game for exactly one year, and conversation haven't changed one bit. It is amusing lol.
  13. 6 months of CV Reeeeework. WG master balance solution plan is make CV population back to 0.01% of player base. sMaRt
  14. @Sunny06 @HuginnKR https://asia.wows-numbers.com/player/2019908245,cv_find_you/ This guy, I start report him since Sept 2018, and last time I reporting him is this month. In here: He still doing 2663 game in last 21 days, and 56 games today already, with PR keep moving lower and lower. So, tell me, did you guys real look at report at all?
  15. sunlo2013


    Ouch, just ouch!