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  1. sunlo2013

    Guilio Banned from Store?

    This is one of the ship doesn't need special gimmicks to perform well, it's a beautiful modern ship put in a tier of WW1 dreadnought designs. And its strength compensates less skillful players mistake make it almost idiot proofed ship. It is a ship that hard to pin point why it is so good but it just out preform everything in its tier.
  2. sunlo2013

    Guilio Banned from Store?

    It is one of the most OP ship tier to tier in the game. Yes, I put it in par of Belfast and Kutozov.
  3. Anyone compared the amount of camo from mega boxes? I think last year it was like 40x xmas camo in mega box. This year is 20 only. Need to take a look at last years video.
  4. next rank sprint will be T6, but still you have rolled a few decent T6 ships here.
  5. Grinding Jervis today, and I think there were 3-4 game have to deal with Belfast. And well I ruined their day. Belfast in good captain's hand can be very strong and have a lot of utilities. However, if know how to counter, only post temporary inconveniences.
  6. sunlo2013

    How to deal with unsupportive teammates?

    @icy_phoenix You just can not make US farmers believe that Trump is toxic to them. Isn't it? 😂
  7. sunlo2013


    WG is selling steel mission soon so wallet warriors can buy steels, well.... almost
  8. sunlo2013

    As a yueyang player

    Wait till radar delay change, then yueyang will become completely unless.
  9. The problem is lots of people compared Musashi to T10 BB, Yamato in particular, instead it should be compared with T9 BB. Simply because it will drag a T9 BB in the MM. So, when one side have Musashi the other side have Iowa or FDG, Musashi will have better chance to succee. When multiple Musashi stack on one side, it manifest the problem even more.
  10. I think both ships offer fair bit of advantage compared to tech tree tier 9. Simply because of their hp pool and fire power. Also worth noting they also come with improved premium camo, so the economy always good playing on those ships. I guess you can say that they are 9.5 tier ship. Slightly op but still less powerful then T10 ship. Personally, I will suggest to get Musashi first, and then if you have enough resources get Kronstahts as well. For Jean Bart, you still have at least a year of time to get her. And I still yet to see a very good Jean Bart captain. Her potential is limited by small gun, poor hp pool and armour, especially in Asia server, the meta is very different from NA and EU.
  11. sunlo2013

    1 000 000 FXP for Alaska...

    Alright, bring it on WG. I know you are planning a big fat Christmas party
  12. sunlo2013

    1 000 000 FXP for Alaska...

    I remember Musashi and Missouri were at 750k price point. I guess inflation is real.
  13. sunlo2013

    1 000 000 FXP for Alaska...

  14. sunlo2013

    Fun day playing IJN DD

    3 detonations in 6 games, fantastic.... and you are welcome opposing teams.
  15. sunlo2013

    Have some problems but cant undertand "_"

    When WG decided to sell T9 BB to fund their Christmas party......