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  1. Im just going to leave this here......
  2. Oooo puns! I'll have to plug a few out here before I coil up into a ball and cry over the state of these teams tonight. Better be careful and will have to conduct myself better next time before I copper some flak. Wipe that long phase off and get back at it! Safe battles all, happy friday and dont hertz yourself. Edit: WATT, WATT did he just say..... too many puns in one post sir.....never!
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Yes old time player and long time lurker of these forums but newb for posting (mainly due to my feelings for the state of the game currently). Fortunately I love battles of wit, sarcasm and elocution. *Yanks on bait, takes massive bite....swims away and grabs the popcorn.........*
  4. Oh look - a comment from a CV main All satire aside, like your little red text though, is honestly a good idea when actively debating things like CVs and the state of the game these days with....um.... the dudes upstairs....... o7 dude, enjoy your cvs while this game still lives.
  5. But.....but... CVs are balanced mate. AA is working as intended and there is nothing wrong with how the CVs interact with other ships - nothing broken at all. The spreadsheets say so, trust comrade!
  6. This server has serious CV issues and CVs have serious issues with rocketplanes. Rocket planes vs dds and light cruisers is the single most frustrating, game breaking element of the CVs; best aa cruisers or dds in the game still loose way to much health from a strike - as the new (shit) aa mechanics only target the back planes in the squadron you can do nothing, absolutely nothing to lose a significant chunk of your health in the first 60seconds of the game if the enemy cv chooses to target you. 2 Cvs per side would be fine IF rocket planes were removed from the game.