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  1. 6 months of CV Reeeeework. WG master balance solution plan is make CV population back to 0.01% of player base. sMaRt
  2. @Sunny06 @HuginnKR https://asia.wows-numbers.com/player/2019908245,cv_find_you/ This guy, I start report him since Sept 2018, and last time I reporting him is this month. In here: He still doing 2663 game in last 21 days, and 56 games today already, with PR keep moving lower and lower. So, tell me, did you guys real look at report at all?
  3. sunlo2013


    Ouch, just ouch!
  4. sunlo2013

    Because this is fair isnt it

    I suggest T4, no one would complaint about rental ship or CV in that tier. 😄
  5. sunlo2013

    Because this is fair isnt it

    Classic rental ship guy.
  6. sunlo2013

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    People here know it is not true.
  7. sunlo2013


    Technically, "the tip of the spear" is correct. However, they are not brawlers at the same time, brawlers is more point blank range. In a push, RUBB very effectively work as HE and AP damage sponge, but you still need situational awareness, gotta know when to pause, where to take cover etc. I enjoy playing them so much since I got them from crates missions.
  8. sunlo2013


    I know it was him, he posted screenshot on our discord ;)
  9. sunlo2013


    RUBB has very different play style compared to other BB lines, thus very refreshing and fun to play. However, it also of have very high skill floor, basically not a ship for beginners.
  10. sunlo2013

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    The speed nerf is quite significant, on average I lost about 30% more planes. So, it will be much easier to deplane after this patch.
  11. sunlo2013

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    I don't think your were playing 0.8.4. Server update on tomorrow morning.
  12. sunlo2013

    Some Ways To Improve The Gameplay Now

    I think some of these ideas are pretty good, at least worthwhile to test in PTS.
  13. You can still use whatever ship you feel like, no one can stop you. My div mate take out yukikaze to get his first win everyday, eventhough I advise him that the ship is pretty much the worst thing you can use under the current meta, with short range torp and kegero hull. In my opinion, even hard to use compared to tech tree kegero and shimakaze. But he did anyway, we try our best to win game and we usually have good results. However, not without frustration that he sometimes unable to farm damage. What navy_sensou suggests is just those line, relatively easier to perform under current CV meta.
  14. sunlo2013

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    I have to agree there are some skill element in current AA sector, namely timing and decision making. I don't know how other people manage and utilize their sector usage. There are of course seemingly not much of skill required, while switch AA sector when you are face single squadron. However, when you are actively engaged in gun fight and attacked by 2 squadrons. Ask yourself how often you can still manage your dodging, angling and switching AA sector with perfect timing? Before you ask for something more manual and multitask demanding. You need to ask yourself, have you mastered the timing of switching sector already? Otherwise you will create more skill gaps for surface ship and ended up more complaints in the forum, people need to be careful what you wish for. Especially those of whom already struggle to effectively use a non skill base system. WG already indicated to be overhaul AA sector mechanics, we will see how much more skill base that requires players to perform. And can't wait to see people in despair when they struggle to manage the more skill base system.
  15. Some people still have that mentality of CV main against the people, every single CV thread is like putting CV on trial. Today we even saw someone using moral high ground the judge people who play CV, probably he is making fun or kidding, but his metaphor is just not very good in my opinion. People should allow to play what ever they feel like to play in a game. There are not moral judgement. Playing OP ships like Belfast, Jean Bart etc, should not be seen as immoral, so as people who like to play CV. I think the point of this thread is just showing that people who play CV will also play surface ship. OP is a competent surface ship player even before he became top CV player. In fact, experience from other ship class is mutually beneficial when it comes to playing new fps CV or playing against CV. As for my own experience, I still play way more surface ships than playing CV. So, definitely not calling myself CV main. I found both surface ship and CV are fun and reasonably balanced. Enemies CV may make you feel oppressed, but CV game also provides you with enormous amounts of information. Good team and good players usually are the one who can better use those informations to their advantage.