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  1. Das_Booty

    Server Asia - any issues

  2. Das_Booty

    error connecting server

    I think it might just have been a "lost in translation" mix-up. Google translate is not your friend, Asian/English speakers!
  3. Das_Booty

    error connecting server

    Same here... I thought 'oh f***, it's finally caught up with me'
  4. Problem is amade that keskparane is essentially right - there's no sure way of proving anything. But flags were raised when I saw 2 clan members - who CHOSE not to squad up together - on opposite teams, and one of them then DID squad up with a 'random'... See what I mean? Anyway as a safeguard I'm removing the battery from my phone. As for support - no offence, but when there's a response to a ticket I raised a year ago 6 months later, it makes one reticent about raising another. Thanks for the replies fellas. Delete this thread if you want amade.
  5. Hmmm. That's a helluva an exploit.
  6. I'd be curious to see how that battle turned out, but I think I already know the answer. Do you think that one sole clan member wouldn't be giving his clan mates 'hints'?
  7. I know what you mean, but what I'm worried about is clan members using team speak/mumble etc to warn other clan members to avoid areas where there might be higher-powered ships.
  8. I've got my tin hat on, and maybe I'm being paranoid. But I've seen a few times recently where small numbers of clan members might be using the count-in method to get into games where they end up opposing teams. I find it very suspicious when the opposing team seems to know where to go. I understand the idea that the games are usually a 50/50 toss up about where ships head to, and I've tried to attach a replay where an enemy DD has threaded through our team and only showed up when I put the radar on on my Belfast, right outside our cap, but it seems I'm not permitted to. I've got a screencap admin, but I'm not sure how I can give any further information. Is the idea that clan members can only play on one side too far out there for the hierarchy to consider?
  9. Das_Booty

    Chat Censor Still Broken

    Thanks Amade, worked a treat.
  10. Das_Booty

    In-Game Battle user interface disappearing

    I had the same problem a month or so ago on more than one game. Uninstalling mods fixed mine instantly ie I haven't seen it since. The smoke mod was the cause from what I can remember from that particular pack.
  11. Das_Booty

    Port bug after updating to 5.5.2

    I've found the problem only replicates if you have a Port mod installed. All other mods work ok
  12. Das_Booty

    Random Crash with a Windows Critical Error Message

    Forgive my ignorance, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for in the windows log under event viewer - the errors may as well be in backwards swahili. It happened again tonight, so if you want a capture of the windows log error I can throw it your way. I've had a look at and the net framework and its at 4.6.1. Seems to be the latest. And according to dxdiag, I'm running directx 12 The comment about about SLI was a tongue-in-cheek jab. But it IS annoying having a gaming beast and not being able to use it. Is that a WG/BW or NVIDIA issue? Thanks for your help so far Synda.
  13. Issue: Completely random crashes during game Screenshots: Attached.Ship: Latest occurrence was on the Myoko, but with the randomness it's hard to remember every ship. It is at least 3 though.Map: Not limited to any single map. Can recall it happening on a couple of maps.Occurrences: Completely random but approximately 1 in 10 games. Basically for me once a night. Has only been happening since the latest game (not patch) update.Tested: Negative. Can't really isolate the problem.Severity: Very annoying. It's frustrating to be playing extremely well in a game just for it to crash for no reason.Details: There is no load or overheating on the gpu. Temp has never exceeded 71 when the error occurred. Plus why is there no support for SLI? DxDiag.txt
  14. Das_Booty

    New York Port Problem

    Are you sure its not a reflection of the moon?
  15. Das_Booty

    Screen flicker

    I've got the same comp as you silver, and it is frustrating as hell going from 4k back to FHD. There definitely is a drop in fps - I used to sit around 70-80 @1440, now it sits at 30 @1080. Vsync is off also. It's been stated that SLI isn't an issue for WG to fix, but it used to work before this update. So why would it be difficult to have the option again?